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Mike Birbiglia and the Importance and Power of Jokes

Mike Birbiglia has a very unique ability: the ability to tell any story, like the story of jumping out of a hotel window in Walla Walla, Washington, and make it relatable. To a certain extent, this is one of the primary goals of standup comedy. Although Birbiglia saw great success in the traditional standup circuit early in his career, he didn’t feel that he had produced an act that was true to his own form. So, after appearing on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend at age 23, Letterman at 24, producing a Comedy Central Presents special at 26, and his album Two Drink Mike at 28, he opened a one-man show [...]

Watch Ira Glass Interview Shelby Fero as Mike Birbiglia

Twitter sensation Shelby Fero was assigned to interview Mike Birbiglia and Ira Glass about their movie Sleepwalk with Me, and she decided to do it in character as Mike Birbiglia – a dark demented version of Mike Birbiglia, that is – with Ira Glass asking interviewing her as Shelby Fero. It's a lot of fun.

Mike Birbiglia and Ira Glass Want to Have a Pizza Party with You

Mike Birbiglia and Ira Glass's new movie Sleepwalk with Me has been playing at select theaters throughout the country for a few weeks now, and it's now available via Video on Demand. To celebrate the VOD release and build up some hype, Birbiglia and Glass made the above video to encourage fans to hold pizza parties to watch the movie and to announce that they'll be video-chatting with as many of these pizza parties as possible this Friday. To register your pizza party head over to This American Life's website for your chance to eat pizza and chat with a couple of Hollywood big shots.

'Sleepwalk With Me' Killed It this Weekend

Sleepwalk With Me ran awake this weekend. On just one screen it earned $65,000. This had a lot to do with Ira Glass and Mike Birbiglia vowing to be at every single showing. Either way it worked exactly as planned. Better yet, its $65,000 per-screen average trounced The Avengers $47,698 opening average. In you face, Joss Whedon. Your movie lost to the movie you jokingly protested as a way of promoting the work of your friends. I bet you're going to have trouble sleeping on the pile of residual checks you've received from the $1.5 billion your movie made. (P.S. You should probs deposit those checks.) [...]

Mike Birbiglia and Ira Glass Sure (Don't?) Know How to Promote a Movie

With the Internet and all its doohickies there must be 14 zillion ways to promote a movie yet Mike Birbiglia and Ira Glass  (aka Team Big Glass) are going old school. They're just going to be there. "Hey, come by this movie theater and hang out. Oh yeah, a movie will be playing? 'What movie?' you ask? Well, it's our movie but, seriously, we really just want to hang." If it were anymore grassroots it would be just signs written with the actual roots of grass.

Talking to Mike Birbiglia About Retiring 'My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend' and What's Next for Him

Mike Birbiglia isn't in love with standup comedy, and he's not exactly hot on the one-man show either. The workman-like storyteller says he's more interested in blending his favorite aspects of the two, as in his latest standup special My Girlfriend's Boyfriend, which came out on DVD, Amazon, and iTunes this week. In the show, Birbiglia offers his skeptical views on marriage as a through line to a series of stories on his own mortification and frustration in relationships, each executed with his self-deprecating wit and a surprising strain of earnestness.

I talked recently with Birbiglia about ending his 70-city tour of the show, the personal reactions of fans, and his desire to [...]

The Complete Guide to Everything: The Movies of 2012

This week Tim has had enough of Christmas and would like you all to stop even though Christmas ended nearly a week ago. Also Tom becomes a member of a museum and feels pretty smug about it. In this episode the guys discuss the movies of 2012, including Sleepwalk with Me, Moonrise Kingdom, The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, Underworld, Red Tails, Chronicle, Ghost Rider, Wanderlust, A Thousand Words, 21 Jump Street, The Hunger Games, Cabin in the Woods, Dark Shadows, The Dictator, Battleship, Men in Black 3 and Life of Pi.

It is important to note that neither Tim nor Tom have seen the majority of the [...]

Mike Birbiglia Needs His Chicken Salad Sandwich; Has a Very Terrifying Allergy

Look, I'm no eating chicken salad sandwiches expert, but unless they caught him during his first bite, he probably could've knocked out that sammy during that back and forth. Also, I'm no nut allergy expert, but being able to be killed by nut particles in the air must be terrifying. Not because you could die at any moment but because if you did die, it would look really silly. You'd be just hanging out and talking and then you'd start choking on nothing, as if Darth Vader was mad at you or if there was some sort of b-movie death cloud. Sounds like something Mike would dream in his [...]

That Rascal Mike Birbiglia On Getting Arrested

I like the idea of that cop watching Fallon and screaming to his wife in the other room, "Hey Angie, it's the guy from the photo. I told you I had an eye for talent. I'm moving to Hollywood, Angie, to produce movies. The first one is going to be about a cop who becomes a big shot Hollywood producer. It's called 'Private Eye (for Talent)!' Maybe I can get this Mike Birbagabooga fella to play me– I mean, this fictional handsome cop producer. Anyway, you comin' with?" In response, Angie: "Sure, Harvey Weinstein." And that's how it all started.

Please Sleepwalk with Mike Birbiglia at a Movie Theater

This looks fun, right guys? Marc Maron is in it and he's acting! Sleepwalk With Me is based on Mike Birbiglia's one-man show and book of the same name and was co-written by the icon of glasses wearers everywhere Ira Glass. The film hits theaters on August 24th, so start taking sleeping pills in preparation. Oh, what's that? You don’t actually go sleepwalking with Mike; it's just a title? Never mind the pills then.

You Had To Be There #100: Mike Birbiglia

This week, Sara and Nikki just barely evade the censors and then react to Nikki's illicit half hour special gifts. To celebrate their first triple-digit episode, the ladies entertain one of their biggest guests yet: Mike Birbiglia (@birbigs). In Sara's humble office, the trio kick around some themes Mike covered in his recent movie Sleepwalk with Me, like crazy dreams and on-stage stress. Later, they get to some he left out too, like the isolation of marriage and the optimism of cell division. Plus Kanye. They really cover it all. Talking Pee this week singles out The Ben Show, that new Baumbach movie, a [...]

Mike Birbiglia Did Standup and Bombed in Front of the Muppets

Comedian and Sleepwalk with Me writer/director Mike Birbiglia appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night and told a story about bombing onstage in front of the Muppets and being heckled by Statler and Waldorf, which must difficult because they're the most famous and successful hecklers ever.

Hit the jump for the second half of the interview, which features Birbiglia's story about parasitic mice:

Let's Hear from the Comedians Who Played Comedians in 'Sleepwalk with Me'

Great acting, Lutz! Sorry you're typecast as a hotel front desk person. Have you seen Sleepwalk with Me yet? Is it just 90 minutes of comedians watching other movies and resting their heads on each other's shoulders. If so, two tickets, please. If not, only one ticket, please.

Birbiglia Is Already Working on His Second Feature, 'My Girlfriend's Boyfriend'

With his first feature coming out this Friday, Mike Birbiglia is already working on his follow-up. Like Sleepwalk With Me, My Girlfriend's Boyfriend is based on a one-man show of Mike's. (It's on tour this fall.) As Mike described it to Indiewire: "It's about how I basically decided to get married without believing in the idea of marriage…It's about giving up on the idea of being right on things." Even though the show My Girlfriend's Boyfriend is autobiographical, the film will not be, or at least it won't be completely. Most notably, the lead character is not a comedian but a journalist, which is a slight yet significant shift. [...]