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Talking to Hayes Davenport and Sean Clements About Their Podcast 'Hollywood Handbook'

Chances are if you’ve ever admired a television program or were moved to tears by a film, you’ve appreciated the virtuosity of Hollywood A-list it-boys Hayes Davenport and Sean Clements. Last October, the two entertainment prodigies decided to unlock the golden gates of Hollywood to John and Jane Q Public, and reveal their previously confidential industry expertise by launching Hollywood Handbook, a podcast on the Earwolf Network that aims to help listeners achieve their showbiz dreams. In three short months, Hollywood Handbook ascended from the new podcast on the block to weekly must-listen status with its endearing mix of subtle charm and subversive comedy. After exchanging countless emails [...]

Earwolf Has a New Podcast about Reality Shows

Podcasting network Earwolf just launched a new comedy show today, called The Reality Show Show. The program is hosted by Sean Clements, an L.A.-based improviser and Workaholics writer, and Hayes Davenport, a Jeopardy! loser who wrote with Clements on Fox's Allen Gregory, and sees the duo discussing the week in reality TV in each installment. The first episode involves the pair chatting about The X-Factor, Shark Tank, and Real World/Road Rules Challenge, with a Survivor-centric comedy sketch and a short appearance from guest DC Pierson also mixed in. It's been a couple months since Earwolf launched a new comedy show, and The Reality Show Show is a [...]

Comedy Central Orders a Pilot Starring Dominic Dierkes and Sean Clements

Comedy Central has picked up Checked Out, a pilot created by Workaholics executive producer Craig DiGregorio that will star Dominic Dierkes (Mystery Team) and Sean Clements. Deadline reports that Dierkes and Clements will play cousins "trying to manage a youth hostel without fully understanding youth, managing, hostels, or how people normally behave."

Instead of pitching the show to the network, DiGregorio shot an pilot presentation with Dierkes and Clements to show Comedy Central, and snuck in a cameo from Billy Zane, who is in talks to reprise his part in the Comedy Central pilot. Dierkes and Clements, who both write for Workaholics, perform improv together at the UCB Theatre LA show, Shitty [...]

Earwolf Launches a New Podcast from Sean Clements and Hayes Davenport

Podcast network Earwolf started up a new show this morning. Called Hollywood Handbook, it's a fake behind-the-scenes look at life in Hollywood hosted by TV writers Sean Clements (Workaholics) and Hayes Davenport (Eastbound & Down). The first episode features New Girl's Jake Johnson as a guest. This is Clements and Davenport's second show for Earwolf. Their first, the reality SHOW show, began last November and ended its run last month. Earwolf launched another new podcast, Eban Schletter's Fantastical Musicorium, last month and is expanding into TV development and production after signing an exclusive deal with IFC.