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Looking at the Comedy-ish Movies That Premiered at Sundance This Year

Sundance 2015, the unofficial film industry new year marker, has come and gone, leaving in its wake as usual a pile of must-see titles, underappreciated gems, and new talent. The quintessential “modern Sundance film” is a quirky indie comedy compiled from equal parts long, twee title, popular star doing something different, light laughs, and moments of dramatic resonance. Think Little Miss Sunshine or The Way Way Back. This is partially due to what historically sells big at Sundance, and partially due to the way films are presented up there in the mountains. Sundance audiences are very generous and love communal film watching experiences, they love to laugh or cry or [...]

Fox Searchlight Buys Nat Faxon and Jim Rash's 'The Way, Way Back' for $9.75 Million

Fox Searchlight has acquired the rights to The Way, Way Back, a comedy-drama written and directed by Oscar-winning writers Nat Faxon and Jim Rash for $9.75 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It's the first movie directed by Faxon and Rash, who won Academy Awards last year for co-writing The Descendants but are better known for playing Ben on Ben and Kate and Dean Pelton on Community, respectively. The Way, Way Back is about a pivotal summer in the life of a teenage boy (Liam James) as he forms a relationship with the manager of a rundown waterpark (Sam Rockwell) and tries to find the strength to stand [...]

Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie Was Less Than a Crowd-Pleaser at Sundance

Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie showed at Sundance last week, and it looks like it was not universally beloved. About a third of the audience walked out, turned off by the film's "bloodshed, sadistic bathroom humor, and heavy-duty nincompoopery." (Nincompoopery. I would stay in a theater just to hear someone say "nincompoopery" over and over.) "The movie is not for everyone. But there is a part of us that is like, 'Yes!' if it moves people to yell at it or get out. That's great," Wareheim said. The movie's March 2 release date is approaching, so get your walking/yelling/laughing shoes on. (Probably your regular shoes will be [...]

The Film Version of Mike Birbiglia's Sleepwalk With Me Sounds Awesome

Here's some more information about the films at Sundance this year, including the long-awaited Celeste and Jesse Forever, Bachelorette and Mike Birbiglia's Sleepwalk With Me. The latter, based on Birbiglia's one-man show, sounds especially exciting. Birbiglia says it's about “the concept [that] you can talk about these things you're ashamed of, and more often than not, you find a deeper connection with people. The one thing you’re most reluctant to tell, that’s where the comedy is.” (I just picked my nose and I constantly crave the approval of everyone I meet. Did I do it right?)

Watch a Lengthy and Candid Conversation with Tig Notaro and Sarah Silverman

Comedians Tig Notaro and Sarah Silverman both have projects at the Sundance Film Festival this year — Notaro is the subject of a new documentary called Tig and Silverman stars in a drama called I Smile Back — and The New York Times sat down with both of them for a lengthy discussion on their careers, taking on dramatic roles, and Notaro's recent shirtless standup performance in New York: "Make no mistake: This is a stunt. I want people to talk about my comedy, about cancer, about body issues. If I had a scar on my face, nobody would make me put a bag over my head — hopefully." [...]

New Movies from Tom Lennon & Ben Garant and Casey Wilson & June Raphael to Premiere at Sundance

The Sundance Film Festival announced its 2013 lineup this week, and two new comedies from noted comedy duos will be making their world premieres at Sundance's Park City at Midnight program: Ass Backwards, written by Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael, and Hell Baby, written and directed by Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant. Both feature tons of talented comedy folk on both sides of the camera and look pretty awesome. The festival runs from January 17-27 if you can't wait a few months for these movies to make it to theaters. Hit the jump for the first images from Ass Backwards and Hell Baby and for the official synopses, [...]

Aziz Ansari Got an Uninvited Comedy Partner in Cuba Gooding, Jr. Last Night

Gosh, Sundance just seems like a crazy topsy-turvy world, where movie stars spend their days skiing and Cuba Gooding Jr. is a standup comedian. He was last night, anyway, when he leapt onstage during Aziz Ansari's standup set to try to persuade the audience to pay more attention. Best of all, he began his announcement by shouting "Cuba Gooding!" which is so wonderfully fantastic I can't even take it. Anyway, it doesn't sound like Aziz is in the market for a partner, but he might be able to refer Cuba to another comic who also frequently punctuates his jokes with his own name. Look for the Raaaaaaaandy! and [...]

Sundance Premieres Will Feature Celeste and Jesse, Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan & More

The Sundance 2012 premieres have been announced, and like this year's film selections they include lots of comedyfolk! We've got Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones in the long-awaited Celeste and Jesse Forever (with more photos here), Chris Rock in 2 Days in New York, Isla Fisher, Lizzy Caplan, and Adam Scott in Bachelorette (Party Down reunion alert!), and Josh Radnor in Liberal Arts. And Justin Long and Ty Burrell and Parker Posey, oh my. Full synopses below.

Here's a Look at Justin Simien's College Satire 'Dear White People'

Here's the concept trailer for Dear White People, a satirical film by newcomer Justin Simien that's been making waves since winning the Special Jury Prize for Breakthrough Talent at Sundance. This trailer was made prior to Simien's successful Indiegogo run back in 2012 to turn it into a full movie, and Variety reports that Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions have acquired rights to do a bigger US release in the near future. "Films with predominantly white casts can come in any form, tell any story, big or small," Simien explained to Variety back in December when his film still didn't have a studio attached. "For black films, you have [...]

Tracy Morgan Explains His Sundance Collapse

Last night Tracy Morgan told an understanding David Letterman all about his recent collapse at Sundance. I always knew there was some sinister ulterior motive behind the 30 Rock cast's publicity stunts, but I assumed it was ratings-related. Turns out it's just part of the elaborate game of one-upmanship between Alec "Just let me play this one word" Baldwin and Tracy "A-list" Morgan. What will Baldwin do next?

Tracy Morgan Was Hospitalized at Sundance

Tracy Morgan collapsed last night "from a combination of exhaustion and altitude” after accepting an award at the Creative Coalition Spotlight Awards at Sundance. (He also "appeared intoxicated" during his acceptance speech, which might have something to do with it.) Sounds like he'll be okay, but be careful out there, other live-wire sitcom star comedians in Utah! Stay hydrated!

Comedy Stars Dominate Sundance's 2012 Film Selections

Oh, what's that, Sundance Film Festival's 2012 Dramatic Selections? You want to be re-named the Awesome List of Comedy Stars 2012 Selections? Because you include Tim and Eric's The Comedy and Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally's Smashed? And The End of Love with Michael Cera, For Ellen with Jon Heder, Nobody Walks with John Krasinski, Safety Not Guaranteed with Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplass, and Save the Date with Lizzy Caplan, Alison Brie, and Martin Starr? Man, that's a lot of funny actors for a list of dramatic movies. Maybe we can work something out re: the name change. Check out the films' synopses below.