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'SNL's Sasheer Zamata Channels Peggy Olson in "Black Mad Men"

While we wait for Sasheer Zamata to get more screen time on SNL, here's the first episode of a new web series she's in called "Black Mad Men" written by Key and Peele's Phil Augusta Jackson and directed by Morgan Evans. Along with Jackson, Anthony Appruzzese, and Shaun Diston, Zamata plays a very Peggy-like ad exec in a scene spun off from Don Draper's famous Kodak Carousel or Lucky Strike "It's Toasted" pitches from Mad Men. The only difference on "Black Mad Men" is that Zamata and team are trying to convince their white client that Luke's Hummus is the key to unlocking true racial harmony through its irresistible [...]

'SNL's Push to Diversify Was Problematic, But the Results Are Worth It

This week, Saturday Night Live hired three African-American women to prominent positions: Sasheer Zamata as a cast member and LaKendra Tookes and Leslie Jones as writers. Zamata is the show's first black female cast member since Maya Rudolph, who departed in 2007, and Tookes and Jones are the show's first black female writers since Vanessa Middleton, who was briefly on the show's staff from 1992 to 1993. It's great to see SNL making more diverse hires, but it's disappointing that producers were shamed into adding the show's first black female writers/performers in years by the recent wave of criticism that came SNL's way for its lack of diversity. Zamata, Tookes, [...]

Here Are 11 Candidates for the New 'SNL' Cast Member Spot

We reported last week that SNL is currently holding auditions for at least one black female cast member, and so far eleven women have received callbacks for the spot. According to Deadline and the Daily News, the following list of ladies from both the New York and Los Angeles showcases have been asked to do in-studio tests at 30 Rock today: Bresha Webb (whose Instagram shot leaked the audition news last week), Tanisha Long (MTV's Girl Code), Misty Monroe (Groundlings), Gabrielle Dennis (BET's The Game), Erica Ash (Tracy Morgan's pilot Death Pact), Amber Ruffin (Boom Chicago), Leslie Jones (standup), [...]

'SNL's Sasheer Zamata Will Take You on a 'Girls' Tour of Brooklyn

Newest SNL cast member Sasheer Zamata stars in the latest web video from Above Average, the digital wing of Lorne Michaels's company Above Average. In this sketch written by Celeste Ballard and Alex Scordelis, Zamata plays a superfan of HBO's Girls, giving an authentic tour of the show's Brooklyn setting.

A Video Guide to 'SNL's New Cast Member, Sasheer Zamata

It was reported earlier today that Sasheer Zamata has been added to Saturday Night Live, joining the cast as a featured player at midseason. Zamata, a standup, improviser, actress, and writer out of New York's UCB Theatre, was one of two dozen SNL hopefuls who tried out for the show last month in a series of showcase auditions the show held in response to criticism over the lack of diversity in its cast. Zamata began studying at UCB in 2009 and is currently a member of the Harold team Bucky and the black female improv trio Doppelganger. She has appeared in web videos [...]

Left Handed Radio: 'I Got Neon Blue, I Got Neon Red"

On this episode: a doctor has no time for whiny patients, Corbin's new therapy goes awry, Rick Freeblehofft is back trackside after his accident, time-sensitive procedures on a spaceship are too elaborate, the police have the tennis ball gun from American Gladiators, a man yearns for sibling during a second date, Harrison Ford's tiny earring, and opera for cretins

Left Handed Radio is written and performed by Adam BozarthDan ChamberlainMatt LittleAnna Rubanova, and Brett White with Sebastian Deken, Riley Soloner, and Sasheer Zamata

See the next Sequel Machine show live: G. I. Joe 3taliation. UCB Theater East, 3rd Street & Avenue A. Thursday, [...]

'SNL' Review: Drake Gives 2014 a Fresh Start

Season 39 has not exactly been kind to SNL. As we explained in our midseason review, the show seems to have surrendered to its "transition year" label, playing it safe as if dragging a stone of shame, rather than saying "screw it" and taking creative risks as if dragging a stone of triumph. Not all of it has been bad — in fact, a lot of it has been quite good — but we've been waiting for the show to win us back with a resounding victory. December's midseason finale with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake came close, in that it provided the show with a jolt [...]

Sasheer Zamata Is 'SNL's New Cast Member

Saturday Night Live is finally adding its first black female cast member since Maya Rudolph departed the long-running sketch show in 2007. Sasheer Zamata has been added to the cast and will make her debut with the show's next new episode, set to air January 18th with host/musical guest Drake, Deadline reports. Zamata, a performer at New York's UCB Theatre, auditioned alongside two dozen other hopeful black female performers last month after SNL was criticized for its lack of diversity in its new hires this season.

Zamata is the show's seventh new featured player so far this season, following Beck Bennett, John Milhiser, Kyle Mooney, Michael Patrick [...]

Make Yourself Comfy with Abra Tabak #13: Mr. Whole Wheat Bread

In this week’s episode of "Make Yourself Comfy with Abra Tabak" Patrick O'Brien (Fambly), Craig Rowin (It's That Episode), and Sasheer Zamata (Doppelganger) join Abra to create a world where babies better shape up or ship out, Ray is SAG’ing in there, and you better not stop skating nor hating on the rink.