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Danish Comedy Series 'Klown' Is Coming to Hulu July 16th

Hulu has acquired the US rights to the hit Danish sitcom Klown (or as it's called in whatever country Danish people live, Klovn), and they'll be releasing the whole thing on the streaming service next week. A Curb Your Enthusiasm-inspired series created by and starring Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam, Klovn follows a comedian who often gets himself in uncomfortable situations. The show also inspired a movie of the same name in 2010. You can check out the trailer for Hulu's English-translated version of the show above and read our piece about the show here. Hulu will be debuting the entire series, consisting of six seasons and 60 [...]

Of Course Netflix Wants to Make More 'Arrested Development'

It's really no surprise that Netflix is interested in making more episodes of Arrested Development. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings told CNBC today, "Arrested is unique, because [whether or not it comes back is] really up to the talent. If the talent were willing to do more, and interested in that, I’m sure we would be willing." He added that he's "thrilled with the response" to the show and called it huge. Netflix isn't releasing the show's numbers, but Mashable reports that 36% of Netflix traffic on one DSL network on Sunday was from viewers watching Arrested Development.

While Netflix may be interested in another season, creator Mitch [...]

Amazon Rejects 'Zombieland' Series

Amazon is deciding which of its eight comedy pilots are getting picked up this week, and it looks like Zombieland won't be one of them. "Our Zombieland series will not be moving forward on Amazon," the show/movie's co-creator Rhett Rheese tweeted yesterday. He added, "Sad for everyone involved. I'll never understand the vehement hate the pilot received from die-hard Zombieland fans. You guys successfully hated it out of existence. Anyway, we did our best, and we're very proud of our team."  Zombieland was the only existing franchise, besides The Onion, that Amazon made into a pilot, but being compared to the movie it's based on didn't win the pilot any favors. The [...]

Watch Some Clips from the Amazon Pilot 'Those Who Can't'

Online retailer Amazon began developing a slate of original comedy pilots last year for their Amazon Instant Video. Here are two clips from one called Those Who Can't, a show about three immature teachers created by and starring Denver-based comedy group The Grawlix (Andrew Orvedahl, Adam Cayton-Holland, and Benjamin Roy). The pilot will debut on Amazon soon, alongside the streaming service's other comedy pilots. Amazon will decide which pilots to pick up to series based on how much people like them, which is really how regular TV should run.

Check out the other clip from Those Who Can't below:

'Arrested Development' and Streaming Shows Are Eligible for the Same Emmy Categories as Regular TV Shows

2013 looks like it could be the first year that streaming series from digital programmers like Netflix and Amazon go head-to-head with traditional TV shows at the Emmy Awards. The Emmys made a rule change to allow digital series to compete in the same drama and comedy categories that TV shows do back in 2008, but none have been nominated yet. The reason that may change this year is Netflix's high-profile launch of the Kevin Spacey/David Fincher drama House of Cards and the revived fourth season of Arrested Development.

With Amazon set to launch a bunch of original streaming comedy series in the next year, TV Guide [...]

Someone Has Already Edited a Chronological Version of the New 'Arrested Development' Season

Never underestimate the enthusiasm of Arrested Development's fanbase. It's only been a week since Netflix released the show's new season, which took an unusual unchronological story structure, but two different fans have already begun editing the season's events into sequence for those of you who are curious what that looks like. Reddit user morphinapg has created 12 episodes covering the entire season that you can download here, while user Clawtrocity has, working a little slower, uploaded three edited episodes and is working on more. Given creator Mitch Hurwitz's aburdly precise attention to detail, he was probably counting on fans editing the season into order and there [...]

Amazon Officially Picks Up 'Beta House' and 'Alphas' and Not 'Onion News Empire' and 'Those Who Can't'

Last month, online retailer Amazon.com unveiled its first-ever slate of original TV shows, promising a bright future for streaming television in which viewers' opinions will actually matter and determine the fate of shows unlike how things work on broadcast TV, which is held back by inaccurate Nielsen ratings and illogical decisions by network execs. Today, however, Amazon announced which shows it's picking up, and it seems like Amazon will prove to be just us frustrating and dismissive of good work as the big networks. Although news got out last week, Amazon officially announced today they've picked up the John Goodman Washington comedy Alpha House and the [...]

