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A 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Sequel Is in the Works with Robin Williams Attached

THR reports that a sequel to the 1993 Robin Williams-in-drag comedy Mrs. Doubtfire is currently in the works at Fox 2000, with Williams attached to the project as well as original director Chris Columbus. While the studio has been trying to get a sequel made since Bonnie Hunt was brought on to write a script in 2001, this new update involves Elf and The Haunted Mansion writer David Berenbaum attached to the current script, and "Williams and Columbus are attached and hopeful about the outcome." No word yet on whether any of the original cast will be returning with Williams for the sequel.

The Manic Unpredictability of Robin Williams

By the time I got to middle school, I was pretty much a comedy geek. All the signs were there: I would sneak out into the living room and watch the comics on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, I would listen to Steve Martin’s Wild and Crazy Guy album over and over again, and while other kids my age were interested in either sports or pop music, I was obsessed by the standups who appeared on the dozens of standup comedy shows that littered basic cable at that time. However, no one quite tickled my funny bone at that time as much as Robin Williams.

This was at [...]

CBS Orders 'Crazy Ones,' Starring Robin Williams and Created by David E. Kelley

CBS just ordered a high-profile comedy pilot that could bring Robin Williams back to TV in his first regular television role in 30 years. Entertainment Weekly reports the network has commissioned a pilot called Crazy Ones starring Williams and written by David E. Kelley, creator of Boston Legal, Ally McBeal, and tons of other shows. Crazy Ones is a single-camera workplace comedy about a father and daughter who work together in an advertising office. If the show gets picked up, it'll be Robin Williams's first regular TV gig since Mork & Mindy ended its run in 1982, though Williams looks to be playing a human, not an alien, this time [...]

A Young Robin Williams Kills, Then Bombs, Then Kills Again

The Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. Inside their vast archives of more than 120,000 television shows, commercials, and radio programs, there are thousands of important and funny programs waiting to be rediscovered by comedy nerds like you and me. Each week, this column will highlight a new gem waiting for you at the Paley Library to quietly laugh at. (Seriously, it’s a library, so keep it down.)

Depending on who you ask, Robin Williams has a reputation. To some he's an unsurpassed comedic genius. To others, he's that guy who was [...]

'Louie' Recap: "Barney/Never"

Not to be morbid, or worse, sound like a pesky coffin salesperson, but have you thought about what your funeral is going be like? Will it be raining, like in a hokey movie, or an iconic Guns N' Roses video? Will people cry, maybe embarrassingly loudly? How many people will be in attendance? A lot? A "fair" amount? How about anyone? Will *anyone* be there? What kind of a person would drop dead and only have two people attend their funeral? Louie might have an answer.

The "Barney" short film began on a windy, sleeting day with Louis C.K. and Robin Williams at a cemetery. It sounds like the beginning of [...]

15.6 Million People Watched Robin Williams' New Sitcom; Twice As Many As Michael J. Fox's

Robin Williams' new sitcom The Crazy Ones debuted on CBS last night after uber-hit The Big Bang Theory and did very well for itself, drawing 15.6 million viewers overall. Though it didn't hold onto to all of Big Bang's 18.9 million viewers, it easily beat its NBC competition, the premiere of The Michael J. Fox Show, which pulled in 7.3 million people. The Michael J. Fox Show's lead-in, the always ratings-challenged Parks and Recreation, managed only 3.3 million viewers, while CBS's 9:30 show Two and a Half Men drew 11.54 million people.

Watch Trailers for CBS's New Comedies, Featuring Will Arnett, Robin Williams, and Other People

CBS released a bunch of trailers for its new fall shows this afternoon. Here's one for The Millers that stars Arrested Development's Will Arnett and doesn't really look anything like Arrested Development. See below for trailers for new comedies The Crazy Ones, Mom, and We Are Men, starring Robin Williams, Anna Faris, and Tony Shalhoub, respectively.

