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Breaking Down Each Cast Member's Contribution to 'SNL' Season 40

With SNL's 40th season wrapped up, we're taking a look back at the past year to recall the highs, lows, and other memorable moments as the show ended its fourth decade on the air. In this final post, we discuss the cast members on the show.

Being in the cast of SNL for season 40 was a blessing and a curse. More of a blessing, obviously. For comedians Leslie Jones and Pete Davidson, it was a dream come true: they began 2014 as relative unknowns and ended it with reserved seats in history, joining the ranks of a legendary comedy institution right as it celebrated a significant milestone. The two of them [...]

Watch "Rooftop Party", a Pretaped 'SNL' Sketch Cut From the Season Finale

Here's a pretaped short that was cut for time from this past weekend's SNL finale, "Rooftop Party," in which Jay Pharoah just wants everybody to give him everything, whether or not it makes sense.

Leslie Jones Can't Control Herself Around Rihanna

In the newest promos for SNL's finale this weekend, Leslie Jones proves that she can't really control her excitement around Rihanna.

'SNL' Review: Mother's Day with Reese Witherspoon

Despite having only hosted SNL once before last weekend, Reese Witherspoon occupies a significant footnote in the show's history: she hosted the first post-9/11 episode. It was a pivotal moment in modern American comedy that historians remember less for Witherspoon than for the cold open, in which Paul Simon performed a moving tribute to the city's policemen and firemen, followed by Lorne Michaels asking Rudy Giuliani if the show was allowed to be funny, to which the mayor responded: "Why start now?" After that crucial icebreaker, Witherspoon joined the cast in crowd-pleasing sketches like "Celebrity Jeopardy" and "Wake Up Wakefield," — an episode that Will Ferrell considered "benign," but important for having occurred at all.


Amy Poehler Calls Gilda Radner "My Favorite, My Number One"

On Monday night in New York, cancer charity Gilda's Club honored Amy Poehler as part of their first-ever annual comedy festival GildaFest, and Poehler certainly didn't disappoint in her acceptance speech praising legendary SNL cast member Gilda Radner. Here's an excerpt from Poehler's speech:

Gilda Radner was my favorite, my number one. She was the person whose voice was in my head, the woman my mother was laughing at, the person that seemed kind of like me, the first Jewish woman I think I ever met… I truly wish I was Jewish but I'm too lazy to convert. I love how Gilda was just as funny as [...]

The 'Cut for Time' Sketches of 'SNL' Season 40

With SNL's 40th season wrapped up, we're taking a look back at the past year to recall the highs, lows, and other memorable moments as the show ended its fourth decade on the air. Here, we discuss a collection of some of the best sketches SNL made this season — the ones that were cut.

Despite the agenda we assume drives Saturday Night Live, its creative process is actually more chaotic than we realize. An episode really is created from scratch in six days: pitch meeting with the host on Monday; all-night writing sessions on Tuesday; table-read on Wednesday; rewrites, rehearsals, and shoots on Thursday and Friday; dress rehearsal and live show [...]

The 25 Best Sketches of 'SNL' Season 40

With SNL's 40th season wrapped up, we're taking a look back at the past year to recall the highs, lows, and other memorable moments as the show ended its fourth decade on the air. Here, we list some of our favorite sketches from this season — both videos and live sketches.

Though many still criticize SNL of being in a creative slump, with sagging ratings and various anniversary specials reminding viewers how great the show used to be, the sketches we've seen on the show recently tell a different story. Yes, there are fewer stock characters fans can immediately identify with the show — the familiar personas we've seen from Cecily Strong or Taran Killam aren't yet [...]

Kate McKinnon Gives Louis C.K. Some Pointers in This Week's 'SNL' Promos

Louis C.K. hosts SNL's season 40 finale this weekend with musical guest Rihanna, and NBC just released the first round of promos. Thankfully Kate McKinnon is there to remind him who's in charge.

Reese Witherspoon Finds Her Smash Mouth CD in This Week's 'SNL' Promos

The second-to-last episode of SNL season 40 airs this weekend with host Reese Witherspoon, and NBC just released the first round of promos. It's been a long time since Witherspoon last hosted the show back in 2001, but hopefully finding her Smash Mouth CD made the long wait worthwhile.

New Parents Scarlett Johansson and Kenan Thompson Promise to Party in These 'SNL' Promos

Scarlett Johansson returns to SNL this weekend for her fourth hosting stint with musical guest Wiz Khalifa, and NBC just released the first of promos. Joined by cast member and fellow new parent Kenan Thompson, Johansson promises that she'll still party hard and try not to let her baby change who she is, but it looks like that might be a promise she can't keep.

The Episodes of 'SNL' Season 40, Ranked

With SNL's 40th season wrapped up, we're taking a look back at the past year to recall the highs, lows, and other memorable moments as the show ended its fourth decade on the air. Below, we reexamine the 21 episodes of Season 40.

Like any lineup in showbusiness — whether it's a summer movie schedule or a season of Saturday Night Live — tentpoles are crucial. An SNL season may feature a plethora of first-time hosts enjoying their moment in the sun, but it never goes too long before bringing in a seasoned veteran host who can guarantee a win. Recent seasons have been tentpoled by the likes of Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, [...]

'SNL' Review: Louis C.K. Gets Ballsy for the Season 40 Finale

As we've seen throughout SNL's 40th season, standup comedian hosts bring with them strong points of view that dictate the temperament of their episodes. Sarah Silverman launched her night with her signature irreverence, followed by sketches that made light of Ebola, white privilege, and the late Joan Rivers. Chris Rock aimed to ease audiences' discomfort over topics like the Boston Marathon bombing and 9/11, with his sketches (including confusing twists on ISIS and old age) largely overthinking themselves. Kevin Hart was, as usual, a burst of energy, with his sketches trying to keep up with his manic speed. And last weekend, Louis C.K. opened the show with 8 minutes about how life was [...]

Kenan Thompson Is Officially Returning to 'SNL' Next Season

Last year, TMZ reported that Kenan Thompson would be leaving SNL at the end of season 40 — a rumor NBC was quick to deny. Still, with all the SNL cast shakeups in recent years, many fans have wondered whether the show's current longest-running cast member had plans to stick around after next season, and now we have an answer. Speaking with Marc Maron on the latest episode of WTF, Thompson confirmed that his plan is to stick around for at least another year. Here's what he told Maron (starts around the 64:20 mark of the episode):

And you're the longest-running cast member at this point?


'SNL' Review: Pulling Punches with Scarlett Johansson

SNL may have lost the revolutionary spirit fans claim it embraced in the 1970s, but this season has proven the show can still pack a punch of satire when it wants to. From a father tearfully handing off his teenage daughter to ISIS, to a Fault in our Stars parody that infected the characters with Ebola, to a gutsy takedown of Scientology, many of Season 40's more resonant moments have witnessed SNL reconnecting with its counter-cultural roots. This episode's "Blazer" sketch, which featured an old-school supercop targeting black men, was one of the more boldly retro forms of comedy we've seen on the show in a while.

But these rare glimmers of lawlessness come at odds [...]