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Maria Bamford Candidly Explains Her Mental Health Struggles on 'Modern Comedian'

Scott Moran released a new episode of his documentary series Modern Comedian today focusing on standup Maria Bamford, who opens up at length about her struggles with bipolar disorder and the time she had to check herself into a psychiatric ward. It's a powerful, fantastic episode that's well worth the watch, from Bamford's walkthrough of her favorite website CrazyMeds.us to several mentions of her love for Diet Coke. (via The Comedy Bureau)

Watch 'Modern Comedian's Profile of Reggie Watts

Here's the latest episode of Scott Moran's excellent documentary series Modern Comedian, which profiles Reggie Watts and his fascination with time travel. It features a performance by Watts of time travel songs and him telling a weird story about huffing freon.

Documentary Series 'Modern Comedian' Profiles Stand-Up Beth Stelling

This is the latest episode of filmmaker Scott Moran's excellent comedy documentary series Modern Comedian, which was just released today. The episode follows L.A.-based stand-up Beth Stelling and how her love of sweets is wreaking havoc on her teeth. Comedians are so wild and crazy.

Season 3 of 'Modern Comedian' Debuts This Week

Modern Comedian, an excellent documentary web series following a different comedian each episode, is set to debut its third season tomorrow. Here's a trailer for the show, featuring highlights from all three seasons. The series is directed by Scott Moran and distributed by PBS Digital. The first episode of the season will follow stand-up/writer Phil Hanley, with one about Jim Gaffigan coming next week. Moran tells us, "You can expect some big names and some surprises, one of whom isn't even a comedian but a guy who had an amazing encounter with a very famously crazy comedian in the '70s." Any guesses as to who that "famously crazy" [...]

You Had To Be There #78: Scott Moran

This week, Sara and Nikki waste no time on chitchat before introducing their storied Renaissance man of a guest: stand-up, visual artist, filmmaker, and boyfriend Scott Moran (@scottmoran9876). With his already-acclaimed new webseries Modern Comedian, Scott documents the comedy scene by crafting elegant video profiles of other rising comics. Scott recalls Sara's hilariously aloof introduction to his father and the couple outlines their official opinion of baby talk. The trio touches on that unique disappointment of fulfilling a dream and finding its outcome underwhelming, and later offers some prescient advice about the Tonight Show's budget woes. Things start wrapping up with Sara talking pee about web [...]

Sara Schaefer Makes the Misery of Office Jobs Funny in Her New Web Series 'Day Job'

Comedian Sara Schaefer debuted all eight episodes of her new web series, Day Job, today. Schaefer, the co-host of MTV's Nikki & Sara Live and the podcast You Had to Be There, created and stars in the series, which depicts the super-relatable American experience of working an awful day job you have no interest in besides earning a paycheck. The series was directed by Scott Moran (Modern Comedian), who will be working on more stuff with Schaefer to be released via her new company Little BoBo Productions.

'Modern Comedian' Profiles Bonnie McFarlane

Here's the latest episode of Modern Comedian, filmmaker Scott Moran's excellent documentary series. This one profiles standup Bonnie McFarlane and how her love of writing has kept her working in various different comedic mediums.

Watch Jim Gaffigan's Episode of 'Modern Comedian'

Here's the latest episode of Scott Moran's excellent documentary web series Modern Comedian. This one follows comedian and father of five Jim Gaffigan, mainly focusing on how those two parts of his life don't fit each other at all.

Joe DeRosa Deals with a Heckler and Analyzes It on 'Modern Comedian'

Here's the latest episode of Scott Moran's excellent documentary web series Modern Comedian, focusing on comedian Joe DeRosa. Modern Comedian wasn't setting out to capture DeRosa getting into a battle of words with a heckler, but it happened and seeing DeRosa fight back and his analysis after is pretty entertaining. Too bad he didn't search his heckler for cocaine.

How a Comedian Prepares for His 'Conan' Set

Watch the set below. I think the preparing worked. He picked the right shirt. His eyebrows look tidy but not overly manicured, like a well-kept bonsai tree. The video is part of Scott Moran terrific "Modern Comedian" documentary series about eyebrows stand-up.

You Had To Be There #115: Row If You Want To

This week, Sara and Nikki are joined by Sara’s comedian, documentarian, vocabularian beau Scott Moran to brainstorm Halloween costumes clever enough for national TV. After a sobering foray into tragedy and inspiration, the gang lightens up towards the end with talk of drugs, cheese, and other addicting habits.

Nikki and Sara are hosting a night of stand-up at the Gramercy Theatre on November 8th for the New York Comedy Festival. They’ll fill you in on the full lineup soon, but really, what else do you need. Get yr tix here.

You Had To Be There is sponsored by Audible, the ‘net’s leading provider of audiobooks. For a [...]

'Modern Comedian' Profiles 65-Year-Old Standup James Heneghen

Here's the latest episode of filmmaker Scott Moran's excellent documentary series Modern Comedian. This time, he's profiling James Heneghen, a 65-year-old road comedian from Seattle, and it's an interesting look at the life of a comedian who chose the road over seeking fame and fortune in one of the nation's big comedy cities.

Watch the Season 3 Premiere of 'Modern Comedian'

Here's the first episode of the comedy documentary web series Modern Comedian's third season. This episode follows stand-up Phil Hanley, focusing on his beginnings in comedy and his love of crowd work. Up next week on Modern Comedian is Jim Gaffigan, which should be fun too but will probably feature less crowd work.

"Modern Comedian" Profiles Power Violence, the World's Leading Skateboard Punk Comedy Group

The latest episode of Scott Moran's excellent web series "Modern Comedian," in which he makes a short documentary about a different comedian each week, focuses on Power Violence, an L.A.-based group of comedians/skatepunks who make videos and run on a terrific weekly comedy show. This is the first episode of "Modern Comedian" that's produced by PBS Digital, which is a pretty exciting development for Moran and his web series. In their "Modern Comedian" installment, you get to see the Power Violence guys' intense pre-show ritual, the giant mansion they all live in together, and some haircut tomfoolery at a Wal-Mart. Doin' PBS proud.