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There Was No Winner To 'The Goodwin Games,' But It Was Fun to Play

It's very rare to see the actual lifespan of a television series equal the length of time its story naturally dictated it should last. Shows seem to either overstay their welcome thanks to the promise of more money, or get cancelled before it and the network understands all of its strengths. The Goodwin Games, and all seven of its episodes, concluded last night, seven weeks after it showed up dead on arrival. Based on what was witnessed, the game ended way too soon.

And it was not as if The Goodwin Games was a filler sitcom that hit the reset button every week, where closure of any narrative loose [...]

Fox Won't Air 'The Goodwin Games' Until Late Spring of Maybe Even Summer

The Fox network still has one new sitcom that hasn't debuted this season, The Goodwin Games, and according to Fox chairman Kevin Reilly, it won't be placed on the schedule anytime soon. Created by How I Met Your Mother's Carter Bays, Craig Thomas, and Chris Harris, Goodwin Games follows three siblings (played by T.J. Miller, Becki Newton, and Scott Foley) fulfilling their father's last wishes in order to inherit his $20 million fortune. Speaking to reporters at the Television Critics Association tour yesterday, Fox chairman Kevin Reilly said this of the fate of the show:

"I'm creatively very happy with what's happening in [our Tuesday comedy] block. But [...]

'The Goodwin Games' Might Benefit From the Time Limit

The Goodwin Games premieres tonight at 8:30 p.m. eastern on Fox. Check your local cable box for confirmation. Or you can just watch the episode right now.

The Goodwin Games is a cute, fun show that has a 99.9 percent chance of not lasting beyond its seven episode order. Which is a good thing.

You probably know the names of Carter Bays and Craig Thomas – they are the creators and executive producers of How I Met Your Mother, a comedy that is about to continue to extend a cool, lofty premise even longer past the point of diminishing returns for a final, ninth season. Well, [...]

Mindy Kaling and How I Met Your Mother Team Coming to Fox

What's the point of upfronts if all the networks are just going to announce everything the week before, all willy nilly (oddly, All Willy Nilly is also the name of a yet to be picked up CBS pilot – no it's not)? Jealous of all the NBC bean spilling, last night, FOX announced its three new single-camera comedies for next season.

First, is Mindy Kaling's highly anticipated It's Messy, in which she plays a doctor trying to have it all. Besides Kaling, The Office's Howard Klein and BJ Novak will executive produce the show (things are just looking bleaker and bleaker over in Scranton). Her co-stars – Ed Weeks, [...]

Watch the First Episode of Fox's New Comedy 'The Goodwin Games'

Hulu just added the pilot episode to Fox's new sitcom The Goodwin Games, which is set to premiere on May 20th. From the How I Met Your Mother team of Carter Bay, Craig Thomas, and Chris Harris, the show stars Becki Newton, Scott Foley, and T.J. Miller as a trio of siblings competing for their father's $23 million inheritance. Fox holding Goodwin Games until the summer means it's pretty much pre-canceled, but it's still a decent show that's worth checking out and one that Fox should have definitely aired during the regular broadcast season.