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'30 Rock' and 'Arrested Development' Are Among This Year's SAG Nominees

The Screen Actors Guild nominations were announced this morning, and aside from the predictable love for Veep, The Big Bang Theory, and Modern Family, the actors on both 30 Rock's farewell season and Arrested Development's experimental Netflix run got recognized for their work in 2013. Winners will be announced at the live awards show on January 18th at 8:00PM on TNT and TBS; see below for the complete list of comedy-related nominees.

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock Jason Bateman, Arrested Development Ty Burrell, Modern Family Don Cheadle, House of Lies Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

The Kids from Modern Family Use Their SAG Awards Like Action Figures

Who says being a child actor is terrible? Sure, these kids were pushed into these jobs by their parents, who wanted to live vicariously through them. They're not going to normal school, depriving them of both a decent education as well as the social skills that come from being surrounded by your peers as you're growing up. Hell, they'll undoubtedly both grow up to be maladjusted drug addicts, footnotes of a disposable culture. But today? Today they're prestigious award winners who play with their awards the way these things should be played with: as toys. Enjoy 'em, kids.

Watch Tina Fey's SAG Awards Acceptance Speech

The Screen Actors Guild Awards were held in Hollywood last night, and Tina Fey walked away with the "Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series" trophy. It's pretty impressive they can fit that super-long award name all on one trophy. That thing's gotta have some small print. Fey's acceptance speech is above, and you can see the full list of comedy-related winners and nominees from the SAG Awards after the jump. If you want drama-related winners and nominees, go to the TNT network's website or something:

Maya Rudolph Reveals the Bridesmaids Cast's SAG Awards Drinking Game

Maya Rudolph told Conan all about the Bridesmaids cast's SAG Awards drinking game: drink every time someone says "Scorsese." And that must happen a LOT at the SAG Awards (this is pure conjecture, of course. No one actually watches the SAG Awards). Those Bridesmaids gals, they know how to have fun. Scor-sessssse. I really hope Rudolph comes on Conan again in six months to tell him that that was her baby boy's first word.