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Seth Meyers Tells the Sony Hackers to "Bring It On"

Last night, Seth Meyers took a bold stand against North Korea or whoever hacked Sony Pictures, causing them to cancel the release of The Interview. A bold stance, but seemingly not one that NBC is fully behind.

It's Not Looking Good for a Sixth Season of 'Community'

While it was previously reported that Sony and Hulu were in talks to revive the cancelled Community for a sixth season on the streaming site, TV Line is now reporting that Hulu has given up on the negotiations. There's still a tiny glimmer of a chance that the show could be revived if Sony can find another suitor by next week, when all of the actors' contracts expire, but that seems pretty unlikely at this point.

But hey, they had a good run! Five seasons is three or four seasons more than one could have really expected a show so willfully weird to last on network TV. [...]

Sony Asks You to "Keep 'Community' Alive"

Sony, the studio behind Community, which is on the brink of cancellation once again this season, put out this new promo as a "save our show" campaign for fans. Just like ABC's "Save Happy Endings" campaign earlier this year, this is another example of the folks who make a TV show blatantly telling fans that they need to watch said show in greater numbers to keep it on. TV's all in your hands now, the public!

Real Talk About Dan Harmon and 'Community'

Over at Vulture, Josef Adalian dives deep into the whole Harmon/Community brouhaha, talking to folks from the show and the industry in general to really break down what happened, why, and what tomorrow will bring for the Greendale Seven. The entire piece is excellent and well worth reading! Included are some more specific details about Harmon's rough relationship with network suits:

Sony Tends Lovingly To Its Stable of Pure-Breed Stars

While the use of the term "stable" might conjure the image of Kevin James gently eating sugar cubes off your palm, the New York Times' Michael Cieply paints a more interesting, albeit less adorable, picture of how Sony has actively cultivated relationships with particular filmmakers and stars, a plan that has birthed 3 Justin Timberlake films, 4 Kevin James movies, 8 Will Smith pictures and 16 Adam Sandlers, including the upcoming Jack & Jill. In fact, all films released by Sony in 2011 will involve movie makers or leads that the studio has worked with multiple times before: reassuring news for established stars, less so for [...]

Sony Is Reportedly Developing an Animated Spider-Man Comedy and '23 Jump Street'/'Men in Black' Crossover

The Sony hack from last month has resulted in a ton of studio leaks lately (including a bunch of anonymous employee complaints about Adam Sandler movies), and one of the newer finds includes two potential new projects from Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the directing duo behind The Lego Movie and 22 Jump Street. According to the leaked emails between Sony executives, the studio is considering the possibility of an animated Spider-Man comedy from Lord and Miller as well as a crossover film combining 23 Jump Street and Men in BlackThe crossover doesn't yet have a script attached, but execs are reportedly pushing to release the film as [...]

Reasons Behind Dan Harmon's 'Community' Firing Revealed

The Hollywood Reporter has an extensive Dan Harmon profile out today called "The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of Dan Harmon," with a ton of new info about the reasons the Community creator was fired and rehired onto his show. Here's a section finally explaining why NBC and Sony let him go last year:

Harmon was forced out — a move the studio had considered making earlier — for a collection of reasons, including erratic behavior and an oddball leadership style, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation. Many say he regularly showed up hours late to work and on one occasion outright disappeared to San [...]

Jerry Seinfeld Is Making More 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee'

Jerry Seinfeld's new web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, in which he drives around in cars with comedians and gets coffee, was just renewed for a second season – or whatever the web series equivalent of being renewed for a second season is. Produced by Seinfeld and Sony Pictures Television and released via Sony's video site Crackle, the show ran for 10 episodes last year and saw Seinfeld welcoming guests like Larry David, Ricky Gervais, Colin Quinn, Alec Baldwin, Brian Regan, Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, and Michaels Richards. The NY Times reports that the new season will consist of 24 episodes, and Seinfeld is hoping to gain [...]

On the Dan Harmon Situation

OK, here’s what we know: Dan Harmon, the creator of Community, won’t be returning to his baby next season because…well, that’s the question, isn’t it? On his Tumblr (I love 2012), Harmon wrote, "A few hours ago, I landed in Los Angeles, turned on my phone, and confirmed what you already know. Sony Pictures Television is replacing me as showrunner on Community…Why’d Sony want me gone? I can’t answer that because I’ve been in as much contact with them as you have. They literally haven’t called me since the season four pickup, so their reasons for replacing me are clearly none of my business." So, really, like [...]

Sony Announces Sure-to-Fail iTunes Rival

On the one hand, it'll be nice to have yet another way to stream TV shows and movies directly to our TVs. On the other, Sony's horribly-named Qriocity platform will probably never catch on enough to be relevant.

Leaked Sony Documents Confirm That Adam Sandler Films "Have No More Value"

Sony has been dealing with the effects of a major hack from last week, and among the many leaked documents is a 25-page collection of Sony employee complaints that reveal even the people who make Adam Sandler movies hate Adam Sandler movies. Gawker combed through the complaints and highlighted some of the best digs at Sandler's expense:

Be more focussed and ruthless in directing our resources to businesses that will sustain the long term health of SPE – networks, broadcast TV shows, new movie franchises, digital distibution By the same token, stop or reduce support for areas that have no more value (Sandler movies, DVD)

There is [...]

Report: Dan Harmon Confirms He's Been Asked Back to 'Community'

A report came in earlier this month that Sony is interested in having Dan Harmon to return to Community for the show's fifth season, and now, it looks like Harmon has confirmed the news. Hollywookiee reports that, at the most recent live taping of his podcast Harmontown, the Community creator said this:

Dan Harmon just told the audience of his podcast Harmontown that he has been asked to return to Community! As soon as Dan said it, he asked that it be edited out of the podcast and it was just for us audience members (and I wasn't going to say a word), but soon after that, [...]

Dan Harmon Talks Why Sony Doesn't Like Him

Dan Harmon by all accounts is pretty happy nowadays. And who can blame him, with two script orders from majors networks. So, in an interview with KCRW's The Business he talked openly about the Community situation. He knew Sony didn't like him very much: "Sony was always bummed out about the way I thought and wrote. They always fantasized about getting rid of me." But it wasn't completely unprovoked he explains:

"There is an episode in the third season [episode 13: "Digital Exploration of Interior Design"] where one of the b-stories is about a mysterious girl named Kim that left a note in Joel McHale's character's locker. And [...]

Dan Harmon Is No Longer Involved with 'Community'

Late Friday night, Vulture reported that Sony Television (the company that produces Community) had hired David Guarascio and Moses Port (previously of Happy Endings) as the new showrunners of Community, leaving Dan Harmon with a diminished role. Their justification was partially about creative differences (Sony and NBC wanted Community to at least try to appeal to more people) and partially about what it was like working with Harmon. A person close to the show explained, "Dan is brilliant at ideas, but he's terrible at [management]." Specifically, Harmon is given a lot of the blame for much of Community's writing and production staff turnover. The flipside of course is that Harmon [...]