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The Ugly Truth About Comedy and Talent Reps

How often do you think about comedy on a given day? If you’re a reader of this site, chances are that it permeates a sizable chunk of your waking thoughts. Maybe you’re just a fanatic and love following your favorite performers or the general industry news. Perhaps you’re an aspiring comedian/entertainer yourself and enjoy the inspiration your heroes provide. The amount of mental resources we give to comedy may vary from person to person, but the one thing I can assure all of you is that nobody cares less about comedy than a talent agent.

Many come to Hollywood recognizing, but willfully ignoring the cliché that they will be [...]

Dan Harmon Is No Longer Involved with 'Community'

Late Friday night, Vulture reported that Sony Television (the company that produces Community) had hired David Guarascio and Moses Port (previously of Happy Endings) as the new showrunners of Community, leaving Dan Harmon with a diminished role. Their justification was partially about creative differences (Sony and NBC wanted Community to at least try to appeal to more people) and partially about what it was like working with Harmon. A person close to the show explained, "Dan is brilliant at ideas, but he's terrible at [management]." Specifically, Harmon is given a lot of the blame for much of Community's writing and production staff turnover. The flipside of course is that Harmon [...]