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Jesus, You're Funny: 'Black Jesus' and the Long History of Comedic Messiahs

Wherever Aaron McGruder goes, controversy follows. Black Jesus, McGruder's new live-action Adult Swim show starring Gerald "Slink" Johnson as the title character, debuts tonight amid criticisms from Christians of what they view to be blasphemous material, based not on screenings of full episodes but on footage from an extended trailer Adult Swim posted on July 18.

McGruder's last show, the just-recently-ended Boondocks, offended practically everybody. Conservatives objected to The Boondocks' raunchy material, progressives found the show to be misogynist and homophobic, a few of the show's satirical targets didn't take kindly to being satirized and threatened to sue either McGruder or Adult Swim, and Boondocks viewers were offended [...]

From Robots to Bear-Fighting: Sitcoms Sure Do Love Their Bad Ass Santas

Sitcoms really only have four ways of handling Christmas: it can either be the Sentimental Episode, the Parody Episode (like all seven billion It’s a Wonderful Life lampoons), the Christmas Doesn’t Exist Episode, or, my favorite, INSANE CHRISTMAS. That’s the one that usually features a lot of blood and violence and reindeer frothing at the mouth, and it’s almost always because of the actions of Saint Nick himself. I love Bad Ass Santa because there’s only so much you can do with Christmas, plot-wise, and any story with Father Christmas brandishing a machine gun or baseball bat feels fresh and exciting. And on TV, it’s almost exclusive to sitcoms; [...]

Robot Chicken Team Heads To YouTube For New Webseries

Unless you are as deeply terrified of stop-motion animation as I am (it just don't look right), you can check out Robot Chicken's new webseries Stoopid Monkey when it premieres this Friday. Created in partnership with YouTube, Seth Green and Matthew Senreich's new weekly show will be a mix of stop-motion and live-action, with characters Stoopid Monkey, Biggie and QT interacting with humans. Horrified humans just screaming and screaming to get away from their little jerky limbs.

'Robot Chicken' Creators Launch a New Web Series, 'Friendship All-Stars of Friendship'

Here's the first episode of Friendship All-Stars of Friendship, a new stop-motion animated web series produced by Robot Chicken creators/producers Seth Green and Matthew Senreich. Created and written by Harry Chaskin, Dan Lippert, and Justin Michael, the 10-episode series follows celebrity neighbors living together in a big apartment building. The first episode, which just debuted today, follows roommates/best friends Ron Perlman and Guillermo Del Toro on a sunglasses-related adventure.

NY Comic Con 2011: Why It’s Good To Be a Fan

To get to the Venture Brothers panel at New York Comic Con 2011, I had to wait in a long line to get to another line, to get to another line, all to get to the main line for admission to the IGN Theater. During the wait, I befriended the suited guy in front of me, who said he’d recently moved to New York from Atlanta. Trying to think of something conversation-y to say, I told him I was surprised that so many people wore costumes when the costume contest wasn’t till Sunday. He smiled at me and said, “You’ve never been to a con before, have you?”

When [...]

Comedy Central Picks Up 'TripTank', Animated Series with Contributors Larry David, Bob Odenkirk, and More

Comedy Central has just picked up TripTank, a new show from Robot Chicken producers Alex Bulkley and Corey Campodonico that'll be an anthology of animated shorts from established comedy writers and performers. In the vein of early 90s MTV show Liquid Television, TripTank will feature recurring mini-shows within its run, which Bulkley says will be potentially developed into full-length animated spin-offs. The pilot episode features contributions and appearances from comedy greats like Bob Odenkirk, Larry David, Laura Kightlinger, Zach Galifianakis, Kumail Nanjiani, Brett Gelman, and Kyle Kinane, and folks like Adam McKay, Tom Gammill, Tommy Blancha, and Jon Glaser are also involved. Comedy Central has picked up eight episodes [...]

Robot Chicken Escorts You Around Comic-Con

I think the fact that Robot Chicken's Comic-Con photo Tumblr is named Cyborg Turkey is just the bees' knees. Then again, I'm still so asleep, my eyelashes are crusted together, so please enjoy it on your own terms. Take a brief but informative look around RC's live-bloggings from San Diego to discover whether or not Breckin Meyer is sitting on a panel (he is!) and if Seth MacFarlane rolled up in a DeLorean (seems about right.)