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CBS Is Considering Spinning Off 'How I Met Your Mother' with 'How I Met Your Father'

As CBS's hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother is kicking off its ninth and final season, Variety reports that the network is considering launching a lady-centered spinoff of the show. Referred to as How I Met Your Father, the show would come from HIMYM creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas and focus on "a group of friends living in Gotham and one woman’s quest to meet her future husband."

None of the friends would be linked to the current HIMYM group. The network is said to be "in on-going discussions" about the idea but no deal has been made.

NBC: "We (Abstract Rainbow Peacock Graphic) Comedy"

NBC is going to include a little logo at the bottom of all their ads promoting their 10 fall comedies. In the style of "I <3 NY", it will read "We (NBC logo) Comedy" and look like this:  It's supposed to remind people of NBC's long history of great comedies and have them translate that goodwill to their new sitcoms.

New sitcoms that will be very much different from the shows that often get discussed on this site.  NBC's man in charge Robert Greenblatt put it this way: "Those Thursday comedies, which the critics love and we love, tend to be a bit more narrow than we ultimately like as we [...]

'Two and Half Men' to Get a 10th Season; Enters Rare Company

It was announced today that all the principle cast of Two and a Half Men will return for the show's 10th season. Say what you will about how awful the show is – seriously, please comment on how awful it is because it is awful – that is a lot of season. It will become the 11th live action sitcom ever to get to 10 seasons (list below). It is noteworthy and truly a testament to the ability of millions of people to stomach ham-fisted sexual innuendo and half-men. We should be proud?

CBS Orders Jim Gaffigan and Peter Tolan's Family Sitcom to Pilot

Stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan and Rescue Me creator/Larry Sanders Show writer Peter Tolan began developing a show for CBS last year, and now the network has ordered the series to pilot, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The untitled show was created by Gaffigan and Tolan and will be written by Tolan. It's based on Gaffigan's life, with him playing a father of five living in a two-bedroom New York apartment. Last season, Gaffigan, who was recently nominated for a Grammy for his comedy album Mr. Universe, had a family sitcom in development with NBC that didn't make it. The CBS series will mark his return to the [...]

The Biggest Liars, Braggarts, and Braggadocios in Sitcom History

This #NoBollocks content was produced in partnership with Newcastle Brown Ale. If you enjoy this article, won't you be a doll and watch a TV commercial on the Internet? Go on, it's right there on the right.

The lying schemer and the arrogant braggart are two tried-and-true sitcom archetypes that have been around since the early days of TV. Watching someone bury themselves in a string of fabrications or demonstrate their own pomposity is always good for a laugh. Here are 10 of the biggest braggarts and liars in sitcom history, including a certain guy who lied about being marine biologist to impress a date and the biggest [...]

Roseanne's Downwardly Mobile Parks At NBC

Bring her all the Beckys! A parade of Beckys in her honor! Roseanne's Downwardly Mobile has a script order in from NBC, where she will join Snoop Dogg, Sarah Silverman, Sean Hayes and Portia de Rossi as the latest big name that will hopefully make some money up in this bitch. Following the cancellation of Lifetime's Roseanne's Nuts, Downwardly is reportedly a multi-cam sitcom featuring Roseanne as the locus of a lively trailer park community. I'm going to go ahead and assume that her husband is dead from the very beginning, just so she can't pull any fast ones over on me.

Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence Are Trying to Make a Sitcom Together

Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence are developing  a new multi-camera sitcom together that they would both star in and produce, according to a recent news story posted on Deadline. Before you go and say that's a bad idea, you should know that the article mentions the two actors had a meeting with the studio in November in which they "showed great chemistry." You feel pretty silly now, don't you? The plan is to get a network to commit to 10 episodes of the untitled yet-to-be-written show, with an option to pick up 90 more if it's a hit, which is the model that Charlie Sheen's FX show Anger [...]

How Realistic Are Our Sitcom Workplaces?

This post is brought to you by got milk? Find out what else is fake at scienceofimitationmilk.com. Workplace-centric sitcoms have been a TV fixture since the days of Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore, when it was discovered that basing a show around a group of oddballs who are forced to work together can be a successful formula for scoring laughs. As with most shows and movies, entertainment is the top priority, not realism, and that’s very much the case with the workplace comedy, where accurately depicting a job environment takes a backseat to amusing audiences.

With that in mind, we took [...]