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Bo Burnham, Eric Slovin, and Leo Allen Make This Year's Black List

The Black List, an annual ranking of the best-liked unproduced screenplays from a survey of studio and production execs, was released today, and as usual, the list is full of comedies. This year's list featured a few scripts from known comedians, like Eric Slovin and Leo Allen's Superbrat and Bo Burnham's Gay Kid and Fat Chick, as well as comedies from new writers.

Check out the full list of comedy scripts on this year's Black List below, accompanied by how many votes each one got:

'Peep Show' Co-Creator Sam Bain Has Screenwriting Tips for You

Sam Bain, co-creator of the UK series Peep Show and co-writer on the movie Four Lions, wrote a list of 10 screenwriting tips for The Guardian that's worth a read for comedy writers and fans alike: "First Draft Guy can be as arrogant as Han Solo, but subsequent drafts need to be written with the humility of Yoda. Otherwise you'll be just another shithead with a terrible script he thinks is great. And Lord knows we don't need any more of those."