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Watch 'The Sarah Silverman Program's Tribute to Harris Wittels

Not long after posting a compilation of Harris Wittels Vines, Sarah Silverman Program co-creator Rob Schrab uploaded a new video yesterday looking back on Wittels' work and appearances on the show during his time as a writer. Be warned that this video contains a very NSFW snow sculpture as well as a cover of "First Day of My Life" by Silverman that will break your heart and make your eyes a little misty.

There's a 'Heat Vision and Jack' Animated Series in the Works; Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab Aren't Involved

During Community creator Dan Harmon's Reddit AMA today, he was asked about the future of Heat Vision and Jack, the rejected 1999 Fox pilot he created with Rob Schrab that starred Jack Black as an astronaut who befriends a talking motorcycle (Owen Wilson) and went on to become a cult hit online. Harmon replied:

"They're trying to develop a Heat Vision and Jack cartoon right now, I believe… Schrab and I kind of 'sold' the idea to a studio but after a while, we backed out of it creatively and they hired writers to take it over, because it felt like they wanted Bob's Burgers but with a motorcycle. [...]

The Lost Projects of Dan Harmon

The Internet’s been abuzz this week with the news that Dan Harmon has been let go as showrunner of his much-loved NBC sitcom Community, but long-time fans of Harmon’s work know he’s no stranger to frustrating experiences in the entertainment industry. Along with frequent writing partner Rob Schrab, with whom Harmon created the long-running short film fest Channel 101, Harmon has had his fair share of movie and TV projects that never made it to screens. Let’s take a look now at Dan Harmon’s lost projects, including the script about giant ants that landed him his first agent, his cult hit pilot about a talking motorcycle, and early plans [...]

Rob Schrab Compiled All of Harris Wittels' Vines into One Video

Yesterday, Sarah Silverman Program co-creator and Community/Parks and Rec director Rob Schrab paid tribute to yet another hilarious side of Harris Wittels by combining all of his Vines into one video. Expect a lot of puns, food, silly accents, and priceless life advice like this gem: "An apple a day keeps the doctors away, which is bad cause what if you get sick? Don't eat apples."

Jack Black, Steve Agee, and Rob Schrab Sell a Show to FX

Jack Black's company Electric Dynamite is developing a half-hour show written by The Sarah Silverman Program's Steve Agee and Rob Schrab, Deadline reports. Black, Agee, and Schrab are all veterans of Channel 101, the long-running monthly short film festival that Schrab co-created with Dan Harmon. Agee and Schrab's untitled FX series is based on Agee's childhood, attending a military academy in the 1980s. The show is said to be similar in tone to Freaks and Geeks, which is a daunting but promising thing to compare it to. The deal with FX is only a script commitment (and not a pilot or series commitment) right now, but a coming-of-age [...]

The Complete Dan Harmon Channel 101 Canon

Diehard comedy fans surely know the origin story of Community creator Dan Harmon, but for the uninitiated, I present you with this overview of his early career and a detailed rundown of the shows he created for Channel 101, the live monthly short film festival he started up with friend and frequent collaborator Rob Schrab back in 2003.

Harmon and Schrab first began working together as members of ComedySportz Milwaukee, a short-form improv organization, in the late 80s. In the 90s, they formed the improv and sketch group the Dead Alewives with some friends, performing live shows in Milwaukee and recording a comedy album. More importantly, however, they started [...]

'Community's Rob Schrab Is Directing the 'Lego Movie' Sequel

Variety reports that the sequel to the wonderful, Oscar-snubbed Lego Movie has its director: Community's Rob Schrab. Seeing as the previous directors, Chris Miller and Phil Lord (who are returning to write the script), also came from an excellent TV background with Clone High, and with the level of meta-ness that both The Lego Movie and Community share, it's an inspired choice. It'll be Schrab's first feature, but he's directed tons of comedic television, including episodes of Parks and Rec, The Mindy Project, Workaholics, and Childrens Hospital. All very exciting! But there's gonna be a bit of a wait — the sequel isn't due until 2018.

This New Channel 101 Documentary Is Worth Your Time

Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab's monthly independent film festival, Channel 101, turns 10 next year, and L.A.-based filmmaker Dave Seger put together this wonderful 45-minute documentary about 101's rise and its influence on web, sketch, and television comedy. Between the monthly L.A. screenings and a sister festival in New York, Channel 101 gave a voice to rising sketch groups like The Lonely Island, Derrick, Human Giant, and Tim and Eric, and caught the eye of big-name celebs like Jack Black, Drew Carey, and Sarah Silverman. The documentary does a fine job of summing up the Channel 101 aesthetic, while scoring some insight from a lot of the fest's [...]