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ABC Also Cancels 'Super Fun Night', 'The Neighbors', 'Suburgatory'

It's been a bloodbath in the sitcom world today as news of cancellations are rolling in. ABC just canceled the Rebel Wilson sitcom Super Fun Night after one season, The Neighbors after two seasons Suburgatory after three seasons, THR reports. These cancellations join freshman comedies Trophy Wife and Mixology, which were both canceled by ABC last night.

Family shows The Middle, The Goldbergs, and Modern Family are the only comedies ABC has renewed, with Goldbergs being the only freshman sitcom to survive. The fate of the network's Tim Allen vehicle Last Man Standing has yet to be announced.

'Super Fun Night' Is the Second Most-Watched New Comedy This Season

Rebel Wilson's new sitcom, Super Fun Night, premiered on ABC last night and pulled in 8.2 million viewers. That gives it the second highest premiere ratings for a comedy this season, following Robin Williams's new show, The Crazy Ones over at CBS. Super Fun Night had the good fortune to follow ABC's smash hit Modern Family, which had 10.9 million viewers overall. If the new show keeps up those numbers, it's likely to make it through its first season, despite mostly middling reviews.

Jenny Slate to Make Super Fun Night Into Extra Super Incredibly Fun Night

Good news: Jenny Slate has just joined the already amazing-sounding CBS pilot Super Fun Night, written by and starring Rebel Wilson and produced by Conan O'Brien. Slate will play Helen-Alice, the "super-smart best friend and roommate who thinks the pinnacle of fun is staying in on Friday nights to eat pizza and watch dorky movies." Ha, ha, totally, that definitely isn't what I'm planning to do tonight. Only dorks eat pizza and watch movies. Pfffffff. Snort. Heh. So, Jenny Slate, huh?

ABC Gives Full Season Orders to 'The Goldbergs' and 'Trophy Wife'

ABC is doubling down on a couple of its new sitcoms. The networks has ordered extra nine episodes of both The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife, giving them a full 22-episode season. Rebel Wilson's Super Fun Night, meanwhile, has been given another four episodes. Baseball sitcom Back in the Game didn't receive any extra episodes, effectively canceling the series when its 13-episode run ends.

The Goldbergs has been doing well so-far this year at building an fanbase while Super Fun Night has struggled to maintain the audience of its lead-in, Modern Family. Trophy Wife, which debuted with virtually no advertising, hasn't done great in the ratings, but had a fairly good critical [...]

'Super Fun Night' Is Terribly Average

Rebel Wilson seems destined to become a major star. The Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect scene-stealer is incredibly funny and talented, and happy to throw herself headfirst into things like her MTV Movie Awards hosting gig earlier this year. And in Super Fun Night, which premieres tonight on ABC, the Australian actress gets her first starring U.S. gig in a show she created herself. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be the thing that makes her a star.

The Conan O’Brien-produced series has changed significantly in the last couple of years, bouncing between networks and re-casting pretty much everyone but Wilson. After all that, ABC decided not to air [...]

CBS Picks Up Rebel Wilson and Conan O'Brien's Super Fun Night Pilot

Did you know that Rebel Wilson went to law school but decided to be an actor during a malaria hallucination? Or that her parents were professional dog showers? Or that a pilot she wrote and stars in was produced by Conan O'Brien and picked up by CBS? Sike, you probably didn't know that last one, because it just happened. Super Fun Night stars Wilson as "one of three geeky female pals who challenge themselves to have, yes, 'super fun' each Friday night." You heard it here, funcomfortable is next year's adorkable.

Rebel Wilson, In a Chicken Suit, Talked About Being Censored on 'Conan'

Super Fun Night creator and star Rebel Wilson stopped by Conan last night, where she told one quite inappropriate One Direction joke and railed against the no-fun censors at ABC. She also played a dolphin who takes an interest in Andy. And yes, she's in a chicken costume the entire time, and no, they don't even acknowledge it in either of these clips. Below, she talks about her musical theater origins and her insufficient Hollywood billboard.

ABC Wants at Least One 'Super Fun Night'

ABC is looking to re-pilot Super Fun Night, after CBS passed on the Conan O'Brien produced comedy a few weeks ago. Written and starring Rebel Wilson, the show follows three nerdy female friends as they aspire to have super fun Friday nights. One of those nerdy females was the wonderful and hilarious Jenny Slate; however, it's very possible that the show will recast everyone but Wilson in the move. To better fit with ABC's other comedies, the show will likely switch from a multi-camera to single-camera structure. It’s also being reported that USA is in talks to pick up Rebounding, the Will Forte as a widower sitcom that [...]