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Will Arnett, Steve Buscemi, Megan Mullally, and Salma Hayek Will Return to '30 Rock'

30 Rock only has five episodes left, set to conclude its seven-year run with an double-length episode on January 31st, but some familiar faces are returning to help the show say goodbye. TV Line reports that tomorrow's episode will feature the return of Will Arnett as Jack's deep-voiced nemesis Devon Banks, Steve Buscemi as oddball private investigator Lenny Wosniak, Megan Mullally as Liz Lemon's adoption caseworker from season 3, and Chloe Grace Moretz as teenage heir to the Kabletown empire Kaylie Hooper. Oscar winner Octavia Spencer will also be appearing as herself, the star of a movie Tracy Jordan is directing. Additionally, Entertainment Weekly reports that Salma Hayek [...]

SNL Recap: Steve Buscemi is the Creepy Creepy Guy

Heading into last weekend’s SNL episode, I worried that host Steve Buscemi, an actor I picture playing crooked wise guys in Fargo, Reservoir Dogs, and Boardwalk Empire, as well as scorned bottom-feeders in Adam Sandler movies, might not translate to the SNL speed. I must say, however, that Buscemi was a finely supportive host, playing a perfectly perplexed straight man in some sketches while falling back on his innate creepiness in others.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a great night for the regulars. The lineup was loaded with bits that were successful in the past (Surprise Lady, Miley Cyrus, Keith Morrison, “Sex” Ed Vincent) but didn’t hit very hard this time. [...]

Steve Buscemi Will Host SNL on December 3 With the Black Keys

Steve Buscemi is hosting SNL on December 3rd, returning to the show for the first time since 1998. He'll be joined by musical guest the Black Keys, who are returning to the show for the first time since January.

Steve Carell and Jim Carrey Are Rival Magicians in the 'Burt Wonderstone' Trailer

Here's the trailer for The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, an upcoming comedy that stars Steve Carell and Jim Carrey as a pair of rival magicians. The movie drops March 15th and also stars Steve Buscemi, Olivia Wilde, Alan Arkin, James Gandolfini, Jay Mohr, and Gillian Jacobs. Wonderstone was directed by 30 Rock's most frequent director Don Scardino, who makes his feature debut here, and was written by John Francis Daley (Sam Weir from Freaks and Geeks!) and Jonathan M. Goldstein, who last wrote Horrible Bosses. Sure, it's impossible to top Arrested Development's GOB Bluth when it comes to magicians in comedies, but this still looks pretty good.

Hit the jump [...]

Steve Buscemi Is "a Nervous Wreck" About SNL

Steve Buscemi found time in his week of SNL rehearsal to visit Jimmy Fallon and talk about…how nervous he is for SNL. Come on, Steve, don't be nervous. You're Mr. Pink! You're Seymour from Ghost World! You're gonna kill it. And even if you don't, everyone will still love you. Julie Klausner wants to marry you. Jimmy Fallon seems like he wants to marry you. I want to marry you. You got nothing to worry about.

Steve Buscemi Returns to 30 Rock as a Director and Guest Star

Steve Buscemi will direct an episode of 30 Rock airing Feb. 16, and he'll also guest star as the wonderfully sad private detective Len Wosniak.

Says Fey of the plot: “After Jack gets mugged, he tries to reach out to his connections on the police force [saying,] ‘I know Commissioner Ray Kelly. We have a column in Irish Arguments Weekly, the only all-caps magazine. But he hasn’t gotten back to me on this.’ Jack wants Len to help him form a private police force where the salary starts at $5 million, so the police have the same interest in protecting the rich.”

Oh gosh, what would Len Wosniak [...]

Steve Buscemi and Bill Hader Have a Gun-Slingin' Good Time in SNL Promos

In these promos for SNL this week with Steve Buscemi and musical guest the Black Keys, we finally get a definitive answer to the age-old debate about whether it's pronounced Byu-SHEM-ee or Byu-SEM-ee! Also, some jokes. Steve and Bill Hader enlist the help of Siri as a director, and she's as direct as ever. "Can-you-try-it-more-like-a-real-cowboy? But-make-the-lasso-more-over-the-top? Thanks-Bill-you-are-a-real-artist."