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Nick Offerman Is Hollywood's New Blonde Bombshell

The Man who Makes Offers, Nick Offerman has been seen around town with bleached blonde hair and beard. When Entertainment Weekly asked him about it, he responded, “Although I am changing my look drastically for a couple of roles this summer, I really was just looking to have more fun.” More fun!? I always assumed Offerman's idea of fun was chopping down a tree with a dead cow but I guess he also likes beach balls and such. For fun, after the jump are some photos of Nick Offerman looking more like Nick Offerman:

Report from the Frontlines of Nick Offerman's College Tour

Nick Offerman just loves playing with the Ron Swanson iconography projected upon him; though, if you could be seen as badass as the Son of Swans, you undoubtedly would too. He just finished a college tour, which involved storytelling, song singing, and free bacon providing (exclamation point!). Uproxx had someone infiltrate and she reports back on the man's masculine majesty and 10 life lessons. Lessons are below but before you read them, maybe consider eating meat outside, in a canoe, as a hobby.

Who Would Win an American Gladiator Tournament, Ron Swanson or Dwight Schrute?

Duels, or “classy show-downs” as they are often called by no one, have been solving hot debates for ages. They're useful for delivering crowds a champion, through often unpredictable means (just ask Alexander Hamilton). Television loves a surprise, so what better way to measure and battle elements of TV than with a duel? Here, we will battle two characters in an imaginary contest of wills. Sometimes a winner will be crowned because of pertinent facts, and sometimes in spite of them.

This week’s duel? Ron Swanson v. Dwight Schrute in an American Gladiator Tournament.

For those not familiar with it, American Gladiators, which ran on television from 1989-1996, was a reality TV [...]

Ron Swanson Is Drunk Dancing and Wearing a Tiny Hat Always in Our Hearts

If there were a trophy for "browser tab kept open longest," Infinite Drunk Ron Swanson would win it and then dance around drunkly with it.

Parks and Rec Recap: "I'm Leslie Knope"

In last season’s finale, Parks and Rec left us hanging at the edge of three different cliffs, with Leslie deciding between her relationship with Ben and a City Council run, Tom leaving the Parks Department to start up an entertainment conglomerate with lunkhead crony Jean-Ralphio, and Ron Swanson’s unseen ex-wife Tammy #1 making a surprise visit. The new episode picked up right where we left off, still on the night of Li’l Sebastian’s memorial, with Leslie emerging from the discussion about her candidacy to find Ron Swanson fleeing to avoid Tammy #1, his eyebrows and trademark moustache freshly singed by a fireball. Ron tells Leslie he has 228 [...]

Looking at 'Parks and Rec's' Season Finale and Looking Forward at Season 5

Last night’s season finale of Parks and Rec is the most pivotal and important episode in the show's history. Showrunner Michael Schur and his writers have always kept their characters moving forward into new and exciting territory, but last night’s show brought about more change than ever before, as pretty much all of the main characters faced life-changing decisions in one way or another. Leslie has a line during her speech, “Let’s embark on a new journey together and see where it goes,” which could easily double for Parks and Recreation’s motto.

The action for the past four seasons of the show has centered on the titular Parks and [...]

Parks and Rec Recap: "The Debate"

As Parks and Recreation barrels towards the Election Day finish line of its fourth season, the show’s approaching a potential plot shift that would be the biggest change it has ever faced. Parks showrunner and co-creator Michael Schur told the press last month that they shot three different endings to cover all the possible outcomes for Leslie’s City Council bid, but an election win for Ms. Knope could see the show take a whole new direction as she leaves the titular Parks and Recreation Department behind in favor of climbing the bureaucratic ladder. In the ramp-up to the finale, the folks behind the show are pulling out all the stops [...]

A Love Letter to Ron Swanson

"He wears slacks, not skinny jeans or even pants, and his sweaters are collared. He is comfortable with firearms. He can fix things that are broken and solve really tough riddles. He is quietly rude and quite often chivalrous. He plays the saxophone." — If you read just one ode to Ron Swanson today, make it this one by the LA Times' TV critic Mary McNamara. Every word of it is true.

Buy A Mustache Comb Carved At The Hands Of Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson portrayer and general man of the mountain Nick Offerman has his own woodshop. And they made a limited run of mustache combs. Just a heads-up, there might be no more posts today because I need to go find some testosterone pills and grow a mustache as quickly as possible. Maybe this guy in that dark alley over there has something that will work. Let me go ask him. (If it doesn't work out, they also make what's either a coffin or a small coffin-shaped box in which you could store ashes. Send my loved ones this link.)

Tom Haverford's New Slippers Bode Well for Season Four of Parks and Rec

Here's a nice photo that Aziz Ansari posted to his Tumblr earlier, showing his character Tom Haverford decked out in…something. I assume this outfit is something Tom is wearing due to his continued involvement in 720 Entertainment with Jean-Ralphio. So we've got that to look forward to when the show comes back next month. Also on tap: they're currently casting Ron Swanson's mother, who will be "a no-nonsense, patriotic, salt-of-the-earth farm woman; not easily impressed, and not a fan of big cities. She has an inner strength that commands respect." Hopefully also with a fierce lady pushbroom above her mouth. We'll see!

NBC Spins Its 'Voice' Chair Around for 'Parks & Rec' Cross-Promotion

Considering, as Jack Donaghy mention earlier this year, The Voice chair is one of the network's biggest stars, this is quite the honor for Pawnee and Parks & Recreation. The chair is probably a bit too garish for Ron Swanson but it does serve a function. I can’t wait to see the one he makes for himself out of an oak tree. The video above is the extended version of a clip that aired last night during the finale of The Voice, which will hopefully bring some eyeballs to P&R's finale airing tomorrow. The previews of which are below:

Proof That Nick Offerman Isn't Even Acting a Little Bit When He Plays Ron Swanson

Here's a video of Nick Offerman making a Ron Swanson bobblehead in his personal woodshop. Well, it's him making most of a bobblehead and then blowing some sawdust off a pre-made one, but let's not let that get in the way of the real goods of this video: that Nick Offerman is Ron Swanson. I wouldn't even be surprised if the writers at Parks and Rec have never given him a script and just gotten extraordinarily lucky when every time the cameras roll Nick just says the things they've written for Ron, because they are the most natural things for Nick/Ron to say.

Parks and Rec Recap: "Sweet Sixteen"

With news of Parks and Rec’s sabbatical this week, it seemed kind of eerie that the newest episode of the show would follow Ron forcing Leslie into a sabbatical of her own. The show will be taking five weeks off to make space for Community starting next month, but don’t fret: Parks and Rec doesn’t seem to be in any real danger of cancelation.

It’s a rare Jerry-centric episode this week on Parks and Recreation, with the most despised man in the office figuring into the plot in a larger way than usual. I’m beginning to wonder how much longer this running joke about Jerry being hated/unlucky can [...]

Henry David Thoreau Gets Told In Ron Swanson's Nature Diary

The Parks And Rec book Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America comes out next Tuesday, and in celebration of America's Paris, EW has posted Ron Swanson's Nature Diary for your perusal. Just how many deer and bottles of whiskey does Ron go through in a month? I think you know how many.