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Chris Hardwick, Tig Notaro, and Andy Daly Have a Fascinating Discussion About Bread

If you ever wanted to enjoy Chris Hardwick's show Talking Dead but would prefer to learn more about delicious carb-based goodies instead of a zombie show you don't watch, Conan has now made that happen. Sadly most television shows don't have the courage required to discuss this hard-hitting topic, but with some help from Tig Notaro and Andy Daly, Hardwick gives bread the spotlight it so richly deserves.

Marc Maron Has an Unfriendly Backstage Meeting with Michael Ian Black and Chris Hardwick

Here's a clip from the new season of IFC's Maron in which Marc Maron has a very tense greeting with Michael Ian Black and Chris Hardwick backstage at Hardwick's AMC show Talking Dead, which is filled with as much thinly veiled contempt as you'd expect a clip from Maron to have.

Patton Oswalt, Robert Kirkman Swarm Talking Dead Premiere

Do you like Patton Oswalt? Do you like zombies? Do you like combining chuckles with the grisly threat of pandemic global zombification? Then society is really playing out in your favor, because Patton Oswalt will be on the Talking Dead premiere this Sunday. In addition to host Chris Hardwick, the debut episode of AMC's new post-Walking Dead talk-back panel show will also feature the author of The Walking Dead graphic novel Robert Kirkman. And if you like him, oh man, then forget about it. Just forget about it.