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Nick Kroll, Seth Morris, and Jon Daly Make Some Groundhog Day Predictions

@midnight celebrated Groundhog Day yesterday when host Chris Hardwick led a game of "Knob Gobblers," in which guests Nick Kroll, Seth Morris, and Jon Daly shared some alternative Punxsutawney Phil predictions. The game gets sidetracked near the end when the contestants' groundhogs suddenly become a bit naughty onstage.

The 11 Best 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' Characters and Impersonations

And so here we are, the day of the second season premiere of Comedy Bang! Bang!, the television show based on the funny podcast and former live showcase of the same name. Scott Aukerman and company have managed to take the successful, idiosyncratic style of humor from one medium to another, so much so that IFC is trusting them to put twenty new episodes on the air this season, twice as many as last year. But while some of the characters and impersonations have found their way to the small screen, the element of letting the listener's imagination run wild along with the routines, not to mention the much [...]

Talking to Seth Morris About Funny or Die, UCB, and First Dates with Toby Harris

We told you last week about  Yahoo’s new web comedy push. Part of that effort is a partnership with Funny or Die with the web series First Dates with Toby Harris, starring comedian and Funny or Die writer, Seth Morris.

Morris is the former artistic director of the Upright Citizens Brigade LA, and a member of the New York sketch comedy team, Naked Babies, with Rob Corddry, Brian Huskey and John Ross Bowie. In First Dates with Toby Harris, Morris plays an impossibly difficult single guy who can’t stop himself from committing a plethora first date wrongs.

I had a chance to sit down with Morris during [...]

Nick Kroll Stole the Stanley Cup

Here's an April Fool's video Nick Kroll made for the NHL, in which he, Seth Morris, and Charlie Sanders steal the Stanley Cup and hold it for ransom and then eventually get into a bunch of trouble a couple weeks later.

'Go On': Can America Embrace a Sitcom This Sad?

I cried twice while watching the Go On pilot. This doesn't mean two tears; I'm talking about two distinct cries. Sure, yes, I'm prone to crying at things (I'm still not sure what the cast of Friday Night Lights looks like, as they were always water-blurred and left looking like Matisse paintings) but, regardless of my proclivities, these two moments would generally be considered honestly felt and honestly sad. Tonight, at 11:04pm, on NBC, Go On is set to make its debut to the American public. It won't offer a respite from the overly weepy Olympic games, what with its plethora of personal interest stories; no, it will continue to [...]

Breaking Down Yahoo!'s New Comedy Series

Yahoo! is making a grab for the internet comedy audience, with two new series premiering today. First up is Sketchy, a creatively-named series of weekly sketches. Today's is "Hungry Games" starring Alison Becker (alias Shauna Malwae-Tweep, for the Parks fans), and it's got all the standard ingredients for a Hunger Games spoof, but not many surprises. While not exactly a mindblowing premiere, it should be fun to see what other sketches are in store.

Also premiering is Funny or Die Presents: First Dates With Toby Harris, starring Seth Morris. Two episodes are already up, including "Confirmation," above. The concept here is simple, but the series [...]

Watch the Latest 'Greatest Event In Television History'

The third installment of Adam Scott's The Greatest Event in Television History ran last night on Adult Swim – a shot-by-shot remake of the opening credits of 80's not-quite-classic sitcom Too Close for Comfort. As we already knew, it starred Scott, Catherine O’Hara, Jon Glaser, Chelsea Peretti, and Kathryn Hahn; it also featured Jason Mantzoukas, Seth Morris, Paul Scheer, and Jon Hamm. Be sure to check out Vulture's side-by-side look at the original and remakes of the opening of Too Close for Comfort.

Scott has already announced that there will only be one more special of The Greatest Event – the next will air on January 23, 2014. He told Splitsider [...]

Oh Hey, Matt Besser and Seth Morris, You're in the New Apple Ads

The videos star Josh Rabinowtiz, a stand-up who just performed as part of the Just For Laughs New Faces showcase last week.

Despite the comedic talent, the ads have not been particularly well received. Ken Segall, a former ad man who had worked with Steve Jobs, wrote on his personal blog:

I know it’s hard to say after viewing the new batch of Mac ads that debuted on the Olympics. I’m still in a bit of shock myself.

Sure, Apple has had a low point or two in its advertising past — but its low points are usually higher than most advertisers’ high points.

This is different. [...]