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58 Reasons Why I Love Community, One from Every Episode

Before Community aired its first episode in 2009, Joel McHale was the guy from The Soup, known to most only as "The Guy from The Soup"; Gillian Jacobs was the girl who had a topless scene in Choke; Alison Brie was the rarely-seen Trudy on Mad Men; Donald Glover was part of a comedy troupe that made the "bro rape" video; Yvette Nicole Brown was a movie theater manager on Nickelodeon's Drake & Josh; Danny Pudi was the Token Indian in movies like Road Trip: Beer Pong; and Chevy Chase was a has-been.

Now, on the morning/afternoon of their 59th episode together — their last until March? April? May? [...]

CollegeHumor and the Cast of Community Want You to Save Greendale

CollegeHumor made a pretty dope ad for Greendale featuring the full cast of Community, and yeah, that includes Magnitude. Watch and be transported to a world of intellectual stimulation where the number of soggy National Geographics to be perused in the libary is second only to the number of raccoons enjoying a quick garbage-rifling at the campus snack bar! The college years truly are the best of our lives.