Comedy Documentaries I'd Like to See

It’s no secret that sometimes comedy is taken a bit too seriously. Comedy obsessives love not just the jokes, but the mechanics and emotions of the comedy world. There are a raft of comedy documentaries exploring comedy and comedians, but do they really have anything significant to add to the discussion? This series looks at comedy documentaries and whether they’re interesting, insightful, and possibly even…funny?

At first glance, it doesn’t seem like the comedy documentary category would be that full. But there are, I've discovered, quite a few. Making a good comedy documentary is tough, for a lot of reasons, but it all starts with finding a genuinely [...]

Robin Williams Looking to Return to Television

Nanu Nanu, people. Robin Williams is working with David E. Kelley on a single-camera sitcom about a hotshot advertising executive who works alongside his daughter. And CBS is in talks to buy it. Weird, right? Williams hasn't been in tons of great stuff recently but it is still uncommon for people of his stature to opt for TV, especially CBS, and double especially some David E. Kelley workplace thing. The word going around is that Williams really just liked those dancing babies so, so much.

Robin Williams Really Likes Comedy Clubs

"It's like Lenny Bruce the home game," should be printed on every comedy clubs' menu. "Excuse me, waitress. I do not feel like buying a minimum of two drinks," complains a hypothetical patron. "Did you read the quote on the menu? If not, then read it. If so, then shut up," retorts a gruff hypothetical waitress. Robin is correct, "it's like seeing jazz," because jazz is hilarious. What with its boop-boop-dwas and di-itty-itty-blor-bah-doos and, of course, all the skeep-skeep-dwadle-dwadle-dang-dang-bla-dowwwwwwwws. Hahahaha.

9 Sitcom Actors Who Should Make a Comeback

Tomorrow night marks the premiere of two new half-hour comedies starring performers who have each been out of the sitcom world for over a decade. NBC's The Michael J. Fox Show sees the title actor, who got his start on Family Ties, in his first leading role since stepping down from Spin City to spend more time with his family following a Parkinson's diagnosis in 2000, while CBS's The Crazy Ones marks Robin Williams's return to the format and his first regular TV role since Mork & Mindy went off the air in 1982. While it's exciting to see Fox and Williams back doing the kinds of shows that gave them [...]

CBS Orders Comedy Series Starring Robin Williams, Will Arnett, and Anna Faris

CBS today announced that they've picked up four new comedy series for the fall. Here's the rundown on the new shows:

Mom comes from co-creator Chuck Lorre and stars Anna Faris as a newly-sober single mother working as a waitress in Napa Valley. The Millers comes from My Name Is Earl creator Greg Garcia and stars Will Arnett as a newly-divorced guy whose parents move in with him. Crazy Ones is a father-daughter workplace comedy created by David E. Kelley that stars Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar. The network's final new comedy, We Are Men, stars Chris Smith, Kal Penn, Tony Shalhoub, and Jerry O'Connell as four guys [...]

Robin Williams Tells Letterman About Marlon Brando's Acting Class

Robin Williams stopped by David Letterman yesterday and told a story about taking an acting class taught by Marlon Brando several years ago, which leads him into doing his Brando, Nicholson, and Walken impressions. Sure, they're like the three of the most common celebrity impressions ever, but Williams is still good at it. Also, I've never seen Robin Williams let a talk show host say so much during an interview. David Letterman gets out a double-digit amount of words, which is a record for anyone interviewing Robin Williams.

The New York Comedy Festival Is Coming and Bringing In Kevin Hart, Robin Williams, Aziz Ansari, and More

The annual New York Comedy Festival is returning this fall, and as usual it's bringing a whole slew of high-profile shows to NYC. The biggest shows include Ricky Gervais chatting with John Hodgman at Town Hall for a Paley Center event, Kevin Hart at Madison Square Garden, Aziz Ansari at the Apollo Theater and Carnegie Hall, Bill Maher at the Beacon Theater, and "David Steinberg and Robin Williams Talking About Nothing That Important" at the 92Y. Those are the first big events announced, but expect a whole shitload more in coming days, as the festival generally hosts events at practically every comedy room in the city. Other comedians [...]