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Five 'SNL' Cast Members Who Were Also 'Daily Show' Correspondents

In its 40 years of scouting talent from The Groundlings, Second City, and standup clubs, SNL has never felt any competition in the major leagues of comedy star-making. When The Daily Show debuted on Comedy Central in 1996, however, Lorne Michaels and company finally met their match, with stars like Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Rob Corddry, and Ed Helms all carving out their niches on the mock news show. Over the summer these two worlds officially collided when The Daily Show poached SNL writer Michael Che and elevated him to onscreen status as its newest correspondent, only to see Che swap back to SNL to [...]

Rob Riggle to Star Opposite Rob Lowe in 'The Pro' NBC Pilot

Rob Lowe's NBC tennis comedy pilot The Pro is beginning to round out its cast. THR reports that Rob Riggle has signed on to star opposite Lowe as Bobby Welch, the former doubles champion opposite Ben Bertram (Lowe) who reunites with his partner "after a public feud that left them both floundering in life." More info on Riggle's character:

Riggle's Bobby comes to the tennis and golf shop as the new head pro — much to Ben's chagrin. Following their split, Bobby went on to have an illustrious career and brags about his lifestyle. However, now he's dirt poor and living in a youth hostel and the [...]

Rob Riggle to Star in a New Fox Pilot Called 'The Gabriels'

Rob Riggle is in final negotiations to star in the pilot for a new Fox family sitcom called The Gabriels, according to Deadline. Riggle will play the father of a neurotic, eccentric family trying to fit into a polite Midwest town. The pilot will be written and executive produced by Justin Hurwitz (The League) and Andrew Gurland (The Last Exorcism Part II) and directed by Jason Winer (Modern Family). The deal Riggle signed also contains a producing/development component for the comedian. Last year, Rob Riggle was developing a show about a 1980s stockbroker at HBO that he co-created with Adam McKay and Chris Henchy, but the project [...]

Talking with Patton Oswalt, Rob Riggle, and Director Todd Rohal about Their New Movie 'Nature Calls'

Writer/director Todd Rohal's new comedy Nature Calls, which stars Patton Oswalt as a Scoutmaster out to prove the value of the Boy Scouts to his jerky brother (Johnny Knoxville), is now available on demand and comes out in theaters next week. I recently got to talk to Rohal, Oswalt, and co-star Rob Riggle about the new movie, what it was like working with Patrice O'Neal, and turning your filter on when improvising around kid actors.

Rob Riggle Set to Make Football Jokes as Fox's NFL Pregame Comic Relief

Finally a reason to watch sports (J. Kidding we love watching people throw around the ol' skinned pig): next season, Rob Riggle will do funny things during Fox's Sunday pregame coverage. It was a role previously held by Frank Caliendo doing impersonations of John Madden and the like. Rob isn't so sure what he's going to do with the postion. He told USAToday: "[impressions] aren't in my wheelhouse. So what is my wheelhouse? We'll discover that along the way." Maybe each week he can demonstrate new endzone dance handshakes like this:

Rob Riggle Relives the Time He Bombed in Front of Martin Scorsese

Rob Riggle participated in a new installment of Tonight Show's ongoing web series "Worst I Ever Bombed," and he's got a painful standup story about opening a charity gala that resulted in Martin Scorsese, in Riggle's words, "looking at me like I'm the biggest turd in America."

There Might Be a 'Modern Family' Spin-off Starring Rob Riggle

Modern Family may be getting its very own spin-off. Deadline reports that ABC and studio 20th Century Fox have discussed several options for a spin-off to the multi-Emmy-winning series, including one starring Rob Riggle as his Modern Family character Gil Thorpe. Modern Family executive producers Paul Corrigan and Brad Walsh would be likely to write and run the new series.

Riggle appeared in two episodes last season, playing an abrasive real estate rival to Ty Burrell's Phil. It's been a big week for Riggle; it was announced last week that he's playing two major roles in the upcoming Dumb and Dumber sequel.

This Week In Web Videos: 'Coogan Auto'

We’re all nervous, constantly. I am and you are. Follow me on this. We’re comedy nerds, right? That means we like comedy (duh) and it also probably means that we’re fascinated by comedians’ ability to make others laugh and in harnessing their powers so we can hone our own chops as jokesters. Why’s that? Because laughing’s fun, yes, AND because, in many cases, laughter begets approval — the elusive prize all human kind seeks in one way or another. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. The entertainment industry’s built on, by, and for insecure people like us. The trouble can start when we make the jump from comedy students [...]

Patton Oswalt, Patrice O'Neal, Rob Riggle, and Johnny Knoxville Are 'Nature Calls'

Where's Jim Carrey in African garb? J. Kidding, this is a different movie, apparently. Just to be clear, who's the good guy and who's the bad guy in this movie? Are we supposed to cheer for Patton just because he likes camping? Last time I checked, chocolate milkshakes don't grow on trees. Moms and Dads make them using electricity. The film comes out on VOD, iTunes, and Amazon on October 4 and then hits theaters on November 9. Let's all go opening might with t-shirts that read, "Milkshakes>Wilderness."

Rob Riggle Gushes Over his Time at the UCB

In a recent interview with Complex, Riggle talked about his career and sports and junk but the most compelling parts came when he opened up about his time at UCB:

That was everything to me. That was my whole foundation…It was early enough where they didn’t even have a theater. Amy Poehler, Matt Walsh, Matt Besser, and Ian Roberts were the teachers. I was one of the first students to go through the UCB…They only had three levels back then and I took each one twice, just so I could get each teacher at least once. Eventually, I started teaching there. It was awesome and I give them [...]

Rob Riggle and Pete Holmes Compare the Worlds of Standup and Improv

If you're looking to get into comedy but not sure whether you'd like to start as a standup or improv performer, take a look at Rob Riggle's careful breakdown on The Pete Holmes Show of the supportive, team-oriented experience he had in improv starting out versus when he first tried standup, a world he describes as "the land of the broken toys."

Rob Riggle Is Playing Two Major Roles as a Set of Twins in 'Dumb and Dumber To'

The upcoming Dumb & Dumber sequel, called Dumb and Dumber To, just added another cast member. Comedian Rob Riggle is joining returning stars Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, returning directors The Farrelly Brothers, and new cast member Kathleen Turner in the film, THR reports. Riggle scored one of the last major parts in Dumb and Dumber To, playing a set of twins: a repairman named Travis and his crazy brother, Captain Lippencott. The sequel's plot involves Harry and Lloyd taking a road trip to donate a kidney to Harry's long-lost daughter. The movie is shooting in Atlanta right now and is expected to be released sometime next year.

Check Out Rob Riggle's New Web Series 'Coogan Auto'

The YouTube channel LOUD just released this, the first episode of a new six-part web series called Coogan Auto, written and directed by Rob Riggle. Riggle stars as Jerry Coogan, the head of a wacky auto dealership, with JB Smoove, Horatio Sanz, and Alison Becker playing his employees. Coogan Auto was produced by Ben Silverman's studio Electus and Principato-Young Entertainment, two companies that also produce Yahoo! Screen's web series Sketchy together.  My prediction is that the series ends in a The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard crossover.

Rob Riggle to Guest on 'The New Girl' for a Schmidt Off

Rob Riggle is going to swing by the lavish New Girl loft next season to play Schmidt. No, they aren't recasting and de-Jewishing the character, it's just that Riggle's character will also be named Schmidt. But how? But why? Riggle will be play the existing Schmidt's competitive cousin. The two are being described as rivals, if only over who does the name more justice. Riggle will show up for the Thanksgiving episode. Expect a contest over who says the word "chutney" better.