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Jordan Klepper Meets Sweden's New Prime Minister Stefan Löfven

In the hopes of fixing some of our government's problems back home, The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper recently took a trip to Sweden to meet its new prime minister Stefan Löfven for a crash course in the country's eight-party system. Don't worry, there's plenty of Ikea and Swedish Fish jokes too.

Amy Poehler and Her Brother Are Producing a TV Show in Sweden

Amy Poehler is getting into the international TV business. THR reports that Poehler and her brother Greg have sold an English-language show to the Swedish network TV4. Called Welcome to Sweden, the series will be produced via the Poehlers' newly-formed international production company Syskon (which is Swedish for "sibling"). Welcome to Sweden is a semi-autobiographical series based on Greg Poehler's life, and he'll be making his acting debut in the series as its lead character Bruce, a New York accountant who falls for a Swedish lady and moves with her to her home country. Swedish actors Josephine Bornebusch and Lena Olin will play the love interest and her [...]

Sweden Is Preparing to Hand Over its Twitter Keys to Stephen Colbert Next Week

Sweden, which has gotten all sorts of fun publicity by allowing its citizens to take over its @sweden twitter account with what seems like no screening process whatsoever, has been publicly harassed by Stephen Colbert for the last week. You see, Colbert wants in on the fun, and he's got a big enough bullhorn to get it. The Swedes have been ignoring him, but they just officially said that "we're discussing it now, and we’re aiming at coming to a decision next week." Translation: we're figuring out how to do this while causing ourselves as little embarrassment as possible. But really, there's no way Colbert will cause the [...]

Sweden Is the Latest Country to Get Its Own Version of The Office

Apparently, it is impossible to enjoy The Office unless all of its characters and jokes have been localized to your country. While the Chinese version is still in the works, yet another has just been announced: Sweden, with Kontoret. I assume it's very similar to the other versions, but instead of a paper company, they all work at Ikea. Although this localization does have one thing going for it, as they've named the Gareth character Viking Ytterman, which is by far the best version of that character's name.

Swedish TV Renews Greg and Amy Poehler's 'Welcome to Sweden' for Season 2

Welcome to Sweden, the Swedish sitcom Amy Poehler is producing that was created by and stars her brother Greg, was renewed  for a second season by Swedish broadcaster TV4 today, Digital Spy reports. The show was such a big hit over there that it was renewed after just two episodes. Season two will consist of 10 episodes, just like the first season.

Welcome to Sweden will make its US premiere on NBC July 10th, airing as a summer series. Depending on how the show does in the ratings in the US, NBC could end up acquiring broadcast rights to the second season, as well. Welcome to Sweden is [...]

Sweden Says "Nej" to Stephen Colbert (Nej Means No)

Two weeks ago, Stephen Colbert embarked on a mission to run the Swedish national twitter account, @Sweden. And after much debate, Sweden made their final decision:

"Although we appreciate that having Colbert as a Curator of Sweden would be meaningful in terms of global attention to this initiative, VisitSweden and the Swedish Institute have decided to – after thorough consideration – decline his generous offer."

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. What the shit? Sorry, he can't live up these recent gems:

Colbert's Mission to Take Over @Sweden Continues

Last week, Stephen Colbert announced his mission to take over Sweden's official Twitter account, @Sweden. As the above video suggests, he seems to have hit a roadblock; however, lucky for him, he's much more famous than any one Scandinavian country. As before, Stephen is asking you to nominate him by sending an e-mail to curatorapplication@visitsweden.com or tweeting #artificialSwedener.

If you're reading this from Sweden, I was kind of enough to get the above post translated into Swedish using a very official translator:

NBC Buys a Swedish Sitcom from Amy Poehler and Her Brother

NBC has bought the rights to a Welcome To Sweden, a sitcom produced by Amy Poehler and her brother Greg. The show, which was the first English-language series commissioned by Sweden’s TV4, is about an American accountant who falls in love with a Swedish woman and follows her back to Stockholm. Greg Poehler makes his acting debut in the series, which will be filmed in Sweden, New York and Los Angeles, and include cameos from Amy Poehler and others like Will Ferrell, Aubrey Plaza and Gene Simmons. There's no word yet on when it'll air.

Stephen Colbert Makes His Last Appeal to Sweden

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Sweden announced it's going to make a decision next week on whether or not to let Stephen Colbert run their national Twitter account, @Sweden. It's a bit odd to make the decision to announce you're going to make a decision at a later time, especially when you're a national government, which makes one suspect they already decided to let Steelly Colb run the account but they need to get their PR ducks in a row. [...]

Colbert Is on a Mission To Control Part of Sweden

Well, a very small part of Sweden – its Twitter account. If you aren't familiar, Sweden has started handing off @Sweden to a new citizen every week. One recent tweet went a little like this:

"Have you seen little Mermaid 3? Ariels mom is run over by a ship in that movie. Thats hilarious, cause the ocean is so big. #odds"

That is hilarious, Sweden; who knew they made three Little Mermaid movies? Last night, Stephen Colbert asked his devoted fans to help him be the first non-citizen to run Sweden @Sweden. Stephen is asking you to nominate him by sending an e-mail to curatorapplication@visitsweden.com or tweeting #artificialSwedener. As we speak, [...]