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Norm Macdonald Gives the Best Advice of Any Commencement Speech This Year

Here's a new video from Funny or Die, in which Norm Macdonald delivers a brief but riveting 2014 commencement address and dispenses some priceless real-life advice, the kind of advice this year's graduates can truly use on a day-to-day basis in their adult lives.

Jim Carrey Delivers a Funny and Poignant Commencement Address About Love, Fear, and Failure

Carrying on the recent theme of funny people delivering excellent college commencement speeches about going after dreams and a willingness to fail, Jim Carrey gave his own speech to the graduates of Maharishi University over the weekend that's jam-packed with tons of great advice: "So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality. What we really want seems impossibly out of reach and ridiculous to expect, so we never dare to ask the universe for it. I'm saying I'm the proof that you can ask the universe for it." The whole video is well worth the watch, if for nothing else than the unveiling [...]

Mitch Hurwitz Talked Alternate Casting and 'Arrested Development' Plans

Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz was the keynote speaker at the New York Television Festival last night, and as he tends to do, he dropped some tantalizing hints and secrets about the past and future of the show. As he's mentioned before, the tentative plan is to next make an Arrested Development movie with the entire cast together, probably for Netflix, and then move on to making the show's fifth season.

"I love the idea of doing let’s-call-it-a-movie on Netflix that leads into another season on Netflix," Hurwitz told The Wrap after the panel. "I would love the creative challenge of it and I love that it could be a good [...]

Watch Lewis Black Give a College Commencement Speech

Of course, Lewis Black is the first person you'd pick to speak at a college commencement ceremony. (via Laughspin)

Watch Stephen Colbert's Speech at His Sister's Congressional Campaign Fundraiser

Here's a rare out-of-character appearance by Stephen Colbert as he introduces his sister Elizabeth Colbert Busch at a fundraiser for her South Carolina congressional campaign with a funny speech. I think he's only helping her out so he can butter her up to do a "Better Know a District" segment on The Colbert Report.

Mindy Kaling Turns the Tables in Her Anti-Advice Harvard Law Commencement Speech

Thanks to some help from MovingCommencementSpeeches.com, comedy TV star Mindy Kaling delivered an interesting speech to Harvard Law School graduates that's full of sweet Harvard burns ("You won't be able to buy a pickup truck rusty enough to distance yourself from this place"), and near the end, some serious talk about her family's very American Dream past. Considering Kaling is addressing a bunch of nerdy Harvard grads, she knew better than to drown them in a bunch of dramatic advice and instead did some proactive networking for her spectacular future divorce.

Watch Steve Martin Accept His Honorary Academy Award

The Honorary Oscars were handed out over the weekend at the 2013 Governors Awards, and Steve Martin received an Academy Honorary Award, which recognizes "extraordinary distinction in lifetime achievement, exceptional contributions to the state of motion picture arts and sciences, or for outstanding service to the Academy." His speech is as funny and sweet as you'd expect from Martin. Below, check out tributes to Martin from Tom Hanks, Martin Short, and Bill Taylor.

Watch Amy Poehler Give a Heartfelt Speech About the Importance of Charity

Here's Amy Poehler delivering an emotional speech about her work with the Worldwide Orphans Foundation at a recent philanthropic event (Poehler and Jon Hamm's Emmy "losers party" last month also benefited the charity). The speech is a tearjerker, but Poehler makes a few jokes during it too.

Watch Stephen Colbert Deliver a Joke-Filled Commencement Address

Here's Stephen Colbert giving University of Virginia's commencement address this weekend. It's basically a giant 14-minute pile of jokes and then three minutes of serious stuff.

Watch Dan Harmon Give One Heck of a Keynote Speech

Dan Harmon was the keynote speaker at the XOXO Festival, "an arts and technology festival celebrating disruptive creativity" this year, and here's his speech in its entirety. In it, Harmon makes more references to Inside Schwartz than anybody giving a public speech ever.

In other Dan Harmon-related news, he's going on a nationwide tour with his live show Harmontown next month (tickets available now), and you can watch him and Rob Schrab in this recently-unearthed sandwich restaurant training video from 1995 (embedded after the jump):

Watch Bill Murray Give a Speech to a Bunch of Bros Having a Bachelor Party

Here's footage of Bill Murray giving a bachelor party pep talk to a bunch of bros in South Carolina over the weekend. According to Deadspin, who first posted the interview, Murray was eating at the same steakhouse as these guys, and one of them asked him to give a speech. Murray initially said no but then came up and gave a speech about marriage anyways, doling out advice to "travel all around the world" with the person you want to marry to make sure you can stand each other. It's advice that's useful for millionaires who can afford that sort of thing.

Watch Louis C.K., Stephen Colbert, and Conan Give the Gettysburg Address

Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address 150 years ago this month, and documentarian Ken Burns has been asking people to film themselves reciting the famous speech and put it online at LearnTheAddress.org. Here's Stephen Colbert doing it in character as Lincoln with a beard and hat above and Conan O'Brien and Louis C.K., who does his with Jerry Seinfeld in the room, below (via Vulture):

Bill Hader Will Never Write an Emmy Speech

"I did not write a speech last year. I won’t write a speech [this year]. If I ever did win something, it would be one of those mumbly rambly things that I’ll have to cut myself off. I’ll bring my own music up to cut myself off. I’ll have a little beat box and I’ll play it and then I’ll cut myself off and then leave."

-Bill Hader, who was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Emmy this morning, talking to Vulture about how he doesn't want to write acceptance speeches for awards he's nominated for.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel's Boozy Time 100 Speech (Featuring Bartender Jimmy Fallon)

Late nights hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon both made it on Time magazine's list of the 100 most influential people this year, and here's Kimmel giving a funny speech at the Time 100 dinner this week, all while pounding glasses of wine courtesy of Jimmy Fallon. This is gonna be the best late night rivalry ever.