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This Week In Web Videos: Someecards.com

This week’s pick isn’t a singular sketch or a web series. It’s also not a nonsensical plug for Someecards.com, so I’m sorry if the title’s thrown you off a bit. What is this edition of This Week In Web Videos, then? A celebration: of the resurgence of an erstwhile comedic format leader, of jokes that are funny, and of a company who’s got the gall to take a break from trying to promote their wares and has realized that the key to any web audience’s heart (and any web shopper’s wallet) is doing something that’s actually good, even if that means abandoning a “hilarious” bit about going over [...]

Stephen Colbert's Someecard Supports the Great Outdoors

I'm not sure what occasion would call for sending this card, but hey, it supports a good cause.