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There's a 'Naked Gun' Reboot in the Works Starring Ed Helms

Paramount has decided to revamp the Naked Gun franchise for some reason, and Ed Helms has signed on to star as Detective Frank Drebin, the lead role Leslie Nielsen made famous in the late eighties and early nineties. According to Variety, the studio has also brought in the writing team of Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant to pen the screenplay "as a new spin on the Drebin character," which sounds like possible plans for more sequels with Helms. It's a strange move considering how well Nielsen — who passed away only three years ago — made the role his own, but maybe Helms will somehow prove [...]

Thomas Lennon is Co-Directing Robert Ben Garant's 'Baywatch' Movie

Robert Ben Garant will be joined by his partner in crime, fellow The State/Reno 911! alum Thomas Lennon, as his co-director for a comedy remake of the cheesy 90s lifeguard soap Baywatch.  This is the silliest project Lennon and Garant have ever worked on, and keep in mind that Lennon wrote “Porcupine Racetrack” and the duo was previously developing a “leprechaun action comedy.”

Rob Corddry Is Having Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant's Hell Baby

Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant are stepping out of the screenwriting circle and into the directing triangle with horror comedy Hell Baby, starring Rob Corddry and Leslie Bibb as a young couple who have a…hell baby. Lennon and Garant will also star as "the Vatican's elite exorcism team" called in to defeat the demon seed.

Corddry and Lennon are always funny onscreen, but you have to admit that Lennon and Garant's screenwriting record (Night at the Museum, Night at the Museum 2, The Pacifier) may be focused more on making money than producing amazing movies. But maybe as directors, the pair will have more direct [...]

Bill Hader Starring in David Hasselhoff's Old Role in Tom Lennon and Ben Garant's 'Baywatch' Movie (UPDATE)

Last year, it was reported that Reno 911! and The State duo Robert Ben Garant and Tom Lennon were planning to direct a comedic movie version of the cheesy 90s lifeguard soap Baywatch a la 21 Jump Street, and now, they've found their new David Hasselhoff: SNL's Bill Hader. The Wrap reports that Hader will play the movie's lead, based on David Hasselhoff's original character and that Hasselhoff himself and Pamela Anderson will be making cameos.

The Baywatch movie follows the central group of lifeguards dealing with an oil rig off the Malibu coast that turns out to be a meth lab. Jeremy Garelick (The Break-Up) and Peter [...]

Robert Ben Garant to Direct a 'Baywatch' Movie (This Is Real)

In a movie that will likely be 50% in slow motion, Robert Ben Garant is going to direct a comedic version of the syndicated drama about boobs on the beach. The Baywatch script was written by Peter Tolan (creator of Rescue Me, Larry Sanders Show writer) and described as being comparable to Stripes. (Finally, we'll get to see Bill Murray and the ghost of John Candy in red bikinis.) It's not clear yet if Garant will re-work or completely rewrite the script; however, either way, this is one really weird project.

Ben Stiller Has The Worst Dead Person Job Ever In Rentaghost

Deadline reports that Ben Stiller will star in Rentaghost, a movie based on a British kids' show of the same name. It's also the children's show with the bleakest view of the afterlife. Russell Brand was originally set to star in the film as “Fred Mumford, a recently deceased loser who feels he can find work for ghosts whose lives were as failed as his." So it sounds like he's in hell, right? Running a spooky temp agency sure doesn't sound like Heaven.  In the new version penned by Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant, Stiller's starring role will instead be that of "an American turnaround consultant [...]

New Movies from Tom Lennon & Ben Garant and Casey Wilson & June Raphael to Premiere at Sundance

The Sundance Film Festival announced its 2013 lineup this week, and two new comedies from noted comedy duos will be making their world premieres at Sundance's Park City at Midnight program: Ass Backwards, written by Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael, and Hell Baby, written and directed by Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant. Both feature tons of talented comedy folk on both sides of the camera and look pretty awesome. The festival runs from January 17-27 if you can't wait a few months for these movies to make it to theaters. Hit the jump for the first images from Ass Backwards and Hell Baby and for the official synopses, [...]

Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant Tell You How to Make a Billion $$$ Movie

"Ben [Garant] came up with a pretty simple way to express [the basic movie formula]: You take a guy and put him up in a tree, then you throw rocks at him, and then you get him down from the tree. Die Hard, The Matrix, Casablanca: all of these movies have heroes pulled into a situation against their will, who then end up winning. That’s structure. It can be liberating, though, because following structure gives you less to have to worry about." - Thomas Lennon on how to write a big successful Hollywood movie. Part of six simple tips to write the next Night At The Museum 4: Night At [...]

Tom Lennon and Robert Ben Garant Are Making a Leprechaun Action Comedy

Tom Lennon and Robert Ben Garant, of The State and Reno 911! fame, have signed on to write The Wee McGinty, a movie that sounds absolutely absurd and amazing: The premise: the height-challenged wish-granter loses his memory, and settles in with a group of Chicago firefighters. That bliss is threatened when he is discovered by his paramilitary leprechaun brethren. Among the pyrotechnics: a wish-off that involves a fire-breathing Doberman.

OK! I'm on board, where can I buy tickets? In addition to writing the movie, Garant will direct and Lennon will play "a major supporting role."