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This Week in Comedy: 'SNL' Addresses Diversity Criticism with Three New Hires

-SNL responded to criticism over its lack of diversity by adding a black female cast member, Sasheer Zamata, and two black female writers, LaKendra Tookes and Leslie JonesWe also looked into how SNL has done so far this year and examined the show's recent diversity push.

-The new season of Archer is about Archer and company leaving spying behind to become cocaine dealers in Latin America.

-We interviewed Tracey Wigfield about writing for The Mindy Project and 30 Rock and Dave Hill about his new radio show on WFMU.

-Parks and Recreation celebrated its 100th episode, and we ran a deep investigative report into [...]

This Week in Comedy: Kyle Kinane vs. Pace Salsa, and Seth Meyers's 'Late Night' Writing Staff

-Standup Kyle Kinane had a hilarious Twitter interaction with a salsa company, but it turned out to just be a prank by comedian Randy Liedtke.

-Late Night with Seth Meyers's writing staff was revealed. More writers may be hired, but the show's initial staff is Alison Agosti, Alex Baze, Bryan Donaldson, Peter Grosz, John Lutz, Seth Meyers, Chioke Nassor, Conner O'Malley, Seth Reiss, and Ben Warheit.

-Louis C.K. signed a deal with FX to make more TV shows for them.

-We looked at why every conservative version of The Daily Show fails.

-Dummies everywhere thought an Onion story about cops who kiss criminals was real.

-We [...]

This Week in Comedy: A Movie from the 'Workaholics' Guys, and Damon Wayans Jr. Returns to 'New Girl'

-Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are producing a movie that the guys from Workaholics will write and star in.

-Damon Wayans Jr. returned to New Girl for the first time since the pilot, and he'll be staying for the rest of season three.

-Here's a big old pile of quotes from Tina Fey.

-Adam Scott's latest Greatest Event in Television History special aired, taking on the Too Close for Comfort opening credits this time with help from Catherine O'Hara, Jon Hamm, Kathryn Hahn, and more.

-We looked at Go to Hell, Mike Piazza, the baseball movie from Ben Stiller and Mike Piazza that was never made.

-We interviewed Jason Mantzoukas about The [...]

This Week in Comedy: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Are Hosting the Next Two Golden Globes, and 'Community' Is Coming Back

-Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will host the Golden Globes for the next two years.

-Kenan Thompson gave a quote about SNL's lack of diversity, and we investigated the issue in-depth.

-NBC announced Community is coming back in January.

-Former Academic Supervisor of UCB NY Will Hines wrote about improv as a religion and why people get obsessed.

-South Park missed its deadline for the first time in 16 years due to a power outage at the studio.

-We looked at how Louis C.K.'s directing style helps translate his standup to the screen in Louie.

-We reviewed The Birthday Boys' new IFC show, which [...]

This Week in Comedy: Fall TV Season Continues

-It was the second week of fall TV season, with the premieres of South Park, Parks and Recreation, The Michael J. Fox Show, The Crazy Ones, and more.

-SNL's new season premieres tomorrow. We looked at the biggest transitional seasons in the show's history and made a list of things looking forward to this season. Nick Rutherford, the lone member of sketch group Good Neighbor who wasn't hired this year, talked about that experience for the first time.

-Just prior to Breaking Bad's finale, we looked at creator Vince Gilligan's past as a comedy writer.

-Justin Bieber joined Zach [...]

This Week in Comedy: 'The Best Show on WFMU' Says Goodbye

-The Best Show on WFMU ended its 13-year run, and we talked with host and professional chump-steamroller Tom Scharpling about the last days of the show.

-SNL producers chose 11 black female performers as finalists to be the show's new cast member.

-A group of ex-Onion writers known as Wild Aggressive Dog made a hilarious fake college infomercial for Adult Swim.

-We interviewed Bo Burnham about his new special and fame, Will Forte about Macgruber 2 and his new movie Nebraska, Brody Stevens about his new Comedy Central show, and Mike Lawrence about his beginnings as a standup.

-Paul Rudd will star in Marvel's upcoming [...]

This Week in Comedy: Comedy Central Buys 'Chris Gethard Show', Monty Python Reunites, and 'Variety' Is Gross

-Comedy Central ordered a pilot of The Chris Gethard Show, and we talked to him about this exciting news.

-Monty Python announced they're reuniting for a stage show.

-We responded to Variety's godawful, despicable review of Sarah Silverman's new standup special.

-Joel Hodgson is resurrecting MTS3K's Turkey Day this year with new interstitials and a curated marathon.

-We interviewed Chris Lilley about his new show Ja'mie: Private School Girl, Jason Woliner and Andrew Weinberg about Eagleheart, Jody Hill about Eastbound & Down, Kyle Kinane about his standup career, The Lucas Brothers about their new Fox ADHD show, and Sarah Silverman about her HBO standup special, which premieres [...]

