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The Strange Fad of Comedian-Based Saturday Morning Cartoons

Maria Bamford has a great bit about how she wants to have a TV sitcom someday called Me, My Mom, and a Monster, in which she, her mother, and a friendly but disgusting monster all live in the same house, where one can presume wackiness would ensue. Had Bamford been an up-and-coming comic in the late ‘80s or early ‘90s (which she wouldn’t have been, because she would not have gotten any club dates in that culture of jokes about airplanes and the myriad difference between New York and Los Angeles), she might have actually gotten the greenlight, and Me, My Mom, and a Monster would have wound up [...]

Is It Ever Not "Too Soon" for 9/11 Jokes?

The Observer examines why some 9/11 jokes rally an audience and others produce total silence. And speaking of controversial humor, did you know that Roseanne Barr once posed for the magazine Heeb while "wearing a Hitler moustache and a swastika and preparing to take a bite of what the caption referred to as 'burnt Jew cookies'"? What?

Roseanne Hypes Her Nuts For A Post-Apocalyptic America On Kimmel

During Roseanne's interview on Kimmel last night, the newly farmer-ized comedian explains the role of her rustic overalls during the coming End Times. "This is, like, the future, I think. Everybody's going to be wearing these kinds of outfits pretty damn soon when everyone has to start growing their own gardens to eat," Barr gleefully explains. "Definitely. 2012: end of the world. Get ready for it, ladies and gentlemen." In addition to promoting Roseanne's Nuts and her new book Roseannearchy, Barr praises the planet-saving nuts, explains how to farm bees, discusses trans-species communication and spitballs a few ideas for the role of men (drones, garbage collectors, moving [...]

Roseanne in Talks to Guest Star on Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea

Looks like Roseanne might be guest starring in Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea. "I'm talking to Roseanne Barr to do some guest episodes as my aunt. She's interested in doing it, so it should be fun," Handler told The Hollywood Reporter. Based on the show's promo, Handler could use a brash, wise-cracking relative to puncture Laura Prepon's naive alcoholic fantasies. You know, like your real aunt would.

Roseanne's Downwardly Mobile Parks At NBC

Bring her all the Beckys! A parade of Beckys in her honor! Roseanne's Downwardly Mobile has a script order in from NBC, where she will join Snoop Dogg, Sarah Silverman, Sean Hayes and Portia de Rossi as the latest big name that will hopefully make some money up in this bitch. Following the cancellation of Lifetime's Roseanne's Nuts, Downwardly is reportedly a multi-cam sitcom featuring Roseanne as the locus of a lively trailer park community. I'm going to go ahead and assume that her husband is dead from the very beginning, just so she can't pull any fast ones over on me.

8 Memorable Political Campaigns by Comedians

A comedian running for political office – a scenario once more suited for a mediocre Robin Williams vehicle than real life – has become a growing trend in recent years. Roseanne Barr, who announced she was running for president on The Tonight Show earlier this month, is the latest comedian to throw her hat into the ring, but this is far from an isolated incident. Although comedians have been running for office with both serious and mock campaigns since the 1960s, the intensified intersection of pop culture and politics in the 24 hour cable news era has seen an uptick in the number of funny women and men [...]

Roseanne Reminisces about Her Show for Fat People on Letterman

While visiting Letterman to promote the aptly named Roseanne's Nuts, the comedic mother of us all described how her sister overheard two people in the audience of the Roseanne pilot complaining, "Who's gonna watch this? This show's a piece of crap. Who's going to watch this show about fat people?" The fact that those people were Roseanne's agent and the show's producer should be a surprise to absolutely no one, provided they've listened to anything the woman has had to say in last few decades. Another roll of butcher paper for the fired list!

Roseanne on Roseanne: "Fame’s a bitch"

Stop whatever you're doing (unless it's directing air traffic or something; hopefully you have a lunch break soon) and read Roseanne Barr's New York Mag article. In her searing, riveting "And I Should Know," Barr lays bare her grueling experience making her classic sitcom, including the non-stop meddling of producers and the viscous sexism she experienced even when her show hit #1. "It didn’t take long for me to get a taste of the staggering sexism and class bigotry that would make the first season of Roseanne god-awful," she writes, explaining "Nothing real or truthful makes its way to TV unless you are smart and know how to [...]

Lifetime Cancels Roseanne's Nuts

Deez nuts, we hardly knew ye. According to Roseanne herself, Lifetime's Roseanne's Nuts has been canceled. "Roseanne's Nuts has been cancelled. thanks everyone for watching!," Barr tweeted last night. Luckily the short-lived show will live on, as both a reminder of how delightful Roseanne is as a late night guest and a helpful guide to how the macadamia nut will save the environment and economy from total collapse. SOMETHING HAS TO, RIGHT?

Roseanne's New Sitcom Downwardly Mobile In The Works

Get the flannels out of storage! Roseanne Barr's Downwardly Mobile is on the way from 20th Century Fox. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the upcoming family comedy, made in partnership with Barr's boyfriend Johnny Argent, will once again star Roseanne as the matriarch of a blue-collar clan. DJ's probably still up in his room, so which makes the casting director's job easier right off the bat.

First Roseanne's Nuts Promo Makes Sure You Get the Pun in the Title

Roseanne's Nuts, the upcoming Lifetime reality show about Roseanne Barr's macadamia nut farm, has a title you could take a few ways. One, you could take it literally, as it is about her macadamia nuts. You could also read it as a take on her sanity, as in "man, that Roseanne sure is nuts!" Or, if you're feeling a little childish, you could read it as if it was talking about a part of Roseanne's anatomy that I'm pretty sure doesn't exist. Three guesses as to which reading of it the first promo leans very heavily on!

Roseanne, Rhea, and the Rise of the Female Sitcom Star

Women have proven they could be funny since the beginning of television; there were female comedy stars on shows like SNL, Lilly Tomlin on Laugh In, Carol Burnett. But the sitcom was different — the mothers, girlfriend and secretaries were secondary characters. Women were never the comedic force on a sitcom. They never had the punchline, they were the punchline. But all that changed in the 1980s.

I was born in 1982, and 7 years later I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. While most girls my age wanted to be doctors, teachers and princesses, I wanted to work in a bar. I [...]