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'Community' Writer Andy Bobrow Reflects on Working with Dan Harmon

"Step five is delete. Keep the two percent that isn't shit and delete the ninety-eight percent that's shit. Rewrite it. Within your re-write, there will be two more percent that isn't shit. Then just keep tossing the shit and replacing it until the ratio is tolerable."

- Television writer Andy Bobrow in a new essay "How Writing for the TV Show Community Cured Me," in which he talks about landing a writing job on Community and how much he's learned from Dan Harmon's rewrites. The essay also includes two drafts of season 2 episode "Mixology Certification" to show just how much rewriting went into Community episodes.

Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant on Screenwriting: "Don’t write your 200 page pirate romance"

Just for the record, Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant understand that you loathed Herbie: Fully Loaded. They embrace that reality, they take it into themselves, and they release it back out into the universe before diving into a giant pool of gold doubloons ala Scrooge McDuck. Scott Wampler over at Collider interviewed the former members of The State about their new book Writing Movies For Fun and Profit: How We Made a Billion Dollars at The Box Office and You Can, Too!, and they have excellent advice for those among us who'd rather sell The Pacifier than starve to death in a Starbucks bathroom trying to sell our [...]

NYTVF Script Contest Offering Up $25,000 and a Development Deal with Fox

Attention, aspiring comedy writers: The New York Television Festival's annual script-writing contest has been announced, and the winner gets $25,000 and a development deal with Fox. It's a somewhat ambiguous contest where you don't know a lot about what the judges are looking for or what exactly this "development deal" means, so it's a lot like getting your script made through normal channels. But in this case you don't need to give a cut of the money to your representation, so hey, why not? You can start tossing your brilliant scripts their way on April 4th. [via]