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Watch a Supercut of Stephen Colbert Cracking Up

Comedy Central made this six-minute supercut of Colbert Report moments where Stephen Colbert has lost control and started laughing. It's pretty amazing that there's only six minutes of Colbert laughing from eight years of him doing the show.

Jimmy Fallon Teams Up with the Gregory Brothers to Make Something Cool (And You Can Be a Part of It)

Jimmy Fallon announced a new video project on Late Night Friday that the wildly-talented Gregory Brothers are putting together for the show in honor of the Super Bowl. Watch Fallon explain what you can do to be a part of the video above, or just sit around like a lazy slob and kick yourself next week when you see whatever the cool thing the Gregory Brothers made without your help is.

Watch a Supercut of Every Fake Video Game from 'The Simpsons'

CollegeHumor cut together every clip of someone playing a fake video game in The Simpsons. I mean, they probably missed one or two, what with there being 500 episodes of the show to sift through, so take it easy on me, commenters.

Enjoy This Supercut of All the Drinking Scenes from 'Parks and Rec'

Slacktory cut together all the scenes from Parks and Recreation in which characters drink and/or are drunk. The video has a surprising lack of Snake Juice.