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David Steinberg Introduces the World to the Cast of 'SCTV'

The Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. Inside their vast archives of more than 150,000 television shows, commercials, and radio programs, there are thousands of important and funny programs waiting to be rediscovered by comedy nerds like you and me. Each week, this column will highlight a new gem waiting for you at the Paley Library to quietly laugh at. (Seriously, it’s a library, so keep it down.)

Canada’s David Steinberg is probably best known today as the host of Showtime’s Inside Comedy. As you no doubt gathered from the title, in it [...]

Harold Ramis's 'SCTV' Legacy

In his obituary, published yesterday by his hometown paper The Chicago Tribune, Harold Ramis was described as leaving behind "a reputation as a mensch and all-around good guy." There's really not much more one could ask for when your life is being summed up. But as it turns out, Ramis was a lot more than that. He was a comedy pioneer, a trailblazer, and a visionary. Without Ramis, Ghostbusters would have been about "ghost smashers" that travel through time with magic wands. Without Ramis, we might not have the "serious" phase of Bill Murray's career that we're all enjoying now. The man co-wrote Animal House, Meatballs, Caddyshack, Stripes, and [...]

Martin Short Compares 'SNL' and 'SCTV'

Martin Short has a rare perspective as someone who performed on both SNL and SCTV. He explained to the Huffington Post how wildly different the processes of each were:

Well, a huge difference was that on SCTV you would write for six weeks. Then you would shoot for six weeks and edit. Then, you take a couple of weeks off. Then you write for six weeks. So, if you didn't have an idea for a couple of weeks when you started writing, it was OK because you could make up for it in the next four weeks. Saturday Night Live, if you were a writer/performer – like I was on [...]

Watch Robin Williams in Three 'SCTV' Sketches from 1982

Welcome to The Second City Archives, in which we post an exclusive clip each week of some of comedy's biggest superstars performing early in their careers on the legendary Chicago stage. Second City has generously given us a glimpse into their extensive archive of live performances, and over the coming weeks we'll be sharing some rare and retro comedy never before seen on the web.

To pay tribute to the passing of comedy legend Robin Williams, this week Second City has released three exclusive sketches from his appearance on SCTV in 1982. First up is the above sketch "Movie of the Week: The Bowery Boys in the Band" costarring [...]

Judd Apatow and Amy Poehler's 'Sick in the Head' Pilot Was a Real, Funny Thing

"I am in New York writing a pilot for the Fox network called Sick in the Head. It's about a very young therapist with no life experience. The president of Fox, Peter Roth, is a great guy. He loves the show. Got a call from my old friend Paul Feig today. He said he wrote a television pilot and he's sending it to me. There is nothing worse than reading your friends' scripts. They are always terrible." – Judd Apatow, in his "diary," October 16, 1998

Between the years of 1998 and 2001, The Ben Stiller Show and The Larry Sanders Show writer/executive producer Judd Apatow created five [...]

"It's All My Fault, Although I Also Blame Others": The Curious Case of the Ed Grimley Cartoon

In 1988, Martin Short collaborated with fellow SCTV alumni Catherine O'Hara, Joe Flaherty, and Andrea Martin, plus legendary comedian Jonathan Winters, to produce a Saturday morning cartoon called The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley. I'm writing this down plainly because, even though I was one of the very few who watched this show during its initial run, I can still barely believe it happened. Despite the presence of these comedic heavyweights, Ed Grimley remains unavailable on DVD, rarely rerun, and in desperate need of rediscovery.

The show was the product of a very brief period of fortuitous timing. According to Short, he was approached by Hannah-Barbera a few [...]

Sketch Anatomy: Bill Oakley Breaks Down 'SCTV's "Dr. Tongue's Evil House of Pancakes"

Welcome to our new column Sketch Anatomy, where we ask some of our favorite television writers to choose any sketch — one they personally wrote or one from history they find particularly hilarious, notable, or underappreciated — to learn from a writer's perspective what separates a successful sketch from the rest.

For our very first installment of Sketch Anatomy we reached out to Bill Oakley, whose television work extends from TripTank to Portlandia back to serving as writer and showrunner for classic '90s Simpsons episodes like "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" and "Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy." Oakley chose an old sketch from SCTV starring Joe Flaherty, John Candy, [...]

It's That Episode 45: Michael Delaney Spreads Christmas Cheer with 'SCTV'

On "It's That Episode" Craig Rowin (UCB Theatre) invites guests over to watch any episode of any TV show they want. They discuss the episode and other crap.

Michael Delaney (The Other Guys, The Stepfathers) drops by to spread some Christmas spirit with his deep love for SCTV. Get a glimpse of what it meant to be a true fanatic pre-internet: going to libraries with a razor blade to cut out SCTV news clippings, stalking Catherine O'Hara outside of 30 Rock, and driving the Second City Touring Company around Florida to get a taste of the comedy world.

This episode is brought to you by audible.com. Get a [...]

Looking Back at SCTV

SCTV is kind of the show you didn't know you knew: hugely influential without being popular. As far as cult sketch shows go, SCTV is one of the best. Begun in 1976 by the Toronto chapter of Second City, the show has featured and influenced some of comedy's best and brightest. It's often thought of as the Canadian cousin of Saturday Night Live; both shows starred Second City alumni, both were on late at night and both are hilarious.

SCTV really was kind of the flip side of the coin to SNL. Unlike SNL, SCTV was not produced live or in front of a studio audience. For all of [...]