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Person Stephen Colbert, Not Character Stephen Colbert, Talks PACs with Letterman

Through the magic of film recording, last night, Stephen Colbert was being interviewed by Letterman on CBS whilst interviewing Lena Dunham on Comedy Central (welcome to the future and the jungle – welcome to the future jungle). Colbert was on as himself and talked about his Super PAC – you know the one that has made more money than Ron Paul's PAC (but let's not get into those politricks again). It's nice to see Colbert out of character and talking about all the money his PAC has made. I don't think it's presumptuous to assume right now he's swimming in it all like Scrooge McDuck (Why hasn't [...]

Stephen Colbert Tends To Mark Cuban's "Ball Gag"

I'm not really up on my basketball news (rub your eyes in cartoonish disbelief, why don't you!) but from what I can glean from Stephen Colbert's Super PAC "Ball Gag" ad, letting Mark Cuban talk about the NBA contract negotiations will somehow help cute dads lift their adorable kids to the rim so that they can pretend to dunk. If NBA Commissar David Stern is somehow impeding that, then I say we BURN HIS HOUSE TO THE GROUND UNTIL THERE IS NOTHING LEFT TO MOURN.

Understanding Stephen Colbert's Super PAC as a Real-World Improv Scene

This is a pretty great long article about Stephen Colbert, the other Stephen Colbert, and the new Stephen Colbert – the different levels of character he portrays on the Colbert Report and, increasingly, in the real world. It traces his political activity back to Colbert's Chicago roots, ultimately viewing the Colbert Super PAC as "an extended improvisation with no end in sight." The piece also gets into Colbert's history in a way not that isn't often covered, from childhood and his years as an aspiring serious actor to his reluctance to tie The Colbert Report to the news cycle. Get a-reading!

Stephen Colbert Just Wants to Help You, South Carolina

The will-they-won't-they dance between Stephen Colbert's Super PAC and the South Carolina Republican primary continues. In a guest editorial in SC newspaper The State, Colbert explained that he was ready to help the GOP cover the cost of the presidential primary in exchange for them to simply name it “The Colbert Super PAC South Carolina Republican Primary." Sounds reasonable to me! Now, though, the Republicans have decided not to fund the primary after all, leaving it with the burden of the cost on the state's counties and with a very boring name. Colbert's offer still stands, though: "I’ve already filled out the check, and to prove it’s [...]