This Week in Comedy: 'The Pete Holmes Show' Premieres, and NBC Orders 13 Episodes of a New Show from Tina Fey

-NBC ordered 13 epsiodes of a comedy starring Ellie Kemper and co-created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. The show is tentatively called Tooken, and like 30 Rock, it will be filmed in New York City.

-TBS's post-Conan series, The Pete Holmes Show, premiered Monday. We talked to Holmes about making a more personal late night show.

-After 13 years, Tom Scharpling announced his beloved radio show/podcast The Best Show on WFMU is ending this December.

-Emile Hirsch will play John Belushi in the upcoming biopic about his life.

-Marcia Wallace, the voice of Mrs. Krabappel on The Simpsons, sadly passed away last weekend. Her character will be retired.

 -We interviewed Aziz Ansari about [...]

This Week in Comedy: A Whole Lot of Ron Burgundy and Amy Poehler

-Will Ferrell made SEVENTY Dodge ads as Ron Burgundy. Seriously, seventy.

-Adult Swim has two pilots premiering this month: Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories, and Flithy Sexy Teen$ from Paul Scheer.

-In honor of next Friday's premiere of The Birthday Boys on IFC, we looked at their best web videos.

-NBC bought a Swedish sitcom from Amy Poehler and her brother. Poehler also gave a wonderful speech about the importance of charity and her work with the Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

-We interviewed Marc Maron about his new special, Mark Normand about standup, Hannibal Buress about The Eric Andre Show, and Tom Lennon about Sean Saves the World.

-We [...]

This Week in Comedy: The Fall TV Season Begins and 'SNL' Makes More Changes

-Brooks Wheelan is SNL's newest cast member, the sixth addition this season. Cecily Strong will join Seth Meyers behind the Update desk this season.

-The fall TV season officially began with the premieres of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Key & Peele, The Mindy Project, New Girl, and Dads.

-Improvisers will perform live commercials on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for the next few Thursdays.

-Louis C.K. went on Conan and they reminisced about working together on Late Night in 1993 and getting into fights.

-Fox is now the home of critically acclaimed, smart comedies, while NBC strives to broaden their audience with [...]

This Week in Comedy: 'SNL' Auditions Two Dozen Black Women for the Cast, Will Add One or Two in January

-After months of diversity criticism, SNL held auditions on both coasts consisting entirely of black female performers. Lorne Michaels said one, or possibly two, will be added to the cast in January.

-Premiere dates were announced for a ton of shows, including Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Jan. 2)Broad City (Jan. 22), Workaholics (Jan. 22)Portlandia (Feb. 27), and Andy Daly's Review (Feb. 27).

-Remakes of Naked Gun (with Ed Helms) and The Odd Couple (with Matthew Perry) are in the works.

-We interviewed Key & Peele showrunners Ian Roberts and Jay Martel, writer and standup Dana Gould, and published an old archived interview with George Carlin, and Anchorman 2 star David Koechner.

-Prince [...]

This Week in Comedy: 'Jeselnik Offensive' and 'Totally Biased' Got the Axe, and Judd Apatow is Making a Movie with Key & Peele

-The Jeselnik Offensive and Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell were both canceled this week following low ratings.

-NBC has ordered a pilot for a new variety show starring Maya Rudolph, and they're airing it as a primetime special in February after the Winter Olympics.

-Judd Apatow is making a movie with Key and Peele.

-NBC has decided to give Last Comic Standing another shot.

-We interviewed Joan Rivers about In Bed with Joan, Natasha Leggero about Tubbin' with Tash, and Chris Elliot and Maria Thayer about Eagleheart.

-There was another "Andy Kaufman is alive" hoax, apparently organized by [...]

This Week in Comedy: Three Rejected Sitcoms and a 'Parks and Rec' Hiatus

-Sarah Silverman released Susan 313, the pilot she made for NBC in 2012 that they didn't pick up.

-We looked at two more rejected pilots, the American version of The IT Crowd and Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz's lost family sitcom.

-In more Arrested Development news, Mitch Hurwitz talked about alternate casting and future plansthe cast will be doing Inside the Actor's Studio, and the soundtrack is coming out next month.

-Parks and Rec won't return until November 14th and 21st, when it will air in back-to-back new episodes both nights before going on a second mini-hiatus and returning to its regular schedule January [...]

This Week in Comedy: New Shows from John Mulaney and James Adomian

-Fox orders John Mulaney’s pilot, Mulaney, to series after NBC passed on it. Elliott Gould, from the original pilot, won’t be returning, but Martin Short and Nasim Pedrad are confirmed to join the cast.

-IFC and Earwolf are developing a show starring James Adomian as multiple characters, co-created by Adomian and Scott Aukerman. IFC additionally ordered a show from the musical comedy duo Garfunkel and Oates.

-We interviewed Chelsea Peretti about Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Scott Aukerman and Jeff Ullrich about Earwolf’s new TV production arm, Eric Andre about The Eric Andre Show, Adam Scott about A.C.O.D. and Parks and Rec, [...]