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Watch Four Years of 'Conan' Rehearsals in "The Scrapisode"

Conan aired a special "Scraps" episode last night consisting only of rehearsal clips from the show. Check out the intro above, then click through to watch a failed bit Conan really doesn't want to do called "Before Photoshop" ("Please don't make me do this bit…I've got children!") and another involving a baby-headed Conan singing "Creep."

UPDATE: You can now watch the full "Scrapisode" below:

Conan Is a Foreground Vampire

Well, he is already pale enough. (Zing a ding!) Watch out, Conan production staff, the big bossman is going to… lick your hat? Conan is off this week, so they're putting up a bunch of rehearsal odds and ends. Below watch a clip of Conan trying to kill a bit, one of Andy measuring Conan's facial symmetry, and one of Andy interrupting Conan's first "real human moment in 15 years." All the other moments were vampire moments. ("Vampire Moments" is, of course, also the name of 12 Misfits songs.)