You Will Have to Watch the New Season of 'Arrested Development' in Order After All

It turns out that there will be an intended episode order for the new season of Arrested Development after all. Creator Mitch Hurwitz and Jason Bateman previously said that the 15 new episodes that make up Season 4 have no intended order because they each follow different characters simultaneously, but after finishing the final mix on the episodes, Hurwitz tweeted today, "Done! Just finished the final mix last night. In two weeks Arrested Development will be yours to do with as you please. Except for 1 thing! You gotta watch them in order. Turns out I was not successful in creating a form where the setup follows the [...]

'Wired' Argues that "The Nielsen Family Is Dead"

Wired has a piece out this week called "The Nielsen Family Is Dead," exploring the ways in which TV has left the Nielsen ratings system behind, thanks to Hulu, Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Roku, iTunes, smartphones, tablets, Twitter, Trendrr, and a bunch of other stuff your parents aren't aware of yet.

The 82 Best Comedies Currently Streaming on Netflix

As Netflix becomes a spot for television binge-watching, ventures into the world of original content with House of Cards, and prepares to make a lot of people really, really happy by finally bringing back Arrested Development, it can be hard to remember what Netflix was originally there for — flix for the Net! Right?

The website is constantly adding a ton of new titles that can often slip by unnoticed if they don't make it into your homepage recommendations. Amid the weird knock-off movies and forgettable television that is forever at everyone's fingertips, there is also a pretty good amount of quality comedy on the streaming service.

Here are [...]

An Encyclopedic Guide to the Best Callbacks, Running Jokes and Hidden Gags in the New Season of 'Arrested Development'

Arrested Development's long-awaited fourth season debuted all at once on Netflix's streaming service this past weekend. Given the show's penchant for in-jokes and subtle callbacks, I expected this to be something that they kept up in the new season, but what I didn't expect is for Season 4 to be even denser with running jokes and references than the previous seasons. Going through this new crop of 15 episodes, it becomes clear that, because they were all produced at the same time, they're more interwoven and callback/foreshadowing-heavy than Arrested Development's ever been. Here's an obsessive guide to the new season's best sneaky jokes, including the real George Maharis, the [...]

Let's All Talk About 'Arrested Development' in This Open Thread

It's now 3:01am Eastern/12:01am Pacific on Sunday, May 26th, meaning that the long-awaited Netflix debut of Arrested Development's fourth season is really, actually upon us. After over seven years off the air, we finally have new episodes to watch – 15 of them, in fact. Since a lot of you are already binge-watching the new season as we speak, we thought it'd be fun to have this open thread to discuss the episodes, point out secret jokes, and bitch about/praise the new season for being worse/better than the show's original run, depending on how things shake out. Let the bingeing and commenting begin!

'Joe Dirt 2' Is a Real Thing That Is Happening

Don't worry, the Joe Dirt franchise is still alive and breathing. Crackle, Sony's digital network and studio, announced today that they'll be producing a sequel to the 2001 David Spade movie. The first film only grossed $27 million, but Spade cited the movie's high DVD sales at Wal-Mart (seriously) when he first started talking about a sequel in 2006. The sequel didn't materialize and Spade sold a Joe Dirt animated series to TBS in 2010. The project didn't move forward, but now Spade is prepping it as a digital movie for Crackle, to be released online streaming. A rep from Crackle said today that the Joe [...]

Jon Daly Will Star in the Amazon Pilot 'Betas'

Jon Daly, a regular actor and writer on Comedy Central's Kroll Show and the host of the Earwolf podcast Rafflecast, has been cast in the lead role in a new comedy pilot from Amazon, Variety reports. The show is called Betas, and it's one of several comedy pilots online retailer Amazon is developing in hopes of turning some of them into its first comedy series. Daly will star as Hobbes, a guy in Silicon Valley trying to raise money for his app called "BRB" so that he can move on from his ex-wife and reward the quartet of computer geeks who coded the app. The show [...]