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Watch Seth Rogen Talk to the US Senate About Alzheimer's Research

Movie star Seth Rogen testified before a Senate committee on Alzheimer's research today, giving a touching speech about the effects of the disease, which his mother-in-law has, and the charity he and his wife set up. He makes jokes too.

Former Senator Arlen Specter Is Amazing at Standup Comedy

Meet your new favorite standup comedian, former Pennsylvania senator Arlen Spector. He demolished New Talent Night at Caroline's Comedy Club last night with roast-worthy lines like this one:

"So I was sitting there enjoying the [Senate gym] hot tub when in comes my colleague Ted Kennedy, in his birthday suit. 285 pounds. Teddy flops into the hot tub like a walrus. You know the story of rising tide lifts all ships? Well my head hit the ceiling."

Then he apparently sipped a martini in his dressing room and noted that his "dance card is open" if anyone wants to invite him to perform again. If you'll excuse [...]

The People of South Carolina Want Stephen Colbert to Lead Them

Stephen Colbert announced his intentions to win a recently-vacated Senate seat in his home state of South Carolina on his show last week, and now, a new poll reveals that he's the top choice for South Carolina residents. Public Policy Polling  released the poll, which says 20% of South Carolina voters support Colbert, with the states Congressmen Tim Scott and Trey Gowdy in second and third place with 15% and 14%, respectively. The voters, though, won't be deciding who wins the position. That choice is in the hands of Governor Nikki Haley, but hopefully, this new data will sway her to make the right choice and [...]

Stephen Colbert Needs Your Help to Become a U.S. Senator

The Tea Party's Jim DeMint, a Senator from Stephen Colbert's home state of South Carolina, announced plans to resign from the Senate to work for a conservative think tank yesterday, and just like that, there are already Stephen Colbert Senate rumors (partly fueled by Colbert himself). DeMint's replacement will be picked by South Carolina Governor (and one-time Colbert Report guest) Nikki Haley, and on his show last night, Colbert asked his viewers to tweet @NikkiHaley to express support for his Senatorial bid with the hashtag #StephenColbert. Prior to Colbert discussing his Senatorial aspirations on his show yesterday, a fan created a Colbert for U.S. Senate website [...]