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Showtime Renews 'Shameless' and Orders 'Happyish' to Series

Showtime just announced some comedy news at TCA today. Deadline reports that the network has renewed Shameless for a sixth season and also picked up the new pilot for Happyish, which was reworked following the death of star Philip Seymour Hoffman last year and now stars Steve Coogan. Happyish will debut its 10-episode season on Showtime April 26th.

Revisiting 'Shameless,' Louis CK's First Stand-up Special

For a stand-up comedian there is, it turns out, a fate worse than bombing. Though enduring the heckles and hostile silences of a belligerent audience while a sickening flop sweat shivers over your entire body is never a pleasant prospect, it must seem like somewhat mild torture when compared to the crushing futility of performing to no audience at all. And yet on many a hopeless night during the lean years of the early ‘90s, after the stand-up boom finally crashed, that’s exactly what Louis C.K. did. “There would literally be nobody in the audience and they’d make you do the show,” remembered the comedian about his time at [...]

Showtime Picks Up Episodes and Shameless for Second Seasons

Good news for fans of Showtimes new Sunday night comedy (dramedy?) block: both Episodes and Shameless are coming back for another season.

Showtime Renews 'Shameless' and 'House of Lies'

Showtime announced this morning the renewal of two of the network's comedy-dramas, House of Lies and Shameless, for another season. Both shows debuted their current seasons in January and are currently airing new episodes on Sunday nights. The renewal will mark the fifth season for Shameless, starring William H. Macy, and the fourth for Don Cheadle-led House of Lies. Both new seasons will be 12 episodes long and are expected to debut in 2015.

Louis C.K.'s Next Standup Special Coming to HBO in 2013

HBO just announced in a press release today that they're releasing Louis C.K.'s new hour-long stand-up special sometime next year. The as-of-now untitled special will be filmed during one of the shows for C.K.'s current 16-city tour, which wraps in February. This will be Louis C.K.'s second hour-long for HBO after 2007's Shameless. C.K. tweeted that he'll be releasing the hour online for $5 via his website a few months after it airs on HBO, which is how he released his last hour Live at the Beacon Theater and album WORD: Live at Carnegie Hall.

It's a surprise to see C.K. opting to go with HBO [...]

Why Americans Always Screw Up Remakes of British Comedies

American remakes of British shows are easy targets. Rarely do the new iterations match up to their predecessors, even when episodes are replicated almost shot for shot. It’s hard to justify their existence when the originals are readily available to American audiences and, in some cases, are still airing across the pond. But the biggest problem with remaking shows for American sensibilities isn’t creative or cultural deficits — it's the humor.

When I spent a few months in London in the early aughts, everyone was obsessed with a little singing show called Pop Idol that was soon to debut in America. I remember watching the finale and scoffing that [...]

Showtime Renews 'House of Lies,' 'Californication,' and 'Shameless'

Showtime just handed out renewal orders to a trio of shows, comedy-dramas House of Lies, Californication, and Shameless. It'll be the third season for House of Lies, which stars Don Cheadle, Kristen Bell, Ben Schwartz, ans Josh Lawson; the seventh season for David Duchovny-led Californication, and the fourth for William H. Macy vehicle Shameless. Showtime says the three shows have each experienced a year-to-year gain in viewership. All three are currently airing new episodes on Sunday nights through early April and will pick up again with these new seasons in 2014, which sounds really far away but isn't anymore.

How Showtime Became the New Source for Black Comedy

Do you laugh when a kid falls down? Does Law & Order SVU make you snicker? Do you find it funny when a UCLA student goes on an anti-Asian rant the week of the Japanese earthquake? Then you should probably be watching Showtime. Black comedy is a fine art, and few people are willing to take the risks to make it. Most people equate laughter with comedy, so it makes sense to look for jokes and funny situations in comedy shows. Shows like Community, 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live are hilarious, and filled with laugh-out-loud moments. And they do well. But somehow, Showtime has risen above the [...]