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ABC Also Cancels 'Super Fun Night', 'The Neighbors', 'Suburgatory'

It's been a bloodbath in the sitcom world today as news of cancellations are rolling in. ABC just canceled the Rebel Wilson sitcom Super Fun Night after one season, The Neighbors after two seasons Suburgatory after three seasons, THR reports. These cancellations join freshman comedies Trophy Wife and Mixology, which were both canceled by ABC last night.

Family shows The Middle, The Goldbergs, and Modern Family are the only comedies ABC has renewed, with Goldbergs being the only freshman sitcom to survive. The fate of the network's Tim Allen vehicle Last Man Standing has yet to be announced.

Rachel Dratch, H. Jon Benjamin, Bob Odenkirk, and Basketball Players to Do Fun Guest Spots

Rachel Dratch is going to guest star on Up All Night as an Ava Show fan that's super excited about getting some memorabilia. Sheldon and Megan: together again!

H. Jon Benjamin is going to play Dallas's life coach on Suburgatory. His character is described as a master storyteller named Tabitha, of course, who Dallas eventually brings along on her first date with George. I wonder if they're going to eat burgers or… spy stuff(?).

Bob Odenkirk is reprising his role as Arthur Hobbs next season on How I Met Your Mother. He will sorta represent Barney in his pre-nup talks with Quinn, which [...]

Top Female TV Producers Discuss the Funniness Potential of Penises and Vaginas

Deadline gathered Jessika Borsiczky (House of Lies), Emily Kapnek (Suburgatory), Elizabeth Meriwether (New Girl), and Emily Spivey (Up All Night) together to discuss the standard "important" questions about women in comedy they are often asked to discuss. However, at the end they got to what's really important by asking which is funnier penises or vaginas:

Chris Parnell and Ana Gasteyer on Their Comedic Marriage of the Minds


GLAAD Reports that ABC Leads the Networks in Gay Characters (And Sassy Gay Assistant Characters)

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation just dropped its “Where We Are on TV” report 2012, its annual analysis of LGBT presence in broadcast and cable TV. GLAAD reports that the 2012-2013 TV season has the highest-ever percentage of LGBT characters on scripted primetime network TV, and comedy-wise, ABC led the pack in terms of having the most gay characters (thanks to Happy Endings, Modern Family, and a handful of other sitcoms). While some of ABC’s LGBT characters, in particular Adam Pally’s Max Blum, are unique ones that defy stereotypes, three of the network’s six gay characters fall into a “sassy gay assistant” archetype (the three characters [...]

ABC Sets Frustrating Premiere Dates

UGH! First Community wasn't set to premiere until October 19 and now Happy Endings won't start until October 23. Why are you doing this to us, Mickey Mouse? (Mickey Mouse is the head of programming for all of the Disney-ABC Television Group, right?) This gives them only a week before they have to follow up their classic Halloween episode from last season. Other things of note: Modern Family is set to premiere on September 26, assuming the show has working actors. It will be followed by The Neighbors, which will move to its 8:30 slot a few weeks later to make way for Suburgatory's October 17 premiere. [...]

'Community' Was Renewed and Other Less Exciting News

Hip! Hip!.. Hopefully, you added, "Hooray" because it's time to celebrate. Community will be renewed for a fourth season. The order will be for 13 episodes; however, there will be an option for NBC to pick-up the back nine, depending on how the show is doing. This puts the show in an interesting but not particularly relaxing situation. The good news is the show is coming back and people at NBC aren't referring to it as its final season. The bad news is the show's fate is still not completely certain. Another wrinkle is that 13 more episodes puts them at 84 total episodes, four shy of the [...]

Chris Parnell And Ana Gasteyer Make To Perfect, Plastic Couple on Suburgatory

Because no one, but no one, does "normal with an underlying core of batshit crazy" like these two: Chris Parnell joins Suburgatory for a reoccurring role as submissive husband Fred Shay, married to Ana Gasteyer's high-strung domestic goddess Sheila. According to E!, Parnell's character "learned everything he knows about marriage from the Yes, Dear Wikipedia page," which, now that I look at it, really has more information about syndication and international airings than helpful marital advice. The couple lives next door to the leads, newly arrived city folk Jeremy Sisto and Jane Levy, where they will terrify them with their creepy suburban perfection.

'Suburgatory' Taps Malin Akerman to Play Tessa's Mom

Suburgatory is primarily about the relationship between a single-dad and his particularly precocious teenage daughter. Since our species (currently) demands both male and female genetic material, the viewer knew there had to be a mom out there somewhere. That mom will be Malin Akerman and is described as a singer-songwriter who's never been a part of Tessa's life. She'll appear in at least two episodes. Akerman's hiring comes after Erinn Hayes joined the cast of Guys With Kids and Rob Corddry was to cast as a guest star on Happy Endings and a reoccurring on Ben & Kate. Adding in the fact that Henry Winkler [...]

'The Neighbors' and 'Suburgatory' Trade Time Slots

When ABC first released its schedule, freshman sitcom The Neighbors was in the coveted Wednesday 9:30 pm, post-Modern Family slot. Well, ABC has changed its mind and moved it to 8:30, swapping it with Suburgatory. There are plenty of reasons for the switch but the most likely seems to be that The Neighbors is too unabashedly kid-friendly from 9:30. It's a show about a family living in a town made up of aliens. Watch the trailer below; it feels like it could be played on Saturday afternoons, after cartoons. On the other hand, Suburgatory is a bit more adult and bit more subtly peculiar. This could be a [...]

Clueless' Alicia Silverstone and Jeremy Sisto to Gloriously Reunite on Suburgatory

Yeah, it's kinda lame when a show gets two actors who happened to be in a beloved movie together decades ago on the same screen again and calls it a "reunion" even though it has nothing to do with the origina- oh my God oh my God Clueless reunion! I can't find my Cranberries CD, I gotta go watch Suburgatory on the quad before somebody snags it.

Ana Gasteyer Joins Suburgatory

According to EW, Ana Gasteyer joins ABC's Suburgatory as recurring character Sheila Shay, a Stepford Wives-type who intrudes on newly-arrived city folk Tessa (Jane Levy) and dad George (Jeremy Sisto). Sounds like Ana can basically bust out Martha Stewart, provided those heather Fair Isle jacquard turtlenecks and mouth marbles are still in storage.