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Here Are Three Minutes of Insults from 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

Whether Larry David's next project is indeed a Broadway play with Jerry Seinfeld or just a Super Bowl commercial, we can still count on this supercut of his best Curb Your Enthusiasm insults to make the homestretch to the weekend more tolerable. David is a true equal opportunity insulter, whether it's to Michael J. Fox, Tim Kazurinsky, or a little girl singing her heart out. [via Uproxx]

Abed Says "Cool" a Lot on 'Community'

Cool cool cool cool. "Cool cool cool, cool cool — cool." Cool cool! Cool cool cool cool Buzzfeed cool. Cool, cool cool cool (cool). Cool, cool cool cool?

Watch a Supercut of Every 'Simpsons' Movie Reference in Seasons 6-10

Last week, the website NextMovie posted a supercut of all of every movie reference from The Simpson first five seasons, and now they're back with a montage of every reference from seasons 6-10. Hopefully, they cut all this together along with seasons 11-? and release it theatrically as a three-hour film.

Check out the seasons 1-5 supercut below:

Watch a Supercut of Every 'Simpsons' Movie Reference in Seasons 1-5

Film site NextMovie made this delightful supercut of every single movie reference from the first five seasons of The Simpsons. It's a fun watch and pretty shocking that it's only 19 1/2 minutes long. What's the matter, NextMovie? Too lazy to hunt through seasons 6-24 for movie references to make this supercut into an eight-hour epic?