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'The New York Times' Says Jerry Seinfeld Is Failing to Pay It Forward

"Mr. Seinfeld, more than most, could use his show to give a platform to comics needing discovery. Instead, he packs it with fellow stars. They reminisce together about the days when they were nobodies and given glorious breaks, and seem almost unaware that there are nobodies today who could benefit from breaks of that very kind."

The New York Times in a new piece comparing the "everyman scrutiny" of Seinfeld to the comedian's web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which has drawn criticism for its lack of guest diversity.

Ylvis Talk About Why "Success Is Not Funny At All"

Spin has a cool interview with Norwegian comedians and brothers Bard and Vegard Ylvisaker, who created the viral video "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)" under their stage name Ylvis. While they've gotten themselves a chart hit in the US and an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the duo are more concerned with how their success in America isn't providing material for their still-running Norwegian talk show, I kveld med Ylvis (Tonight with Ylvis).

Bard: We have stupid lives right now.

Must be good material for your show though, right? Bard: Not as much as we'd hope. From a comedy perspective, it's not funny. Success is not [...]

The Chase Is the Thing and the Thing Is the Chase: Learning to Love Failure

The following was posted to the Chris Gethard Show Tumblr as a response to an anonymously asked question, which follows. It's reprinted here with permission.

For Chris: I’ve always really wanted to get into acting and/or comedy but I’m terrified of failing at it. How do you get the courage to perform?

First off – the terror you’re feeling will never go away if you choose to go into this field. That’s just something I want to say very bluntly right at the top. There is no sugar coating that. I know it’s horrible to hear, but the terror ain’t going nowhere. That fear will manifest itself many [...]