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Check Out a Complete Retrospective of Bill Murray's Career

"Murray contains multitudes, and at least one of those multitudes is a sad old man. It’s also further evidence that time has not diminished Murray, it’s only enriched him."

- from "The broken-down grace of Bill Murray," Nathan Rabin's painstakingly thorough retrospective of Bill Murray's entire career for The Dissolve that spans from the actor's SNL days to his most recent film Monuments Men.

Watch a 20-Minute 'Parks and Rec' Retrospective in Honor of the Show's 100th Episode

Parks and Recreation is set to air its 100th episode this Thursday, and NBC just put out this 20-minute retrospective with the past looking back on the past five years. And, of course, it features Perd Hapley singing with a top hat, suit, and cane.