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11 Standup Comedians Who Became 'SNL' Cast Members

In addition to the recent hiring of standup Michael Che as co-anchor of Weekend Update, yesterday SNL revealed some surprising hiring news with the announcement that young standup Pete Davidson has been added to the cast as a featured player. SNL has an unpredictable history with hiring standup comedians, and while many seamlessly stepped into the impersonation, sketch acting, and recurring character mold — see Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, and Darrell Hammond, to name a few — most of the show's standups-turned-players stayed true to their roots, often appearing on Weekend Update and finding ways to make sketch characters take on their own standup sensibilities to [...]

Andy Kaufman Once Tried His "Foreign Man" Character at an Ice Cream Shop and Upset a Lot of People

"Andy and I and a few others went to Brigham's ice cream parlor in Harvard Square. At the counter, Andy became Foreign Man … who seemed stunned by the array of flavors. In halting, bumbling, nasal English, Andy shyly asked to taste one. He took his time, savored the ice cream, started to order, then stopped mid-sentence and pondered. He asked to taste another flavor, worked it over, hesitated, asked a question or two … and got wide-eyed over yet another flavor … The line behind him was long and the patrons were getting restless … Just when I thought he was about to get clobbered, Foreign Man made up his [...]

Follow Friday: @Ashley_Barnhill

A lot of Twitter users take to the platform to test out their latest jokes and quips, but certain people truly excel at making us laugh with the available characters and constraints. With the Internet being such a big place, it can be difficult to find the comedians most worthy of your RTs and favs. Each Friday we feature one person whose consistent short-form online humor deserves your attention and to be on your Twitter feed.

This week, we're highlighting the Twitter feed of Ashley Barnhill. The standup, who got her start in Austin, can be seen performing around LA and practices sketch comedy at [...]

Chicago Comedian Dan Ronan Passed Away on Friday

Chicago-based comedian Dan Ronan passed away Friday at the tragically young age of 24. Ronan, who began doing comedy at 15, was a writer/performer for The Late Live Show and a regular at The Lincoln Lodge and other spots around the Chicago comedy scene. Ronan struggled with substance addiction and relapsed after briefly moving to Los Angeles last year before returning to Chicago to be closer to family.

Here's a bit from Late Live Show co-host Joe McAdam's heartfelt post about Ronan's life:

Dan created some of my favorite comedy I’ve ever witnessed. He was truly inspired and I’m really lucky that I got to work with him. His mind [...]