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Andy Daly's New Show 'Review' Is Sharp and Full of Promise

"Life. It’s literally all we have. But is it any good?"

Last night, this so very critical question was posed by Andy Daly’s earnest and committed life critic Forest MacNeil before taking on the life experiences of stealing, addiction, and the prom in the premiere episode of Review on Comedy Central. By MacNeil's patented five-star rating system, the experiences didn't fare well, but the pilot works as a highly successful demonstration of the show's central concept in action, and its blend of dark comedy and news magazine parody, sharp writing, and talented cast make it a very promising show with seemingly endless storytelling potential.

Based on the Australian [...]

Looking at the Debut Week of 'Late Night with Seth Meyers'

Seth Meyers had his first week as the new host of Late Night last week, and after eight years as SNL's Weekend Update anchor, he came prepared for the new gig with plenty of experience delivering punchlines and riffing opposite wacky characters and real-life celebrities. It's too early to fairly judge Seth's version of Late Night before he and his staff get a chance to settle into their new roles, but here's a preliminary look at what the show already does well, what it can improve, and what its debut week indicates for its future.

'Girls' Is Back and Good as Ever

The new season of Lena Dunham's acclaimed comedy-drama Girls premiered with back-to-back episodes on HBO last night, and Season Three finds the series in just as strong of shape as it left off last year. Girls is doing 12 episodes this year, two more than in seasons past, but Dunham and co-showrunner Jenni Konner and their team have clearly shown that they're up to the challenge.

The premiere episodes pick up by jumping a little bit ahead in time and tracking what the show's four main characters are up to now in the wake of Season 2's climax. Hannah and Adam are back together, and she's recovered from her OCD [...]

'Parks and Rec' Sets Itself Up For a Busy Season

For years, Parks and Recreation has lived on the brink of cancellation and suffered from unpredictable episode orders and schedules. As creator Mike Schur has discussed, the show’s fifth season was initially only given 13 episodes, while the rest were ordered later on. That meant that midway through last year’s Parks, a finale of sorts occurred with the wedding of Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Ben (Adam Scott).

The following eight episodes then had to start a new stretch of stories and wrap up with another finale in May. In those four hours of TV, a flurry of new plotlines appeared: Leslie was suddenly [...]

Looking Back at the Fifth Season of Ever-Changing Sitcom 'Parks and Recreation'

Sitcoms aren't supposed to make us think about change. They're supposed to establish stasis, to remind of us of normalcy- the same bar, the same group of friends, the same stakes. Maybe two of the characters date, then they break up. They lose jobs, they get new ones, the dynamic stays pretty level.

Parks and Recreation, which wrapped up its stellar fifth season last night, somehow manages to feel familiar every year, while consistently expanding the inner and outer lives of its characters, changing the group dynamics but strengthening them at the same time. It's basically the Mad Men of sitcoms. The characters stay largely consistent (or change in [...]

Talking to Andy Daly About ‘Review’, ‘The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project’, and His Many Characters

Comedy Central’s Review, a new show for which TV reviewers must already have their puns locked and loaded, premieres tonight. Based on the Australian cult hit Review with Myles Barlow, it stars Andy Daly (who also created the show) as Forrest MacNeil, a straight-laced, intellectual “life critic” who wholeheartedly commits to reviewing firsthand experiences — including drug addiction, racism and sex with a celebrity — and weathers through the resulting chaos. Review also stars Jessica St. Clair, Fred Willard and James Urbaniak, and features such five-star guests as Jason Mantzoukas, Maria Thayer, Lance Bass and Andy Richter.

I recently had a chance to ask [...]

Andy Daly Tries Racism and the 15-Pancake Challenge in This 'Review' Clip

Andy Daly's new Comedy Central show Review premieres March 6th at 10:00PM, so here are two peeks into some of the challenges his fictional reviewer Forrest MacNeil will be assuming over the course of the season. Above watch MacNeil try to eat an "upsetting number of pancakes," then click through to watch his attempt to become a full-blown racist. (Spoiler alert: He already is one.)

This Week in Comedy: 'SNL' Auditions Two Dozen Black Women for the Cast, Will Add One or Two in January

-After months of diversity criticism, SNL held auditions on both coasts consisting entirely of black female performers. Lorne Michaels said one, or possibly two, will be added to the cast in January.

