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Stephen Merchant's Undying Love for the Romantic Comedy

Despite all of its cringe-worthy moments, the original version of The Office was at its core a love story between the characters Tim and Dawn. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that series co-creator Stephen Merchant has a bit of a soft spot for romantic comedies.

That affinity is on display in Merchant’s latest project, Hello Ladies: The Movie, which premieres Sunday on HBO. Merchant stars in, co-wrote, and directed the TV movie, which concludes the series of the same name that aired for one season on HBO.

I recently had the chance to chat with Merchant about Hello Ladies, his first major project without long-time [...]

Ricky Gervais and Jimmy Fallon Played Word Sneak, Despite Gervais's Objections

Ricky Gervais was on The Tonight Show last night, and he and Fallon played "Word Sneak", the game in which each person has a list of five words that they need to try to sneak into natural conversation. Naturally, it devolved pretty quickly, with Gervais only half-committing to the game, but it still ended pretty perfectly.

Ricky Gervais on How He Learned to Write Real Things

Those clever people over at Fast Company have launched a new web series, "Creation Stories," where interesting people tell stories about their creative process. In this inaugural episode, Ricky Gervais recounts how an English teacher taught him the value of writing honestly and also not ripping off TV shows about maverick detectives that play by their own rules. There's an important reminder for all writers in there, accompanied by plenty of Gervais giggling.

Ricky Gervais Might Make a David Brent Album

After filming a series of popular YouTube videos reprising his character David Brent from The Office under the name "Learn Guitar with David Brent," Ricky Gervais has been receiving offers to release a music album. Gervais, who was a part of the failed new wave pop duo Seona Dancing in the early '80s, said, "I can't believe I'm getting ridiculous offers from major record companies all over the world for a David Brent album. Where were these people when I was trying to be a real popstar?" He added, "It's been so much fun bringing back David Brent and have him philosophise on YouTube and spend all his hard-earned [...]

Ricky Gervais Is Reviving David Brent for a Mini-Episode 'The Office Revisited'

Here's the trailer for The Office Revisited, a short that Ricky Gervais made in which he'll bring back his character David Brent so we can see what his life is like 10 years later. Brent is now working a lowly job in the music industry while trying to get his music career back on track. You can watch a longer (non embeddable) trailer on YouTube. The Office Revisited will debut on March 15th on Comic Relief's Red Nose Day on BBC. Gervais will post the short on his YouTube channel that same day.

This is the only time he's played Brent since The Office wrapped up in 2003 [...]

Ricky Gervais and Eric Bana to Star in French Comedy Remake 'Special Correspondents'

Legendary comedic duo Ricky Gervais and Eric Bana have teamed up for a new film. THR reports that the pair will star in a remake of the 2009 French film Envoyés très spéciaux. While the original film focused on the war in Iraq, Special Correspondent centers in Ecuador:

The story tells of a once-hot radio journalist (Bana), and his technician (Gervais) who, when tasked with reporting on a rebel uprising in Ecuador, fake their own kidnapping, pretending to be on the ground while actually “reporting” from the comfort of a hideout above a New York City restaurant across the street from their station. As their false reports [...]

Ricky Gervais Wants David Brent to Star in a Rock Band Mockumentary

Ricky Gervais has been reviving his classic Office character David Brent several times over the past year — from the web short "The Return of Brent" to two hit UK gigs as Brent's rock band Foregone Conclusion — and as Chortle reports, Gervais has called the band performances a "Trojan Horse" to get Brent back on television.

Speaking to the Sunday Times, Gervais confirmed that his newest TV idea involves Brent's most recent deluded belief that he's the next Jack Kerouac. "It's just an idea," he said. "I want to do a tour, a little tour — and people think they're seeing a tour. I film [...]

Ricky Gervais Wants to Make a David Brent Movie

The Hollywood Reporter has a profile on Ricky Gervais out today, and in it, they mention that he's hoping to star in a movie as David Brent, his character from The Office. Earlier this year, Gervais revived the character for a short that aired on BBC's Comic Relief and for a web series, Learn Guitar with David Brent. THR writes that "Gervais hopes [these videos] will be the basis for a movie about Brent trying to make it in the music industry." Additionally, they say he's currently rehearsing with a band to do some "high-profile charity gigs" as Brent at the end of the year and that he's [...]

Watch Ricky Gervais's New Short Starring David Brent from 'The Office'

When Ricky Gervais announced last month that he was reviving his Office character David Brent for a new short film, it seemed like an iffy proposition that could tarnish the legacy of the classic show. But it turns out the 10-minute short, entitled "The Return of Brent," is actually pretty good. It picks up with Brent 10 years after The Office's Christmas special finale to find him working in a new career as a rap producer. The short aired on the BBC during Comic Relief's Red Nose Day Friday and is the first piece of original content to debut on Gervais's YouTube channel. Although Gervais reprised his [...]

Title and Plot Revealed for the 'Muppets' Sequel 'The Muppets… Again!'

Entertainment Weekly just announced some new info on the upcoming Muppets sequel, which is title The Muppets… Again! The plot involves the Muppets' repertory company going on a world tour, selling out big theaters in Europe, only to find themselves involved with a notorious jewel thief named Constantine, who looks exactly like Kermit. The plot seems to resemble the jewel heist elements of 1981's The Great Muppet Caper. "I always loved those classic jewel-heist capers from the ’60s and ’70s, so I was very keen to do a movie that had elements of that [genre] featuring the Muppets and comedy and songs," says James Bobin who directed the previous movie and [...]

Ricky Gervais Tells Seth Meyers Why He's Angry with "Big Sweaty Slob" Louis C.K.

Here's a clip from Ricky Gervais's interview on last night's Late Night, in which he and Meyers talk about the differences between US and UK awards shows. This leads to Gervais realizing mid-interview that he's unhappy with "that big sweaty slob" Louis C.K. for never giving him the thank you he deserves.

David Brent and Foregone Conclusion Are a Hit In the UK

Ricky Gervais has taken his Office alter ego David Brent to the stage, playing two music gigs at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London with his band, Foregone Conclusion. The BBC has a round-up of the first show's mostly-positive reviews, which could mean that David Brent could be going on tour.

Watch the Trailer for 'Muppets Most Wanted' Starring Ricky Gervais and Tina Fey

Here's a teaser trailer for the upcoming Muppets sequel, Muppets Most Wanted, which is due out in spring of 2014. It features Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey, and unfortunately, a long scene in which a Muppet sings "Moves Like Jagger."

Ricky Gervais Signs a Deal to Make Original YouTube Content

Ricky Gervais just signed a deal with ChannelFlip, a UK online video company that runs over 140 million YouTube channels, to produce his own content that will be released via his YouTube channel, Deadline reports. Gervais will be releasing  "sketches, filmed podcasts & behind the scenes antics and interviews from the forthcoming The Muppets… Again." The first official video will be The Office Revisted, a new short film starring Gervais his old character David Brent that will debut on BBC and online tomorrow. Hopefully, the YouTube channel won't feature as much mocking of disabled people as the rest of Gervais's work..