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James Adomian Plays Backpedaling Homophobe Rick Perry in a New Funny or Die Video

Texas Governor Rick Perry recently made headlines for comparing homosexuality to alcoholism, and in this new Funny or Die video, Perry (played by James Adomian) faces a crowd of gay men who take his comparison to a whole new level.

Rick Perry Gives Letterman His Top Ten Rick Perry Excuses

David Letterman's top ten list last night was the top ten excuses for Rick Perry's debate mistake, read by none other than Rick Perry himself. And he only forgets one of them! That's progress. We can probably all agree that the most convincing excuse here is the blinding power of Mitt Romney's smile. He is one hunk of man, right? That jawline! Those white stripes at his temples! He's like a handsome skunk!

Colbert Super PAC Commerical Airs Wednesday Night In Iowa

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Watch your back, Munchma! Colbert SuperPAC's first local commercial premieres tomorrow night in Des Moines, a week before the Republican straw poll in Ames, Iowa, and boy, does it look ominous. Colbert has nothing but commitment to the bit, though just so everyone knows, he also calls shotgun on Rick Perry.