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Help Eugene Mirman Get Samuel L. Jackson to Read a Monologue He Wrote

Yesterday, Samuel L. Jackson asked the Reddit community to write him a 300-word monologue, promising that he'll record a video of himself reading the monologue that gets the most upvotes tonight. Comedian Eugene Mirman (Bob's Burgers, Flight of the Conchords) rose to the challenge and crafted the following crazy 300-word monologue, which you can go to Reddit and support before it's too late and Samuel L. Jackson chooses a boring monologue that isn't written from the perspective of a blowjob glove inventor:

God, I’m so sleepy. My elbow hurts. My knees are bruised. I’ve been up for hours trying to literally fill her pussy with cream cheese. Why? [...]

Samuel L. Jackson Persuades America's Children To "Go The Fuck To Sleep"

Samuel L. Jackson reading "Go The Fuck To Sleep" by Adam Mansbach (currently available for free download) might not actually put your child to sleep, but it will probably help soothe the last sparking neuron powering your brain at 3:00am, when your kid insists on giving you a a full, fictional history of what the dog did today. I'm just assuming that this would be helpful; I don't have kids, so I sleep like a baby every night. Not your loud baby. Some other, better baby.

Samuel L. Jackson Blames His 'SNL' Cursing on Kenan Thompson

Here's Samuel L. Jackson on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. When Kimmel asks him about him saying the word "shit" and half of the word "fuck" on SNL Saturday, Jackson explains, "[Kenan Thompson] was supposed to cut me off… I'm used to working with professionals who know their lines, even the ones that are written on cue cards in front of you." So, I guess Kenan should pitch in to help NBC pay any FCC fines?

Spike TV Is Giving Eddie Murphy a Star-Studded Tribute

Macho cable network Spike TV just announced it’s throwing a flashy tribute to comedy mainstay Eddie Murphy next month. A lot of big-name Hollywood types are set to toast Murphy and his three-decades-long career during the special, entitled Eddie Murphy: One Night Only, including Chris Rock, Samuel L. Jackson, Tracy Morgan, Martin Lawrence, and Eddie’s brother, Charlie Murphy. The TV special will include comedy sketches, musical performances, and short films, ending with an appearance by Eddie Murphy, of course, because he’d be a big jerk if he skipped out on this big party Spike is throwing in his honor.