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The Webbys Awarded "Actress of the Year" to a Man, But Who Cares About the Webbys?

The Webby Awards are pretty stupid. Not that giving out awards for achievement on the internet is an inherently bad idea, but when in order to be considered for a nomination you need to pay a "submission fee" costing hundreds of dollars, it's tough to consider them even remotely relevant. I mean, look at the nominees in categories about web videos; they all come from big companies, such as Funny or Die, CollegeHumor, Broadway Video and The Onion (or from corporations such as Microsoft and Chipotle). Those folks put out great stuff, sure, but did they really have no competition at all from amateur groups? But very few [...]

What Do Girls Say About the Shit Girls Say Web Series?

Awesome Twitter account Shit Girls Say is now a web series. It's a little bit of a bummer that the Proto-Girl isn't actually played by a girl, since the series would be plenty funny without the drag aspect. Even so, it's a highly commendable feat when anyone manages to make an entertaining video out of solely Tweets read out loud. In fact, I have a medal for them – hold on, it's in my purse somewhere…

Shit The Creators of "Shit Girls Say" Say: "OMG, we have a book deal!"

Remember all the way back in January, when your younger sister said shit like, "Did you see this video? It's just like how my friends and I talk?" And your Dad said shit like, "Did you see the thing on the computer, where that fella says things like you and your sister?" And your grandmother said shit like, "What is that robot doing flashing lights and cussing at me!?" And you explained to all of them, how it was based on a Twitter account that your friend from college, whom you don't really talk to anymore, likes to Retweet and they each understood you to varying degrees and [...]

Shit X Says: The State of a Meme at the End of Its Life (Hopefully)

It all began on December 12, 2011.

That's when "Shit Girls Say" was uploaded to YouTube and nearly broke the Internet when it was picked up by Reddit, the Huffington Post, and pretty much every other website, too. A month and a half later, it's racked up over 12 million views. "Shit Girls Say" began as a Twitter account created by Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard, before they, along with some help from Juliette Lewis, put together the 79-second video that almost instantly "changed" the Internet, for better or worse (worse). Ever since, hundreds of parodies have popped up online, ranging from the inevitable "Shit Black Girls [...]