-Premiere dates were announced for a ton of shows, including Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Jan. 2)Broad City (Jan. 22), Workaholics (Jan. 22)Portlandia (Feb. 27), and Andy Daly's Review (Feb. 27).

-Remakes of Naked Gun (with Ed Helms) and The Odd Couple (with Matthew Perry) are in the works.

-We interviewed Key & Peele showrunners Ian Roberts and Jay Martel, writer and standup Dana Gould, and published an old archived interview with George Carlin, and Anchorman 2 star David Koechner.

-Prince [...]

There Was No Winner To 'The Goodwin Games,' But It Was Fun to Play

It's very rare to see the actual lifespan of a television series equal the length of time its story naturally dictated it should last. Shows seem to either overstay their welcome thanks to the promise of more money, or get cancelled before it and the network understands all of its strengths. The Goodwin Games, and all seven of its episodes, concluded last night, seven weeks after it showed up dead on arrival. Based on what was witnessed, the game ended way too soon.

And it was not as if The Goodwin Games was a filler sitcom that hit the reset button every week, where closure of any narrative loose [...]

'Enlightened' Season 2 Review: It's 'The Wire,' But Funnier

Something like a little less than one month ago, Patton Oswalt began to tweet his effusive praise of a show very few people had heard of. Like a virus, more and more people on Twitter began to speak the world of it, suddenly discovering that the half hour after Girls Sunday nights on HBO wasn't a test pattern, a talk show talking about Girls that just ends up being a conversation about Lena Dunham, or even a classic episode of Arli$$. Instead, they found a challenging, uncomfortable, intelligent, incredibly nuanced work that wasn't The Wire that is categorized as a "comedy," and featured a bunch of talented comedic actors. [...]

What's on TV this Week: Andy Daly's New Show 'Review' Premieres on Comedy Central

This week sees the premiere of Andy Daly’s new Comedy Central show Review, which stars him as a critic who reviews life experiences rather than TV, food, or movies. Created by and starring Daly, Review also features Jessica St. Clair, Fred Willard, and James Urbaniak.

Other exciting TV stuff this week includes Lena Dunham hosting SNL for the first time, Tina Fey and Stephen Colbert bookending the week on The Tonight Show, and the series premieres of George Lopez's FX show Saint George and the Denis Leary-produced USA paramedic comedy Sirens. Check out the week’s full listing of comedy shows below:

Here's the Promo for Andy Daly's New Series 'Review' Premiering March 6th

Check out this promo for Review, Andy Daly's new Comedy Central series premiering Thursday, March 6th, wherein Daly both experiences and reviews the many facets of life including racism, orgies, pancakes, road rage, and just about everything else. Jessica St. Clair, Fred Willard, and James Urbaniak have regular roles on the show, and announced guest stars include Lance Bass, Andy Richter, Jason Mantzoukas, and Maria Thayer.

Andy Daly's Show 'Review' Will Premiere on Comedy Central Feb. 27; 'Nathan For You' and 'Drunk History' to Return This Summer

Comedy Central announced its full winter schedule this morning, including the premiere dates for Andy Daly's long-awaited show Review (formerly titled Review with Forrest MacNeil) and experimental anthology series TripTank. The network also said today that Nathan for You and Drunk History will each premiere their second seasons at an undetermined date this summer.

Review, co-created by and starring Daly, will debut Thursday, February 27th at 10pm. Daly plays Forrest MacNeil, a TV critic who reviews life experiences like stealing, drug addiction, and sleeping with a celebrity. The supporting cast includes Jessica St. Clair as his wife, Fred Willard as his father-in-law, and James Urbaniak as his producer, with Andy Richter, [...]

Looking at Richard Pryor's Career, Demons and All, in 'Omit the Logic'

Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic, directed by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Marina Zenovich, premieres tomorrow night at 9pm on Showtime. Considering its sold out premiere at Tribeca Festival prompted one scalper to sell tickets for a 100% mark-up on Craigslist, Showtime subscribers may want to see what their passwords are worth.

This latest documentary about the iconic standup will air during a boon of excellent new documentaries about trail blazing comic geniuses, including Elaine Stritch (Sundance Selects), Mel Brooks (PBS), and Moms Mabley (HBO). It certainly holds its own as biographical TV specials go. The result is a fine primer for the uninitiated and a Valentine for prior (pun intended) [...]