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Jessica Williams and Samantha Bee Hand Out the 2015 'Mercun Award on 'The Daily Show'

A lot of dumb news stories have happened so far in 2015, so during last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart welcomed correspondents Jessica Williams and Samantha Bee to hand out the 2015 'Mercun Award, which The Daily Show bestows upon one US news story that best encompasses the "true essence" of America. Spoiler alert: the winner involves Applebee's, which is about as 'Mercun as you can get.

'The Daily Show's Jason Jones and Samantha Bee Are Developing a Comedy for TBS

When TBS ordered a new comedy called Wrecked last week, reports also mentioned that the network had teamed up with Daily Show correspondents and married couple Jason Jones and Samantha Bee for a "family vacation anthology series." Today, THR confirms that the untitled project has been given a pilot order and will star Jones with Bee onboard as a writer. The show is inspired by Jones and Bee's own experiences and will center on a family as they embark on a road trip to Key West, Florida. Jones will play "hopeful dad Nate, who hops in the car with his wife and two young kids for a [...]

Samantha Bee Took Over Last Night's 'Daily Show' with an Epic One-Woman Show

Everything else on last night's Daily Show was overshadowed by correspondent extraordinaire Samantha Bee, who delivered an epic piece of performance art reimagining Fox News show The Five as the romantic Shakespearian soap opera saga it truly is. The topic of the segment doesn't even matter — this is one of the weirdest and most wonderful segments The Daily Show has ever done, and Bee's performance is no less than an amazing tour de force.

'The Daily Show' Correspondents Were Determined to Break News Last Night

The Best F#@king News Team Ever hit the streets of New York last night to figure out just what the hell was going on, and as always, their reporting was second to none. John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Jason Jones, and Aasif Mandvi really gave CNN a run for their money.

Samantha Bee Hoodwinks Some Republicans

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Gotchuuuuuu, Reeeepublicans. Republicans? More like Re-pelicans because they're always swooping down and scooping lots of fish in their dumb, giant mouth cavities. OK, that wasn't great political jokesmanship but you know what is? The above video. Watch it and imagine them all having giant, dumb mouth cavities filled with fish.

Samantha Bee Is Leaving 'The Daily Show' to Star in Her Own TBS Series

The Daily Show's beloved correspondent couple are now both set to star in their own TBS shows. Not long after Bee's husband Jason Jones announced he was leaving The Daily Show to star in a new TBS family sitcom, today TBS revealed that Bee will also be leaving the show to star in her own weekly satirical series that sounds very similar to her longtime Comedy Central gig. According to a press release, Bee's show is still in early stages of development but "is being planned as a platform for Bee to apply her smart and satirical point of view to current and relevant issues." Both Jones [...]

Samantha Bee and Jason Jones Have a 'Daily Show' Host-Off

Jon Stewart was too sick to host The Daily Show last night, so husband/wife duo and newly made American citizens Jason Jones and Samantha Bee took turns filling in for him. Watch Bee's fantastic (but terrifying) report on the lack of national statistics on how many citizens are killed by cops each year above, then click through to watch Jones open the show as well as their shared interview with Wyatt Cenac, who comes with a pile of books to plug.

Jason Jones and Samantha Bee Personified Washington D.C.'s Nihilism and Incompetence

The Daily Show has been killing during this busy time in Washington D.C., with so much material churned up from both the government shutdown and the launch of the Affordable Care Act last week. So last night, Jason Jones and Samantha Bee faced off in a debate by embodying the two main sectors in Washington today: Team Nihilism and Team Incompetence. (Spoiler alert: we all lose.)

Samantha Bee Tries to Reason with Russia

From last night's Daily Show, here's correspondent Samantha Bee talking to Andranik Migranyan, leader of a Russia-US policy group, about handing over Edward Snowden and fixing Russia's whole gay rights situation.

Samantha Bee Journeys to the Holy Land of the Park Slope Co-op

Last night's Daily Show saw a special report from Samantha Bee on the most pressing, dramatic theater of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: the Park Slope Food Co-op. Her journalism breaks new ground, but the fight rages on, powered by the deadly weapons of hummus and intensely raised eyebrows. Watch it with pita chips.

TBS Orders Jason Jones and Samantha Bee's Comedy Pilot to Series; Jones Leaving 'Daily Show'

Good news for The Daily Show's Jason Jones and Samantha Bee: According to THR, the husband/wife duo just landed a 10-episode series order at TBS for their untitled comedy pilot, which is slated to premiere on the network later this year. Bee will write the pilot and executive produce while Jones will star as "unfiltered dad Nate, who packs his wife, Robin (The Following's Natalie Zea), along with their rebellious daughter Delilah (Louie's Ashley Gerasimovich) and simpleton son Jared (Liam Carroll, The Neighbors), into the family car for what Nate is convinced will be the adventure of a lifetime. Every leg of their trip, however, is fraught [...]

Samantha Bee Does Another Interpretive One-Woman 'Daily Show' Performance

Back in January, the wonderful Samantha Bee delivered an epic one-woman show reimagining the Fox News show The Five as a tragically romantic Shakespearian soap opera. During last night's Daily Show, she returned to tell the fast-paced family tale of MSNBC's Morning Joe called "My Morning Joe Family," and it's nothing short of inspired.

Samantha Bee Harassed the One Republican Who Didn't Vote for the Shutdown

Last night, The Daily Show tracked down the one Republican congressman, Scott Rigell, who didn't vote for the government shutdown, and sent Samantha Bee to figure out what the hell he was thinking. Turns out, he handles tantrums very well, which must be useful in Congress.

'The Daily Show' Correspondents Will Explain the Amendments to You

Getting a little rusty on your Constitutional Amendments? Well, The Daily Show correspondents are stepping in to kick that problem to the curb. The whole news team (aka "The Best Fucking News Team Ever) have teamed up to make this series of online videos, telling you everything you need to know about the Amendments. Here's the group explaining the right to bear arms (2nd Amendment) that should scare you into watching the rest of their videos, which are embedded below.