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'Next Caller' Creator Stephen Falk Writes Good About His Mistreated NBC Sitcom

Stephen Falk, the creator / showrunner / executive producer of NBC's canceled midseason sitcom Next Caller, wrote a long, thoughtful piece on his Tumblr about the experience of working has ass off on the show for a year, only to have NBC pull the plug before even giving it the chance to air. It's a revealing look into the frustrations of working in network television and a reminder of how much hard work goes into every single show you see on TV (and some that never even make it to the screen). Here's a taste:

"For if you work hard enough, someday you too may work on your [...]

NBC Buys Two More Single-Camera Comedies About Satellite Radio and the Midwest, Respectively

NBC is buying a couple more single-camera comedies, one from Weeds writer/producer Stephen Falk, and one from Chelsey Lately panelist Sarah Colonna. Falk's show is called Satellites, and "is set in the chaotic world of satellite radio and centers around a former reluctant ’90s boy-band member and a female blogger/podcaster who co-host a relationship call-in show. They must contend not only with their loaded animosity for each other but also the insanity of working in the new world of radio — where the hip-hop station is across the hall from the gay station, which is next door to the nothing-but-windchimes station."

Meanwhile, Colonna's show is called Life As [...]

Just to Keep You Guessing, NBC Also Just Picked Up Dane Cook's Sitcom (and Renewed 'Whitney')

NBC, in addition to renewing basically all of their sitcoms with the exception of BFFs, Bent, and Are You There, Chelsea? (Whitney's second season just became official too!), has now picked up seven new comedies. The seventh? Next Caller Please, a single-camera sitcom from comedic pariah Dane Cook. Written and executive produced by Weeds' Stephen Falk, it'll be "a gender comedy that revolves around a brash alpha male DJ (Cook) and his feminist co-host (Collette Wolfe) set in the office of a satellite radio station." Now keep an open mind, people! This is the network that just renewed all of your favorite shows that nobody but you [...]

Pop Quiz: Which NBC Pilot Pickups Are Real?

It's time for another round of everyone's (my) favorite game, Which New Show Pickups Are Real? This time: Which NBC Pilot Pickups Are Real? (Don't click that link unless you want to skip the game. Coward.)

1. Reduce, Reuse: a cranky garbageman's route is shaken up when his new partner, an eager young waste disposal student, starts advocating environmentally friendly policies. From Parks & Rec writer Alan Yang.

2. Friday Night Dinner: In this Greg Daniels remake of the British sitcom, a quirky family has dinner together every Friday night.

3. Sunday Brunch: In this Greg Daniels remake of the British sitcom, a quirky group of friends [...]