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Amy Schumer, Rory Scovel, and a Giant List of Fake Tyler Perry Movies Star in This New 'Inside Amy Schumer' Sketch

Comedy Central's Inside Amy Schumer has been on a roll this season, and that continues with this new sketch, which stars Schumer and guest Rory Scovel as a couple trying to figure out which movie to watch before going to bed. It's another strong sketch from Inside Amy Schumer this season, with the highlight being a massive list of fake Tyler Perry movies on the screen for Schumer's On Demand service that's definitely worth freeze framing for stuff like Tyler Perry's Madea and the Temple of Uh Uh and Tyler Perry's Big Momma's Deposition.

Rory Scovel's New Album Comes Out December 17th

The very funny Rory Scovel is set to release his second standup album next week. Called Rory Scovel Live at Third Man Records, it's a vinyl recording that's available for pre-order now. The standup set is being released by Jack White's label, Third Man Records, and it was recorded at the Third Man's performance space this spring. He's the third comedian (following Neil Hamburger and Reggie Watts) to record an album at Third Man and have it released on vinyl. Scovel's first album, Dilation, came out in 2011.

Talking to Rory Scovel About Standup, Acting, and His 'Conan' Bits with Jon Dore

Though comics often make an audience feel as though they’re delivering their jokes for the first time, they're usually well-honed. But Rory Scovel often actually is making things up on the spot. Sure, the improv-heavy comic writes jokes, but every set looks completely different depending on the day. Whether it’s a new accent, character, or wacky form of crowd work, he is unique in his unpredictability and delivery. With a new album coming out and an upcoming TBS sitcom, I caught up with Scovel to discuss improv, acting, and listening to jazz vinyl on the couch.

I picture you as a really rambunctious child, what were you like as [...]

Jon Dore and Rory Scovel Did Another Amazing Bit on 'Conan' Last Night

Comedians Jon Dore and Rory Scovel were responsible for one of the funniest late night appearances in recent memory on Conan last year when they claimed to have been double-booked and then performed two very different stand-up sets right next each other. Last night, they did Conan again, and the results are no less spectacular. You're gonna want to check this out.

Talking to Rory Scovel About Standup, Characters, Alt Rooms vs. Clubs and All Sorts of Other Stuff

You’re forgiven if you don’t know who stand-up comic Rory Scovel is, because it’s pretty hard to keep track. Sometimes he’s a German dude, sometimes he’s a down-on-his-luck former high school coach with three DUIs, sometimes he’s a confused Southern guy. You just never know.

Take note, however, because you’ll probably be seeing a lot more of him. Named one of Variety’s 10 Comics to Watch 2012, the South Carolina native has been busy this year, appearing in a Nissan commercial, performing on Conan and other television programs, and headlining at some of the most prestigious comedy festivals, including last month’s Montreal Just for Laughs Festival.

Scovel’s appeal [...]

Watch the First and Only Episode of Jake Weisman's Web Series 'Chit Chat', with Guest Rory Scovel

Last year, comedian Jake Weisman (WOMEN) set out to host an interview show called Chit Chat. Here's the first episode, with guest Rory Scovel. As you'll see, this, unfortunately, turned out to be the last episode, as well.

Rory Scovel Made a Compelling Anti-Cemetery Case on 'The Pete Holmes Show'

Rory Scovel was Pete Holmes' guest last night, and in a twist on the usual light-hearted late night banter, the conversation turned to death almost immediately. Rory and Pete discussed whether cemeteries were stupid or scary and how to weigh your death options. Below, Pete's accidentally quasi-insults lead to the death conversation in the first place, Rory casually tells a joke with Pete's help, and working with Jack White.

Rory Scovel Is a High School Teacher Making a Documentary in This New Funny or Die Video

Here's a new Funny or Die video starring comedian Rory Scovel as high school AV teacher Gary Ashpole. It also stars Matt Jones (Badger from Breaking Bad) and Brian Huskey (This Is the End) and is another example of Rory Scovel doing a great job playing a high school faculty member, following his performance as a wimpy principal in the Amazon pilot Those Who Can't.

ABC Buys a Family Sitcom Starring Rory Scovel and Created by an 'Always Sunny' Writer

Standup fans know Rory Scovel has been one of the funniest comedians going these past few years, and now, ABC is hiring him to star in a new show. Deadline reports that ABC is developing a multi-camera comedy called Big Children that stars Scovel as a 30-year-old only child who returns home to parent his parents after they've retired and begun acting like children. The show is being written by Scott Marder, a longtime writer/producer for FX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Scovel and Marder seem like a natural pair, and they should make for one great, weird Disney-owned multicamera family sitcom. For those unfamiliar with Rory Scovel, [...]

'Esquire' Got Comedians to Pick the Best New Comedians

Esquire brought Aziz Ansari, Jim Gaffigan, Chris Hardwick, Amy Schumer, Andy Kindler, and Seth Herzog in to name their favorite new comedians. The level of newness varied but it's hard to argue with the choices, which included: Chelsea Peretti, Kyle Kinane, Moshe Kasher, Ron Funches, Tig Notaro, James Adomian, Rory Scovel, and John Mulaney.

Rory Scovel Is Filming His First Hour Special

One of the funniest and most unpredictable standups going, Rory Scovel is getting ready to shoot his first one hour special. Scovel announced via Twitter that he's taping the special in Charleston in his home state of South Carolina on February 21st and 22nd. There's no word on whether Scovel is releasing the special himself or via a TV network or streaming service like Netflix.

Scovel, who is currently starring in Bill Lawrence's new TBS sitcom Ground Floor, released his second album, Rory Scovel Live at Third Man Records, last month. His first televised standup special, part of Comedy Central's series The Half-Hour, came out in 2012.

Rory Scovel Did the Fanciest Standup Set Ever on 'Conan'

From Conan last night, here's Rory Scovel doing standup in a tuxedo, with pianist accompanying him who's also in a tuxedo, of course.

Rory Scovel Joins the Cast of Bill Lawrence's TBS Pilot

Stand-up Rory Scovel, who you may know from his series of amazing Conan appearances (see below), has been added to the cast of a new TBS pilot from Spin City/Scrubs/Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence, Deadline reports. Co-created by Lawrence and Greg Malins, the show is called Ground Floor, and it follows an Ivy League grad (Skylar Astin) who falls for his office's high school-educated maintenance supervisor (Briga Heelan). John C. McGinley, James Earl, and Rene Gube also star. Scovel will play a character named Harvard, who got his nickname because he was the only one on his co-workers to go past high school and attend community college. [...]

You Had To Be There #83: Rory Scovel

This week, Nikki and Sara toss around contest-caliber costume ideas for Halloween before losing their minds welcoming back to the show comedian Rory Scovel (Conan, Twitter). Rory and the ladies bond over a shared love of yelling at strangers in public, especially in Des Moines, home of the Most Difficult Audience on Earth. Before long, the discussion focuses on eliminating the BS from relationships and marriage myths, an issue groom-to-be Scovel feels particularly strong about. The episode ends goofily enough as Rory fails a pop star audition and Sara and Nikki ban a shameful celebrity from their TV show before it's even begun. Hear, hear!