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Just For Laughs Chooses Its 2014 New Faces

Every year, Montreal's Just For Laughs comedy festival chooses a bunch of up-and-coming comedians to highlight in their "New Faces" showcase, and this year's list has been released. Last year's list featured a bunch of comedians who enjoyed a breakthrough year including SNL's John Milhiser and Brooks Wheelan, standups Mark Normand and Aparna Nancherla, Late Night's Conner O'Malley, and more. Just For Laughs splits their choices up by categories New Faces (non-Canadian standups with managers), New Faces: Characters (sketch performers), Homegrown Talent (Canadian comedians), and New Faces: Unrepped (comedians without managers). Click through for the full list of this year's New Faces:

Comedy Central Renews 'Key & Peele' for a Third Season

Great news for fans of great comedy today as Comedy Central just announced it's renewed the critically-acclaimed sketch show Key & Peele for a third season consisting of 13 episodes. The first two seasons of Key & Peele only ran 8 and 10 episodes respectively, so the third season is getting a larger order than usual. The sketch show's second season concludes tomorrow night, which will be the last new episode before season three premieres in the fall of 2013. Somebody start a petition to get Liam Neesons to guest star on the new season right away.

Pangea 3000 Ends Like Almost All Sketch Groups Do

The New York Times has a story about the end of popular NYC sketch group Pangea 3000 and how ultimately most sketch groups don't get big TV deals, they just end eventually because people get jobs and other people move across the country.

One Hour of Poehler & Lynch and One Tragically Unreleased Movie Trailer

An hour of Amy Poehler and Jane Lynch chatting would be worth it no matter what they're talking about, but if they're talking about Amy's early days at Second City and ImprovOlympic, whether Del Close was a misogynist or just a misanthrope, and the decisions to turn down sitcom money to stay with the rest of the UCB, then you have already clicked the link and I am just talking to no one. La la la la there isn't anyone reading this because everyone is over in another tab watching that amazing interview.

Note: the video above is the trailer for Spring Breakdown, the unreleased movie [...]

In Living Color Returns To Fox For Its 25th Anniversary

Remember In Living Color? Now do you remember In Living Color? Great. It's coming back, with Keenen Ivory Wayans as the host, for Fox's 25th anniversary celebration, and with a series option for next season. I'd like to officially go on the record here as saying that I'm in full support of networks bringing back shows from the past to celebrate their networkiversaries. So much more thoughtful an anniversary gift than jewelry. And now I'm on the record about it, so I can never deny it when I run for President of TV. That's how strongly I feel.

Read an Oral History of LA's Wildly Influential Groundlings Theater

THR has a new oral history of The Groundlings Theater, the LA-based comedy institution where Phil Hartman, Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell, and also people not on SNL, like Paul Reubens, Lisa Kudrow, and Jim Rash, honed their chops before breaking into movies and TV. The piece contains the story of Reubens creating his character Pee-Wee Herman for a Groundlings workshop, a big fight between the creative heads of the theater, and a story about Lorne Michaels responding to a Groundling asking him how it feels to have Phil Hartman on SNL with, "I don't even have to go into work."

This Sketch from 'Key & Peele's Season Finale Is Just as Great as Everything Else Those Two Do

Here's a sketch called "Hatz" from Key & Peele's season two finale, which airs this Wednesday at 10:30. It's every bit as funny and delightful as you expect Key & Peele to be at this point.

Just For Laughs Chooses its New Faces

Each year the Just for Laughs festival picks a handful of up-and-coming comedians to be part of their New Faces showcases. This year they are expanding New Faces to also include: New Faces: Characters (sketch performers) and New Faces: Unrepped (those without representation).  The shows feature some names that might ring a bell like Dominic Dierkes, The Lucas Brothers, Joe Wengert, Emilly Heller, Rachel Bloom, Lauren Lapkus and more. The showcases, which are at a variety times from July 25-27, put the performers in front of a sought after group of industry professionals. The full list of performers is below, all with a newer face than the next.

Harvard Sailing Team and the Re-emergence of New York Sketch Comedy

Sketch comedy is on the rise! This article highlights some popular purveyors of the form, from the internet's Harvard Sailing Team to UCB's Stone Cold Fox to Comedy Central's new show Key and Peele. And it details some interesting issues facing sketchmakers: the pressure to be concise, the balance between actors and writers, and the possibility (or impossibility) or audience interaction. But wait! A last-minute twist ending: It doesn't detail any of those interesting issues! This whole post was a comedy sketch! (I am just kidding. It does detail them.)

Looking Back at the First Five Years of SNL

At this point in my look at the history and development of sketch comedy shows I would be amiss if I didn't mention Monty Python's Flying Circus. Simply put there has never been a more innovative or influential show. So much has been written about this show that I really don't feel like I could add any anything. All I'll say is that if you haven't watched any of it, do yourself a favor and seek it out immediately. Instead I'll direct you to Curtis Gwinn's lovely piece on the group.

With that out of the way it's time to tackle another giant of sketch comedy: Saturday Night [...]

Just For Laughs Chooses Its 2013 New Faces

Every year, Montreal's Just For Laughs festival picks a bunch of up-and-coming comedians to take part in their "New Faces" showcases, which puts them in front of a bunch of powerful industry types. This morning, they announced the 2013 New Faces, a list that includes folks like Funny or Die's Dan Klein, Totally Biased's Aparna Nancherla, Andrew Overdahl, who co-wrote/starred in the Amazon pilot Those Who Can't, and more. The New Faces are separated into categories for sketch performers (New Faces: Characters), comedians without managers (New Faces: Unrepped), Canadian comedians (Homegrown Comics), and regular New Faces, which is non-Canadian standups with managers.

Check out the full list of performers [...]

Behold, the 'Community' Cast's Gift to "The Greatest Fans in History"

The entire cast of Community simultaneously tweeted out this new video today, which they've been referring to as a "gift for the greatest fans in history." It's the first we've seen of the show's characters since the Dan Harmon Era ended oh so long ago (in May), and it is delightful. As you might recall, Community was set to premiere its fourth season tonight, October 19th, but was put on hiatus by NBC at the last minute. Troy and Abed explain that although the new season won't be beginning on October 19th, the date, it'll still be on October 19th in our hearts. Oh, and there's an Animal Practice slam [...]

Joss Whedon Wrote a Super Funny Sketch with a Message

"Daphne Zuniga: What equality means to me is that women are given their moment, their chance to stand alone before everyone, with dignity, and to know that no man is going to try to upstage … Evil Robot: [comes on stage, making robot noises] Zuniga: … with dignity… Evil Robot: Evil! Evil! Zuniga: Oh, no. Evil robot from the future. Evil Robot: I am an evil robot from the future! Zuniga: I just said that. Evil Robot: It's my line. And I am an evil robot from the future. Zuniga: What do you want, evil robot? Have you come from the future to destroy humankind? Evil Robot: I come from the future to destroy … Stop saying my lines! I [...]

Key & Peele Clip Illustrates Truth of the Human Condition in 48 Seconds

This clip from Comedy Central's new sketch show Key & Peele, starring Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, is phonetastic (sorry). Who among us doesn't change our telephonic intonation depending on whether we're standing next to friends, strangers, or moms? Not a one of us is immune from this symptom of modern life, which binds us and unites us under the glory of God….And that's how I'd talk on the phone if I were standing next to a rabbi. The show premieres in January.